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Have you been let down by Vodafone?

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Vodafone has been handed a hefty £4,625,000 fine by Ofcom for serious and sustained breaches of consumer protection rules or mis-selling, billing blunders and poor complaints handling. Is this fine enough to earn back your trust for such failings?

Some of you may recall that this news comes only a few months after Vodafone hit the headlines after thousands of customers were hit by billing blunders. Well, today’s announcement from Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, comes following two investigations into Vodafone.

One investigation found that pay as you go customers lost out because Vodafone failed to credit their accounts after they topped up their mobiles.This blunder cost 10,452 customers a total of £150,000 over a 17 month period. The second investigation found that Vodafone had failed to comply with customer complaints handling rules.

Vodafone customer service

Back in June it came to light that thousands of Vodafone customers had been hit by a series of billing errors following changes to Vodafone’s  billing and services systems.

On Which? Conversation, we heard from Vodafone customers such as KDMT, who told us about their frustration:

‘I’ve been overcharged, mischarged and everything in between. The latest was me responding to their offer to increase my data allowance and finding a charged for £688 on my bill that no one could explain or would deal with. They took it from my bank account, forcing me to cancel my direct debit. The hours I’ve spend online, on calls and writing letters for this and other issues is ridiculous (incorrectly being told I had 2 entertainment packages under a different tariff but being charged different amounts every month for 6 months). If any other provider covered my Glen, I’d switch in a heartbeat!!’

Vodafone has responded to Ofcom’s fine. Once again, the blame has been pinned on the migration of customer data to new systems. The company has offered its ‘profound apologies’ and said it’s ‘determined to put everything right’.

The telecoms giant has refunded or re-credited 10,422 of the affected 10,452 – but conceded that it’s unable to track down the remaining 30 customers. To make up for that gap it’s donated £100,000 to various charities in the UK as it has ‘no intention of profiting from this issue in any way’.

Also, Vodafone claims that IT issues are now resolved and that Ofcom has said it’s satisfied that this can’t happen again with the new IT system in place.

Improving service

But, Vodafone doesn’t have a great history of customer service – in the last Which? mobile satisfaction survey Vodafone scored only 49% and was joint second bottom of the table alongside EE.

In fact, Ofcom data also shows that Vodafone attracts huge levels of complaints. According to the latest Ofcom complaints data Vodafone is the most complained about mobile provider with 23 complaints per 100,000, followed by Talk Mobile with 8 complaints per 100,0000.

This isn’t a ringing endorsement for a telecoms company considering the Which? Consumer Insight score for the industry is already pretty low, with only 38% of people saying they trust mobile phone providers.

If you have a problem with your mobile phone provider or feel let down by its service then you should first complain directly to the phone company to try to fix the issue. If that fails then our guide to complaining about your mobile phone provider can take you through the steps needed to escalate your complaint.

Do you think Vodafone customers should expect more? Is a fine enough of a penalty to ensure service is improved?

Dave says:
3 June 2017

Hi I have joined 02 about 1 month ago and I find I have little or no signal in my area, I have told them I want to cancel and they said if I pay £800 is there any thing I can do, thanks in advance

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I took out Voda Phone contract on the basis that the Roaming would work while on holiday in France fof 4 weeks.The Roaming has not working in France.Phoned Voda Phone customer on three occasions in one day and spoke to 4 seperate Advisors who all failed to resolve problem.They then sent me a customer survey to rate their service.I have done this and as you can imagine did not give them a high rating.Kept loads of notes for discussion with my Voda Phone shop upon return to UK which could end up with Trading Standards or the like being braught in to resolve.

Mala says:
17 June 2017

Its a kind of stupid question – why would vodafone getting a fine win back consumers trust? They are fined less than they make from these deals so a clear no.

Mala says:
17 June 2017

I had a vodafone account for 20 years. Start of 2015 I got a new phone and I think screen wasn’t locked and when I came into work it had some large ad flashing on the screen. I closed down thinking it was harmless but a few days later got an an email saying “thanks for subscribing to mobidol”. I didn’t pick anything on this screen so it seems odd that I could magically have picked all the buttons in sequence to subscribe to this when their contract says you have to opt in. I contacted vodafone on chat who after an hr told me there was nothing on my account and I wouldn’t be charged.
Didn’t think anything of it but checked account 6 weeks later and I had been charged 4.50 per week by Mobidol. I chatted to Vod again (an hr to get through the one reply every 5 mins including pointless ‘how are you’ type chat) and they said they’d look into it and get back to me and not to worry and I wouldn’t be charged again.
A week later no reply and another charge – I chatted again and finally after 1hr41mins on chat they agreed that they would refund the charges (now 40quid) but that that I would have to cancel with mobidol direct. (I didn’t have any contact details for them at this point).
I cancelled and checked account a month later and I had been refunded 4.50. I eventually rang UK – not the muppets in India. I was told that they shouldn’t have told me I’d get a refund and this wouldn’t be possible and that there was nothing they could do. After a long heated debate where Idol them I had no contract with mobidol so they had no right charging me through my vodafone account they eventually said they would refund it (so amazingly begrudgingly). 2 months later I still hadn’t received it.
At the same time they had moved me onto a different data contract with my phone – the rubbish “use your uk data for 3 quid a day” which was crp compared to the 25Mb in eu per day. I received a text from a friend and the roaming cost message saying I would be charged x in Ireland and was charged 6quid for these 2 texts! So when Vodafone (after being forced to reduce roaming charges in EU) simultaneously put up ALL other charges to compensate their revenue and broke my contract by putting them up by more than RPI I took the opportunity to get out.
After having a phone since 1995 and being classified by them as a ‘heavy use customer’ having spent 200 per month on phone roaming while working in US) they send me a 2 line letter saying thanks and bye. Nothing else. Thats what 20 years of loyalty gets you with them and they were happy to lose me for 40 quid (which is a stupid decision from their financial pov).
I went to GiffGaff and never looked back. minimal charges even when roaming, better reception. Costs me 7quid a month for what was min 37 per month (and always more) with vodafone.
It irks me to see them advertising reducing roaming charges now as a feature when it was mandated by EU. Don’t waste their time with these morons. They don’t respect you – dont respect them back.

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It’s really a failure of regulation and consumer protection in the UK, rather than ownership. Vodafone is a UK company subject to regulation by Ofcom and as a licensed operator within the UK should comply with UK and – where relevant – EU regulations in terms of its contractual obligations. These are enforceable through Trading Standards but we all know that is a mere shell. The attitude here seems to be: if you are dissatisfied, don’t complain or take legal action, just transfer your business to another provider. But that ignores the long tie-ins that most customers have. Yes, too big to fail, and too big to be taken to court, and too big to provide a proper service. Plus a culture in customer services that is disobliging based on total denial of liability.

Tony Perry says:
22 June 2017

I can attest that, 12 months after this discussion page was created, Vodafone is STILL having problems with its accounts. It seems they’ve done little since the Ofcom fine–at least for Pay as you Go customers.

I have been a customer of Vodafone since around October 2000, and a pay-as-you-go customer since late 2001. Unfortunately, in the last 3 months Vodafone seem unable to manage their own account balances, which turned into a nightmare for me. Imagine topping up one day and it not getting into the phone account. I’ve spent nearly 3 months not knowing if I’d be able to make a call or check my voicemail (let alone send a text or send an e-mail). I have been at the mercy of technical support advisers who seem more interested in assuring me will be well without making it well.

I topped up £15 to my account on 11 April and discovered the next day that I had a balance of £0. I rang technical support and was told they would resolve it as soon as possible. They tried to top up my account but it wouldn’t get reflected into the balance–so I still had £0. They offered me data and voice packs as their technical support team looked into the issue. I had to ring weekly (if not more regularly) for updates (and additional data/voice/etc so I could use my phone), and was given assurances that it would be looked into by their “highest level of technical support”.

The packs meant I could keep using my phone (but not make international calls to ring my family in the USA; Vodafone claimed they couldn’t help me with those)–but the uncertainty continued. At first, I was able to make international calls, but I had no idea how much long that would work–and, eventually, it ran out. I thought I would try again with a top-up in May and made a £5 and a £15 topup on 3 May, so I could buy a £10 big value bundle and have a £5 credit to make international calls. Unfortunately, that also failed to register in the account, but I was given–again–weekly top-ups as the technical support team looked into the issue. Each time, I had to retell the whole story to people who had my details in the call notes and I found it incredibly frustrating.

The problem worsened June when a representative of Vodafone customer support very rudely handled my call. He proceeded to recount international calls I made earlier (where I couldn’t see the balance) and “assured” me that the problem was resolved. Hoping he was right, I topped up again shortly afterwards with £5 (on 12 June) and, to my dismay, that too disappeared. It seemed that the account was debiting my calls, but I couldn’t see the balance–hoping that was the case, I made a couple of calls to the US (according to Vodafone price list those cost 1p/minute) that took, at most, 45 minutes in total and sent one text to the US (35p), which should have left me with a balance of between £3 and £4. To my surprise, I got a message saying I had used all my calling credit.

I called Vodafone Customer Support again on 16th June and someone helpfully noted that I had an issue with my “account profile”–in essence, there were 5 copies of my account in the system, which they believed was the cause of the problems. I was assured that the “highest levels” of the technical support team was looking into it, and given shorter period data packs (I still had voice and texts so could function).

Things got worse on Sunday 18 June, and I had no credit altogether–and no data, no texts, and no minutes. I couldn’t even check my voicemail. As promised, a Vodafone agent rang me that day and assured me (again) that the technical support team was looking to resolve the issue but they didn’t know when it would be resolved. The problem worsened when staff were unwilling to give me the usual packs I needed to use my phone. One claimed that packs couldn’t be added because of the account problem. I rang again Vodafone Customer Support and spoke to a second person who said packs were only given out once (I’ve received several over the past 2 months for an issue that is clearly Vodafone’s fault–not mine). When she refused, I asked to speak with her manager, I found myself having a row with him. He was clearly unwilling to help and he dared ask me for a top-up voucher–his strong implication was that it was my fault for being unable to use my phone. He missed the point of all the story I had to recount to him again and did not appreciate that my account has a fault, which meant adding money wouldn’t make a difference. He very reluctantly gave me 200 minutes for 7 days (good) and 20 texts (a bit stingy) but refused to give me data (which I need in order to make international calls via WhatsApp because of the account problems). After that call, someone finally chose to give me access to data, which was very helpful.

However, these are only short term solutions, designed to give the technical support team time to find the solution for the account black hole. Every week I have to call Vodafone Customer Support retell my saga story again and again and beg for the right to use my phone account–and hope my story falls on understanding ears. After nearly 3 months, I don’t have the strength for more phone calls–more promises, more disappointment, more potential rows.

I’ve found it just too difficult to be a Vodafone customer and am moving to Giffgaff. If you can’t afford to have your money to go into a black hole, or if you don’t have time to speak with agents who promise the world, but don’t deliver (or agents who simply don’t get it–or care to get it), then you might want to avoid Vodafone and look elsewhere.

Jean proctor says:
20 April 2021

Vodafone are a disgrace we are fighting to getting £719 pounds back for a phone we returned .Dishonest several times we were told it would be in our account 3-5 days that was two months ago .It will have to be small claims court next

Julie says:
6 July 2017

Vodaphone have mislead me by offering me a deal to stop me from moving. I accepted and it was all logged via the on-line chat system. As I was offered the 1st 3 months free, I didn’t check my on-line account until just before the next payment was due. It was at this point I discovered that not only were they not giving me the data limit that I’d been promised, but I was due to be paying a much higher amount. When I phoned to query this, I was told that I had been misled and they were not able to offer me 3 Gb of data as promised- they could only do 4gb for £2 per month more. As I did not want 4gb, but merely wanted them to honour the contract they promised me, I asked to cancel- was then told there would be a charge for this as I was in 12 month contract. After submitting a complaint they still told me they could not honour the original offer, despite it being logged , but offered to cancel my contract free of charge.- Very big of them!!! Lots of time wasted sorting this out. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE OFFERED. THEY ARE JUST CONNING YOU TO MAKE YOU STAY.

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The same thing happened to me!!! It was all logged on chat in writing! They said oops, sorry, my mistake. You will have to pay more! So I asked them to honour their promise as it was in writing and they refused. They are still trying to make me pay a cancellation fee now so now I’m stuck!!!!

hey sorry for the late question but did you have to stay with them in the end?

J Wheeler says:
15 July 2017

2nd July wanted to leave as my phone was out of contract. Given upgrade on current phone and took 2nd handset on the basis of this offer .. iPhone 32gb 6s plus 8gb data 30% discount on normal cost of 52 pcm bringing price to 36.40. Promised phone would arrive Tuesday 5th July. No phone arrived …. multiple phone calls to 7 different people 2 of which were SMEs which included one lying that the only way to get the phone quicker was to cancel the original contract and order a new one … He then ordered the wrong phone. … original phone finally turned up on 12th July … With A bill price 60 pcm reduced by 30%. Another call …. ooooops sorry but this is the best deal we can give you. Taking to the ombudsman …. and cancelling contacts with them …. DON’T ever take a contact with Vodafone. Incompetent and immoral operatives. In perspective, ordered an iPhone 7 on 2nd July from Three … arrived as planned on 5th July …. 6 months half price deal 12gb data 21.50 a mth then 43. I’d use three any day.

Month and a half since new company contact only to find that the girl has mis-sold the contract she confirmed that we would have 4GB data but all dropped to 3GB , we are now being charge for additional usage. I have asked them to look into the emails with date and time that sent between me and the agent who sold the contract on behalf of the Vodaphone, its now almost 10 days , and they have not come back to me. I keep phoning and end up speaking to different people as can never get hold of the person I originally spoke with. I decided to stick with Vodaphone as needed to align the contracts, but I think next year when they expire I will NOT be with Vodaphone. Really appalling service it’s taking up so much of my time which I will not be compensated for. I will also go to the Ombudsman should this not be resolved!!!

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Damien Saunders says:
15 August 2017

I have a galaxy s8 which was locked on the vodaphone network for three months before I unlocked it after it went and broke on me within 48 hours of charging it the first time. I had received two high phone bills I am still waiting for them to contact me and replace the phone handset which they said I would receive within two working days. Vodafone is the worst company to get in touch with and or get sorted with any service repairs or anything

I’ve been charged nearly ten months by a third party company for £9 per week for unknown services. Vodafone said they couldn’t do anything about that and are not responsible for such charges. So I managed to block premium rate numbers to prevent this from happening again. However, the company continued to charge the £9 per week, but this time through an 0844 number. I called Vodafone again and they said out of goodwill they would refund me the £18, but the previous £400+ charges could not be refunded. I was concerned that I would have to keep getting charges waived each month, and since Vodafone couldn’t be held responsible, I wanted to cancel.
Upon speaking to someone who I thought was in the Cancellations team (turned out they transferred me to Upgrades), the agent spent nearly two hours chatting to me to convince me he could offer me a ‘good deal’ as a loyal customer for many years. I said I would listen and finally he offered me something I couldn’t refuse. I had done my research and knew what I could get as a new customer with other mobile service providers, so finally it was negotiated with a satisfactory deal. I repeated the deal to the agent (all of this is in writing by the way), and he confirmed that this was the deal. So finally I agreed and was back to being a happy customer. However, then the T&C’s came through and the deal was not as we had discussed and agreed. He corrected himself and apologised that he had made a ‘mistake’. But I was confused because it was IN WRITING and he was now retracting the offer and saying it would cost me more money. I was outraged. After spending my time to discuss this, and the agent convincing me that I was valued, he retracts his written offer. And then he offers me an alternate deal that I could get from any provider as a new customer!
I have escalated this within Vodafone and they claim that they cannot honour the offer, even if it is in writing! Now they are telling me I have the choice to cancel, but would have to pay more again in cancellation fees.
Is this right? I feel that I’ve been given the run around and am at a worse position then when I first started….and with an even worse view of Vodafone then I had in the first place!

Am I wrong to think that this is unprofessional and that they should honour their offer that they had in writing????

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I can add to your frustration anger and upset as I have been mis sold an item that I didn’t ask for need or use and only 2 yrs plus on have just realised and been told NO to a refund! I thought a plug in WiFi booster I now know what it called was what I was paying for monthly only to find out that was a one off payment and at the time given a mobile data sim which was the extra £11 pm! I would have definitely cancelled in the first month if I’d realised this now being told they won’t refund me yet they put this on my account!!! Need to know my rights and take further now

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Background: £756 being demanded for 30GB of data that customer neither requested nor was aware she could access from the capped product described to her. The problems were that

1. The salesman failed to give the full facts about the product – failing to mention that customer is given access to ongoing data – not just the 50GB purchased. Most importantly the salesman failed to mention the extortionate cost of this additional data – unless the product is capped.
2. The salesman failed to cap the product (or indeed mention this ‘option’)when he activated it after describing a capped deal to my daughter.
3. The salesman failed to provide the written information about the product (which would have informed the customer about the capping facility and how to access data messages).
4. Vodafone failed to notify the customer by mobile phone about data limit being approached and then reached. It is not helpful sending messages to a dongle ‘dashboard’ when customer has no instructions for its use. Only message customer received on her mobile phone was after £756 had accrued.
5. Ombudsman relied on assumptions rather than facts (in Vodafone’s favour) and appeared to struggle to compose coherent English in the early stages of the process. It came out in Vodafone’s favour when we fully expected it to come out in ours given the failings of its staff to sell the product they had described. Anyone looking at the verdict will see the bias toward Vodafone – it truly beggars belief.


Vodafone customer relations staff believe the customer should not have had this experience; Vodafone’s senior executives choose to turn a blind eye and insist they are bound by the Ombudsman’s verdict [based on assumptions rather than facts in part] – they know this is not true but appear happy to employ deception.

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Thank you for your feedback Duncan. It has certainly taught my daughter a lot about corporate greed.It’s been a harsh reality for someone brought up to believe in honesty and integrity.

I have tried communicated with the CEO (Nick Jeffery) but have had his team contact me in return, each time failing to address our points regarding ‘unfair practice’ and ‘misrepresentation’ and instead responding with an armoury of stock phrases from the Vodafone manual. This therefore was where I gave up trying to reason with a company that does not appear to have a sense of fair play or decency amongst a number of its sales people or its senior executives:

I wonder if your incompetent/inadequately trained salesman has the remotest idea of what he has escalated – or indeed the other members of your staff who also failed (when audio recorded) to reveal the full facts about how your mobile WI-fi packages truly work. But hey ho, casual carelessness clearly reaps dividends so who (in Vodafone’s upper echelons) gives it a moment’s thought? Clearly no-one it seems. As I said to the young man making threats this evening: Vodafone staff have no idea what they have caused and will continue to cause long after you have casually despatched my daughter from your spreadsheets and shared around the Christmas bonus.

It won’t be long before Vodafone adds our daughter to a credit ‘black list’ (around the time of her anticipated university finals) on account of her failure to find the fees being extorted (and yes, this is the case) from her meagre student loan. Clearly ‘black listing’ will make her chances of buying her own first home tricky too, but you and your staff won’t be the ones worrying about that either… All this for a young woman who simply wanted to buy a maximum of 50GB of data at an affordable price for a temporary situation. She asked all the right questions but sadly received the wrong answers. Vodafone truly does not care about the significant repercussions does it? Statistics above people… profit above lives… lies above truth, ‘rules’ above integrity. What a legacy.


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I have been chasing for more than month now, its giving me headache. Yesterday I got letter from debt collector stating that i have owe £74 from vodafone. And i have no payment issue with vodafone so far. So i had a chat with vodafone and also visited store but no solution. Its affecting my credit score as well. On the given information only name is matched rest nothing matched. In this case what shall i do. As vodafone completey misput my information bying put someone else contract into mine. What Shall i do ? Any suggestion ?

You could try complaining to OFCOM:

Victoria Farmer says:
6 June 2019

For 6 months I have been trying to get Vodafone to acknowledge they are billing me for a line that was never connected. I have email record of this from Vodafone but that does not help. There never seems to be any body who can take responsibility for problems and sort them out although all of the 18 staff members I have discussed this with have promised they are capable and in a position to resolve the issues. It is impossible to get any Manager on the phone or by email to make contact.
Apart from that the service is great

Emma swainston says:
16 April 2020

My ex boyfriend got a contract out with Vodafone without me knowing I told them about it and they still keep making me pay money and instead of sending me letters so I know what I owe them they have got CCS collect place to recover money of me and they add changes on top ots disgusting how they treat people they are not answering fone calls or taking emails at the moment I’ve paid 592.72p altogether I reported my ex boyfriend to the police and they said because I knew him it was a civil matter and they couldn’t charge him so I was left with a big debt and I still have debt people sending me letters

jason hart says:
27 May 2020

i have noticed many disturbing things that vodafone do i will mention two of these for now
they tell you that they rollover minutes for example
they are rolling over 3000 minutes but the actual plan for the big value bundle is 6000 minutes every month they are not rolling anything over at all surely this is a breach of some business practice
and the breach of data practices , i m very suprised this is going unnoticed by the masses as this is surely illegal data practices or trying to gain data unlawfully from vodafones customers so you go on to Manage cookies and turn off the cookies you dont want it on and they force a reset on this nearly ever time so all the boxes are reinstated in their favour ofcourse
it just seems bad business practice to me and unfair to its customers i dont know much about computer stuff but this just seems to be a dodgy unfair way of controlling the customers choices in their own favour it is also reset in a few seconds or even quicker so all the boxes are green again in their favour this is about privacy and cookies and ofcourse there cookie and privacy settings are controlled by someone called Onetrust??

D Neville says:
21 August 2020

I have been with Vodafone for roughly 20 years, a few weeks ago I decided they were getting to expensive so went with a different provider who was a lot cheaper. They told me they would inform Vodafone that I was leaving, I then got a not nice letter telling me I would have to pay them £83 + to leave, and in another paragraph it reads I may also need to pay for an engineer which would take 3 months before I get another bill. The letter I got from them they didn’t even have my address right.
I am so disgusted with this, how can they do this I’m 72 and living on a state pension.

A M Henderson says:
18 September 2020

I have been trying to cancel my contract with Vodafone since September 2019 – 1 year. I went through their requested process: phoned to cancel my contract; adhered to waiting for 30 days before cancelling my direct debit (as it happens it was several months before I cancelled the direct debit as my husband has cancer and we were dealing with the whole Covid situation); when I did go into my bank account to cancel, I noticed they had still been taking monthly payments; when questioned, they said they had no information on my file re. my request to cancel my contract; I cancelled direct debits but then received emails requesting payments; I refused, and they put the matter in the hands of debt collectors; I reluctantly paid in full and told them again that the account had to be closed – and so at the beginning of September 2020, we start the whole process again having to wait another 30 days but with the promise from their representative that I would not have to pay anything further. However, today, 18 September 2020, I have received an email from Vodafone requesting payment for another months use. Might I also just add that I haven’t used the phone since purchasing a new one and taking out a new contract in September 2019. I also destroyed the sim card in September 2019. I feel like I’m locked in a Vodafone bubble which I can’t get out of, and never will. HELP.

I see there is more detailed advice linked at the top of page. I hope you can find help there.

Moving contracts was made easier in July 2019, so Vodafone may have breached ofcom rules here, see:-https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/media/media-releases/2019/end-it-with-a-text-mobile-switching

Rick Boylan says:
28 February 2021

Finally leaving Vodafone after 25 years.
I have been with Vodafone since they were called Talkland. Over the years, I have become increasingly frustrated at how poor their customer service has become. I am also angry and insulted by renewal “upgrade” prices for my two sim only accounts that are more expensive than the same plan for new customers. on this occasion, the offered price to renew a two year contract on one plan was more expensive than I am paying now out of contract! As a long standing customer, I should be rewarded for my loyalty, not penalised.
Having looked at the alternatives, I now know that Vodafone have become completely uncompetitive on price. I gave Vodafone every opportunity to offer a more competitive price for the two plans on my account, but they were adamant they could not offer me any reasonable discounts.
I have now switched both phones to Tesco Mobile. One plan has double the amount of data, the other very slightly less. otherwise, identical in every other way. Total saving 36%.
Goodby Vodafone!

Vodafone is not my favourite company either, Rick. I was annoyed about being asked to pay more as a loyal customer and forgot to take action, so I have continued to pay the same amount for nearly a year now. 🙂 I would be happy with their Basic SIM-only tariff, but that’s only available to new customers.

At least you have the opportunity of switching to another network but Vodafone is the only realistic option round here thanks to limited network coverage.

Vodafone have twice failed to stop charging me when a puk code has been requested the first time was for £700 and the second time recently was for £818, which on the the 6th March 2021 i was confirmed that they would refund within 7 days i then phoned again on the 16th and again the same was confirmed, no payment was made i then phoned again they kept me on the phone talking to some fictitious customer complaints line and i was then told i was not entitled to anything and if i took it further they would start the complaint over again and lose any refund i had been offered. I am still unpaid and i believe this to be a massive scam which Vodafone are earning millions from unsuspecting customers who have been charged and continue to be charged incorrectly.

Hi Chris – Please can you explain what these payments are for? They are a lot of money.

CISAS and Vodafone are working together to scam people !!!
Account number: 278537538

Hi , i was a Vodafone customer for nearly 20 years until two weeks ago when i moved to a different provider as i couldn’t take it anymore , i had 3no contracts at the moment , one for me , one for my wife and a tablet . I have never missed a payment bill ever . On 11 September 2020 we moved to ,St Albans and straight away we noticed that within the house area the signal was so bad ( 1 line ) that we couldn’t receive or make calls sometime ,then same issue at work in centre of LONDON , also was in the middle of this pandemic and sometime i worked from home and i couldn’t do my job answering emails and calls because no signal . I always thought the issue is the phone
I reported that to Vodafone several times and the answer was always the same ” works are undertaken within the area and in 7 days signal should come back to normal” weeks past the issue was there and the answer to my complaints were the same , most of the conversations with Vodafone were by them calling me , at some point one of their people was begging me to close the complaint , just a few emails i record of and i will upload as evidence but mostly everything was verbal phone conversations . After a very long period of time and having me going through this issues for so long Vodafone offered me £60 refund and free special discounted upgrade for two new phones and i said “yes” . They probably used my “yes” and closed the complaint straight away . Next , i went on their app to start looking to upgrade to discover that the special discounted upgrade option they offered wasn’t special at all , i meant it was an offer that anybody , any new customer that wanted to join Vodafone could get , its what was available on their website . I went back to Vodafone and i said that complaint is not closed yet as they lied to me offering a special discounted upgrade which wasn’t , they ignored my calls and everything . I also contacted CISAS and the fact that i said “yes” and the complaint was closed under Rule 2.2.13 they had to uphold the objection for three times. 9 months since the issue and my complaint , i still had 3 contracts and no signal on one of them. This is unbelievable and hard to understand why they doing things like this , scam bags !!

CISAS and Vodafone are working together to scam people !!!

I have had a similar experience. Due to a typo it appeared that I had contacted Vodafone directly after the complaint had started. I contacted CISAS and they re-opened the case once I had explained.

I think its just the complications of the adjuication process, and not CISAS and Vodaone in cahoots personally.

Vodafone had also tried the same objection three times, and had it over-ruled three times.

The final time they were basically told by the adjusicator to defend or settle. I was offered a Vodafone voucher as compensation 🙂

The process started at the end of April 2021 and is now reaching the end, so it has taken approx three months. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.