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Have you been hit by this Vodafone billing blunder?


Major billing problems have hit thousands of Vodafone customers across the UK. Have you checked your bill?

Now I don’t know about you but I have a fairly strict budget. I recently purchased my first house so I’ve meticulously worked out which direct debits are coming out of my account, when and how much for.

I’m still learning what’s ‘affordable’ – currently that’s not a lot – so I would be seriously peeved if I were to discover that I’d been randomly overcharged due to known billing problems.

Vodafone billing

Well that’s exactly what seems to be happening to Vodafone customers across the UK after it recently came to light that thousands have been hit with billing errors.

Errors we’re aware of include customers being registered on the wrong tariff, and incorrect amounts being debited from bank accounts. Some have even reported large sums of money being taken.

Vodafone has said many of the billing issues are related to the migration of billing and services platforms onto a new state-of-the-art system.

With some 20 million customers in the UK, it’s likely that many more Vodafone customers could be affected by these billing problems.

Challenge your bill

If you’re a Vodafone customer then make sure you check your bill – are you on the right tariff, and is the amount you’re being charged accurate?

If you think there’s something wrong then you need to challenge your mobile phone bill by reporting it to Vodafone. You can contact Vodafone by either calling 44555 for free from your Vodafone mobile or contacting it online. Make sure you keep a record of all correspondence, including dates and the names of anyone you speak to.

We’ll also be following up with Vodafone ourselves, so tell us if you’ve been affected by billing errors and what your experience has been.

So have you been affected by a billing error? Has this been resolved for you yet? What’s your experience been?

Phil Smith says:
11 June 2016

I’ve already challenged Vodafone several times. I’m disabled and in wheelchair and my hands are gradually giving up, so it’s especially annoying and difficult for me. I must print out all their bills, check my bank statements and challenge them by writing to their head office. Nothing else has worked so far.

David Turner says:
11 June 2016

Give me an email address and I’ll send you my log of 35 hours (yes, thirty five) of phone calls to resolve billing problems over period of 9 months, which included monthly attempts trying to get unbarrd for non-payment. And when I eventually left them on 8th March this year it didn’t stop them sending me monthly bill reminders for anything up £112!


Hello David, thank you for your comment. If you have anything that you would like to share with us then please send it through to conversation.comments@which.co.uk – thanks

Matt says:
13 June 2016

I’m just days away from leaving Vodafone so very happy. In October ’15 I began trying to cancel my son’s Sim Only contract (we had 3 contracts running, the other 2 suffering billing errors). It took until April this year whilst all the time being charged for it……….I could go on ad nauseam, so, ditto all the comments above about hours/days on the phone. It seems almost IMPOSSIBLE to believe Vodafone’s business is communication.

Robin says:
13 June 2016

Two days after reading this news item about Vodafone Billing Blunders, I got a text through from Vodafone telling me that my new bill was now ready to view and would be paid via my direct debit in just over a week’s time.
Slightly curious, because my normal £18+ charge had only just been taken out of my bank account a week before, I went online and contacted Vodafone via their “Chat Now” service on the website simply to confirm that this was an oversight.
After going through “security”, I was told to my absolute horror that this was not an oversight and there was indeed a new bill for £368+, in my name, on a completely different account, waiting to be paid.
When I had calmed down enough to ask them for the details, on investigation, I was told it was a charge for ‘terminating my contract early..!!’ Clearly, say I, as I am still on the number in question and have been billed for it a week ago, this cannot be the case….

It took two emails, two more website chats and eventually a real live person, to sort out the fact that it was indeed a mistake by the Vodafone billing department, and this “live” person would send through the necessary notification to stop the company trying to withdraw £368 from my bank account, in a week’s time which would actually take that account into overdraft..!!
As a retired pensioner on a strict budget, all I can say is that I will be checking my bank account daily for the next week, and if Vodafone pinches so much as a penny out of my account that it shouldn’t, I will be storming into their head office in Newbury shouting very loudly..!!

Harry says:
14 June 2016

Totally agree and support the earlier writers. I had similar experiences involving a DD being cancelled and then being charged for reregistering. Took over 4 months to sort out. The web site seems designed to keep customers at bay and going into a shop proves no better. I’ve been with the provider virtually since inception and came very close to quitting. It’s an unacceptable scandal that needs publicising in the hope of improvement. Hence this!

Steve says:
14 June 2016

It’s not all bad with Vodafone. I was about to change providers because of the almost non-existent signal strength where I live when I got a call from one of Vodafone’s agents and as a result they sent me a free Suresignal plug-in that works fine so no problem at all in my house now. On another occasion I was on holiday overseas when I discovered that I could neither make calls nor receive some calls. After contacting Vodafone a nice young lady fixed the problem immediately. The only difficulty was finding a Vodafone contact number. I spent nearly two hours trawling through Vodafone’s websites and up several blind alleys before I found a number that worked. Clearly Vodafone are discouraging complaints by telephone.
p.s I’ve never had any billing problems but then I’ve always been with Vodafone so I haven’t experienced the leaving difficulties that some people have.


It’s maddening that a phone company does not want its customers to communicate by phone. 🙁

I was planning to leave Vodafone because even before I bought my new home I realised that the signal was so poor that I could not always make a call. Looking at their website I saw that improvements were planned and before long I had a reliable 4G connection. I renewed my contract for one year and was able to tether a laptop for the two months period of unlimited data, by which time fibre broadband became available in the area and was installed. I was disappointed that Vodafone did not give me a discount on their contract price, which they had offered for the past two years, though I have an extra data allowance. I agree that it’s not all bad.

Marrieanne says:
14 June 2016

I had a year of nightmare communications with Vodafone when I bought a second handset and they ended up billing me and charging me extra charges completely contradicting with the agreement we had over the phone when I did my purchase, that was in addition to numerous other blunders.
Hundreds of hours were wasted trying to communicate with agents from all over the planet, which turned out that there is absolutely no communications between their call centres and no accurate log of customers calls. Whenever you manage to talk to someone, passing the first hurdle of accessing a human voice rather than a stupid machine, there is the second hurdle of talking to someone who can actually understand what you’re saying or you understand what they’re saying, followed by the hurdle of connecting and reconnecting information they missed to log the previous time you called and having to repeat yourself one million times before you get your message across, then after that, if you are lucky, you might be talking to a polite agent, a lot of them are not, and