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Have you been hit by this Vodafone billing blunder?


Major billing problems have hit thousands of Vodafone customers across the UK. Have you checked your bill?

Now I don’t know about you but I have a fairly strict budget. I recently purchased my first house so I’ve meticulously worked out which direct debits are coming out of my account, when and how much for.

I’m still learning what’s ‘affordable’ – currently that’s not a lot – so I would be seriously peeved if I were to discover that I’d been randomly overcharged due to known billing problems.

Vodafone billing

Well that’s exactly what seems to be happening to Vodafone customers across the UK after it recently came to light that thousands have been hit with billing errors.

Errors we’re aware of include customers being registered on the wrong tariff, and incorrect amounts being debited from bank accounts. Some have even reported large sums of money being taken.

Vodafone has said many of the billing issues are related to the migration of billing and services platforms onto a new state-of-the-art system.

With some 20 million customers in the UK, it’s likely that many more Vodafone customers could be affected by these billing problems.

Challenge your bill

If you’re a Vodafone customer then make sure you check your bill – are you on the right tariff, and is the amount you’re being charged accurate?

If you think there’s something wrong then you need to challenge your mobile phone bill by reporting it to Vodafone. You can contact Vodafone by either calling 44555 for free from your Vodafone mobile or contacting it online. Make sure you keep a record of all correspondence, including dates and the names of anyone you speak to.

We’ll also be following up with Vodafone ourselves, so tell us if you’ve been affected by billing errors and what your experience has been.

So have you been affected by a billing error? Has this been resolved for you yet? What’s your experience been?


I have never had a problem with billing. I never use any feature that is not included in my tariff, so it is easy to check. Vodafone nearly lost me as a customer this year. I really don’t understand why a PHONE company wants customers to communicate via Live Chat rather than via the phone.

Christine salim says:
10 June 2016

I’ve been with Vodaphone 2 years in November. every month since last November they have charged me £61. £30.50 for my monthly bill and £30.50 for a line added to my account by God knows who in that company. every month I pluck up the courage to battle again with them after every month they promise time and time again it’s been removed. the charged me for 50 calls they said I made to Pakistan and 50 text messages they said I made in one day. LIAR”S. how this company is still trading is beyond me. absolutely disgusting and criminal what they get away with. if it wasn’t for the fact that it would affect my good credit rating I would tell them to take me to court. this is only one off the problems I have with them. my hubby was with them for 15+ years and he had dumped them. word of warning you will regret and I promise you you will regret if you go with these idiots cheats and liars

My Bill went up double for two concective months ,And Vodaphone told me that there was a scam involving 808 numbers , apparently the scammers could somehow make it look as if your phone had used these numbers and it went onto my bill ! I said that as it was Not my fault what were Vodaphone doing about it the reply was it was being investigated and were looking into it , My bill is now down to normal but I never got any compensation for the amount I had paid !some £80 or so !

I am very interested to learn about this. I have had billing issues (overbilling) with Vodafone since November 2015 and have called, emailed and written dozens and dozens of times to be simply ignored, told that it will be resolved and then that there was no error. In the end, I gave up, cancelled my direct debit and have been paying the contract amount by standing order every month. I am still being charged for things not due but I continue to ring to note them as disputed. In the end, I’ve involved the Communications Ombudsman as I fail to get any response from Vodafone let alone have them deal with the overbilling issues.

Vilis says:
10 June 2016

I’ve had so many hiccups on my account (similar to Ld above). I’ve spent hours on the phone and live chat to no avail. I have 2 phones, a tablet and a red bundle which I intend to finish as soon as my contacts end. The red bundle was accidental – I had a sales call from Vodafone when I was very busy and distracted by my granddaughter, the lady on the phone could hear this, but when she said that it would not make any difference to my contract term or cost more, I went for it to get her off the phone. From then on, my bills went right up – that’ll teach me! On top of this, strangely enough, they did not receive my downgrade instruction and carried on charging me at the higher rate. Despite the fact that I had printed confirmation, they just told me to try it again. They did, however, receive an instruction to upgrade my red bundle (to more Gb per month) – even though I did not request it?? The best laugh is when they ask you at the end of your complaint call ‘You’re due an upgrade – would you like me to sort one out for you?’ No way Pedro! My next phones are gonna be PAYG and NOT Vodafone.

I had a call in March from one of their salespeople offering a deal including home telephone and broadband as I am already a mobile customer. The deal turned out to be a complete lie and although I gave complaints the telephone number of the person who called me as I know it is recorded I have got nowhere.
The only thing they have said is that if I am unhappy with the deal I can leave!

i have not had my direct debits collected since Nov 2015.I have spoken to customer services and Full made payment in May 2016.
I have now found out that NO payment was taken . Very worried as i am looking to take out a mortgage soon.

I took vodafone to the Ombudsman in 2014/15 for misbilling and withholding my phone number. After months of proving my case Vodafone gave away my phone number after making spurious excuses. I was fobbed off by the Ombudsmen. More complaining. .. then eventually was promised £150 if I claimed the award on another part of its website. Obviously I couldn’t find the site ( I’m nearly seventy years old!) When I wrote time and again asking for the award… I was simply ignored, even by the senior ombudsman. How vodafone has any customers left is beyond me!
In error I was sent a chatty note between a vodafone operative to the Ombudsman staff member. .. all very friendly! I still have it if anyone wants a copy! Pat

I have been overcharged for months and every month I have been on there web chat I am disabled so not been to a store but I am hoping to go to a store soon and get them to sort it out once and for all because I am sick of it now.Being out of pocket is not nice.

I’ve been overcharged to the tune of over £1,000. Now proceeding through the courts. What’s worse? They sent debt collectors after me when I cancelled their payment.

Switched to EE. Best customer service I’ve had. ever.

Chris Smith says:
10 June 2016

Interestingly I’ve experienced errors in my favour. At the start of the year my Vodafone account was credited by about £100. Some weeks later I received an email stating that my account had been credited because of the discount (giving me free Blackberry service) I had currently, and that the charge for this service would henceforth appear on my bill, which it does. However, there is a mismatch between the period for my payments and the discount: the credit for the discount seems to have been retrospective, covering the period from the start of my current contract during which I paid the discounted rate. I phoned Vodafone and was advised, more or less, to do nothing about the credit given to my account. The net result is that from January I’ve had a free mobile phone service which with my current credit looks like continuing for some months!
In addition my wife, who uses Vodafone PAYG, has not been charged for a top up made several months ago.

I spent over a year trying to sort out my billing problems. I tried complaining online and nothing happened so I wrote to them. Under its licence Vodafone has to reply within two weeks but didn’t reply to either letter. I then wrote to the Ombudsman who found in my favour and instructed Vodafone to sort my bill out and pay compensation. Vodafone refused to do this. Both are breaches of its licence. I wrote to Ofcom who wrote back and said it was investigating my complaint about the breach of licence, among many other complaints. In the end i used the directorsupport@help.vodafone.co.uk email address and in the end I got the Ombudsman resolution implemented and a letter of apology. If you have trouble with vodafone I would email the directorsupport@help.vodafone.co.uk email address – nothing else works in my experience.

Vodafone is no longer trust worthy provider and has become too greedy.

Carol paeker says:
10 June 2016

Vodafone took 2 months payment from me. They failed to take my payment by direct debit and accused me of not paying it and charged me for 2 months.
I will be glad when my contract comes to an end…can t wait.

I have just came off Livechat with Vodaphone. My bill is too much this month…..however…that is not why I’m leaving at the end of the contract…it’s a catalogue of frustrations with them…….I was reduced to tears of anger and frustration with them a few months ago…..I hate them with a vengeance…really really hate them for their incompetence and lies…..and previously I have been singing their praises (for years).

I have been complaining to Vodafone since Feb 2015. Have tried every possible means of communicating with them, emails, web chat, phone calls, text messages, wrote letters to the head office, accounts office and these were all recorded deliveries. Recently wrote to their Quality Assurance department. No response what so ever. I am absolutely furious and disgusted with their approach. My biggest gripe is not so much the exorbitant bills, but the fact that no body has ever got back to me. I have had numerous promises of call back from the manager, all false. The latest being being just 3 days back, was on the phone for almost 2 hours, was promised a call within 72 hours, nothing as of today. Extremely furious, as i was a good spender. Was always treated as a platinum customer for the 13 years that i was with 02.

Could WHICH help me? have accumulated massive amount of documents and would love to take them to the cleaners.

Mike Giles says:
10 June 2016

I was telephoned by Vodafone last September and offered an early upgrade to iPhone 6 with no upfront cost and rental continuing at virtually the same rate as for my iPhone 5. But two bills later in December I was charged over £60 for the upgrade and nearly £80 for additional data. Vodafone acknowledged in the first phone-call to them that both these charges were a mistake ~ the £80 was in fact meant to have been a data credit, which I hadn’t expected, but it had been entered as a debit.
It has taken until June to get these sums credited to my Vodafone account, (paying them back to my bank seemed to beyond hope!) and I’ve lost count of the phone-calls. At least, I think the credit has now been made as there was no direct debit taken from my bank account this month, but I can well believe that has been a mistake!

John says:
11 June 2016

I was being charged 1.8p per text when my agreement said “Free unlimited texts”. When I realised what was happening I complained online. It took three separate goes over 3 months, being given assurances each time that the fault was theirs and that the problem was resolved. The third time I stopped being polite and threatened to go to the ombudsman as they were in breach of contract and making no serious attempt to resolve this matter. They did finally resolve it and refunded me £115 and knocked another £12 off my next bill. I will not be renewing my contract with them.

Malcolm Morris says:
11 June 2016

changed my tarrif as they recomended and it took months of incorrect billing during wich time i cancelled my direct debit.

I keep Getting Bills from Vodaphone and i closed my contract last December 2015 i have emailed them and did again last night now this is getting beyond they are either stupid or they do not under stand what ive replied i payed one bill because they said i owed it now ive had another email saying i owe this month im Threatened them with legal advice and the Ombudsman if they do not get there act together and get it sorted