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Welcome to the new Which? Conversation


Welcome to the new Which? Conversation website. Read on to hear about some of the site’s new features.

Following feedback from our community, we’ve been hard at work redeveloping Which? Convo. I’m very pleased to unveil it today, and I’d love to hear any feedback you have. Here’s a brief round up of some of the new features, but I’m happy to answer any questions you have in the comments.

Finding conversations you’re interested in

There are now nine Which? Convo topics – find them at the top of the site or on our homepage. So if you want to chat about slow broadband speeds, head on over to Technology. Peeved about supermarket special offers? Shopping’s where you need to be.

Within each topic you’ll find communities of people interested in the same stuff, so watch out for car enthusiasts in Motoring or financial experts in Money.

Your own profile

Everyone now has their own profile, not just authors!

Sign in with your existing Which? Convo credentials, then have a look at your profile to find a list of all the comments you’ve made. If there have been any replies to your comments, you’ll be notified of them here too. You can even @mention people in your comments – try @patrick and I’ll be alerted!

You can add some information about yourself, including any hobbies and interests. This will help others with similar interests find you in our new Community Members search page. And if you find someone you like, you can add them as a friend – this means you can more easily see what they’ve been talking about by filtering by ‘My friends’ on our Recent Activity page.

Recent activity

What’s the Recent Activity page? Well we heard you loud and clear that you were fed up with only being able to see just nine of the latest comments on our homepage. So rather than just increasing the number of comments you could see by a small amount, we thought we’d let you access all the comments that have ever been made in the past five years. That’s what the Recent Activity page is for – you can filter by comments, Convos, what your friends are saying, and more. If you want to come back to one of those comments so you can reply later, add it as a ‘favourite’ then you can filter by just your favourites too.

Got an idea for a convo?

You can now share your ideas for new conversations in our Ideas lounge. And if you’re not feeling inspired, why not vote for the ideas others have shared?

We’ll regularly check out your ideas and will be interested to see how popular they are with the community. We’ll let you know whether we’ve picked one of your ideas and may be in touch to ask if you’d like to write it!

Much, much more

You now have the chance to edit your comments for 15 minutes after you posted them, meaning you can now say goodbye to those peskey pesky typos. If you feel so inclined, you can sign in with your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account – that makes registration all the quicker and will use your name and photo from your chosen account.

There are all sorts of other new things that I’ll leave you to discover, but in short welcome to the new Which? Convo! I know it’ll take some time to get used to, but I hope you like it. Of course, as with any new site launch there will be things we need to fix, so if you spot anything, please just add a comment here and I’ll look into it. Finally, a big thanks to all those who were involved in testing the website – we couldn’t have done it without you.

If you need any help finding your way around the new Which? Conversation, we have a Help Getting Started guide as well as a Frequently Asked Questions guide.

If you would like to discuss the closure of Which.net, you can do so in this dedicated discussion area.


In no browser can I now report a comment under ‘other’, and give a reason, but I can – apparently in this topic. In the Brexit debate (which shouldn’t be about leaving, anyway) I have tried to do it but in all the bowsers no submit button appears when I try to report the comment.


That’s odd. Works for me – you need to type something into the box to do so. Perhaps clearing your cache will help?


Let me explain. It works in here. It may well work elsewhere. It doesn’t, however, work in some other topics, and shows the box, but the submit button – or where the button should be, is off the screen and it can’t be scrolled. Nothing I can do brings it back.

The cache is never a problem, although it’s the most fingered suspect, but if it works on some topics and not on others there’s an underlying issue.


It doesn’t help that I’ve just come off Thornton’s, where I tried to place an order for my wife’s birthday, but although everything went through as it ought, apparently the website lost the order, so I’ve had to give it manually, over the ‘phone.

This website was performing very well, until a recent update, and since then things have been going wrong. It’s not as if it’s programmed in Malboge, but sometimes it seems as though it has been.


Unfortunately the ‘Your ideas’ section is not working properly. Clicking on ‘Read more’ takes me to the top of the page. The other problems we were experiencing a few weeks ago seem to have disappeared.


It’s now working again. Thanks to whoever kicked it in the right place.


The intermittent issue which manifests itself only in The Lobby continues to be a nuisance. For completeness, it happens when clicking on one of the links in “All Recent Activity” and, in my case, anyway, is when I direct the comment to appear in a new window.


Although we are only on the fourteenth page I am convinced it is a consequence of the volume, with over 3,000 comments here so far many of them quite lengthy. For whatever reason the software or servers cannot handle the number of posts and provide quick and easy access on demand.

The Lobby opened in September 2015. Why don’t we just ask Which? to detach the first two years and park them somewhere else? Very little [if anything] continues for longer than a year in here.