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We’d give up TV and food, not broadband

Coloured cables on white background

Now this is a cracker – according to two separate surveys, Brits would rather cut down on food or digital TV than give up their broadband connection. Has the country gone mad, or do they have a point?

If giving up broadband means internet at home in general, I can see what they mean. But (I may regret saying this) I’d suffer a return to the ole’ dial-up over cutting down on me nosh.

Regardless, according to a survey by Sky (a broadband provider, don’t you know) most would avoid a meal or two rather than disconnect. This is backed up by a separate study by Yorkshire Bank, where 93% said they wouldn’t sacrifice their net to save cash – up from last year’s 81%.

Digital TV was second on the list, with 62% of Brits unwilling to stop watching telly. So what would they give up to save dosh? Nights out and surprisingly (you’d think this would go with ‘nights in’) takeaways.

So if you won’t give up your broadband, you can save cash by switching provider – even if the process isn’t the easiest. But would you be happy to disconnect? Actually, please don’t – we enjoy your comments!