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Have you been hit by this Vodafone billing blunder?


Major billing problems have hit thousands of Vodafone customers across the UK. Have you checked your bill?

Now I don’t know about you but I have a fairly strict budget. I recently purchased my first house so I’ve meticulously worked out which direct debits are coming out of my account, when and how much for.

I’m still learning what’s ‘affordable’ – currently that’s not a lot – so I would be seriously peeved if I were to discover that I’d been randomly overcharged due to known billing problems.

Vodafone billing

Well that’s exactly what seems to be happening to Vodafone customers across the UK after it recently came to light that thousands have been hit with billing errors.

Errors we’re aware of include customers being registered on the wrong tariff, and incorrect amounts being debited from bank accounts. Some have even reported large sums of money being taken.

Vodafone has said many of the billing issues are related to the migration of billing and services platforms onto a new state-of-the-art system.

With some 20 million customers in the UK, it’s likely that many more Vodafone customers could be affected by these billing problems.

Challenge your bill

If you’re a Vodafone customer then make sure you check your bill – are you on the right tariff, and is the amount you’re being charged accurate?

If you think there’s something wrong then you need to challenge your mobile phone bill by reporting it to Vodafone. You can contact Vodafone by either calling 44555 for free from your Vodafone mobile or contacting it online. Make sure you keep a record of all correspondence, including dates and the names of anyone you speak to.

We’ll also be following up with Vodafone ourselves, so tell us if you’ve been affected by billing errors and what your experience has been.

So have you been affected by a billing error? Has this been resolved for you yet? What’s your experience been?

mike ruscoe says:
16 January 2017

i have been having ongoing problems since early last year they hadnt taken out the money from my bank so called then to be tols i didnt owe anything as it had been paid which i told then it hadnt the next month was the same and this carried on but my bills were going up more that what my contract was for i spoke to them again with no luck so i cancelled my dd with the bank untill they sort it out last week i had a bill for £755.oo so spoke to them again they couldnt confirm my account over the phone and told me to go to my neaest voda phone shop whic i agreed to do toda y 16/01/2017 i have had a letter from a dept recovery firm demanding £1760.36p so an incease of over £1000 since i spoke to them last week HELP

graham says:
17 January 2017

I have finally resolved my over-billing issues with Vodafone that began when I upgraded my phone in May last year. They have offered me what I consider a derisory 100 GBP in compensation for 8 months of calls to their customer services department, trips to the local shop and seemingly endless and ultimately useless text chats with them. All to try and stop them taking money on a direct debit for a mobile number attached to a devise I had returned to the local shop.

Have other people accepted compensation from Vodafone for recent billing issues? If so I would be interested to know the levels of compensation that they are prepared to go to.


I’m hoping that I’ve not missed the boat on the help front but here goes..

So since the summer Vodafone has been sending me text messages saying that I owe the full amount of my contract as opposed to the monthly payments I had agreed with.. I spoke to Vodafone, they advised me not to pay my bill as they had no way of accepting payments less than what their faulty system was requesting and told that they would be back in touch when they had a solution. So now they are contacting me and basically asking me either to cough up the ~£350 or pay half of that over the next two months – which I obviously cannot afford considering I agreed to a £30 a month contract.. What are my rights in this situation??


I don’t believe this ! Vodaphone unlike most big companies REFUSE to print their terms + Conditions on the WEB , in other Convo,s I could help people out by reading the legal points and replying . Not so Vodaphone EACH individual customer must apply PERSONALLY to Vodaphone . You would think you were trying to join MI6 , it means they can vary it to suite themselves . CK in NORMAL circumstances they are breaking the contract they have with you by changing the conditions you agreed to on taking out the contract. What they are going to say-well YOU broke it because you didn’t pay in contract time terms thats ********* business practice (trying to keep within the law ) BUT as I cant obtain the terms+conditions I am stuck for a better answer . Its not your fault their computer wouldn’t accept payment . What I will do is check to see if this type of practice has been criticised on the web officially then it becomes public knowledge and I can post what I really think. Vodaphone has moved all their customers onto a new computer dealing with all aspects of its service , this has led to complaints to OFCOM to go through the roof they have been advised if Vodaphone wont budge then you should escalate it to Ofcom,s, approved dispute resolution scheme.

Rosemarie says:
21 May 2017

I have been a Vodafone customer for 13 years. I trusted Vodafone as everything was great for tye first few years.then last year I noticed my bill almost doubled.I phoned Vodafone and they knew it was not right and sorted it. I then started to look back all my bill. To my shock for about 5 years they had been charging me for things I used or had. I contacted them and was basically shouted at by customer services, I was trying to explain where and when it all started but he would not listen. For months I was neve off the phone as I would ask for copies of my bills that I did not have, was give the run around for almost 5 months. I then said I would pay no more and and was going to ombudsman to get it resolved. I was not owe them money but they cut my phone off and told me I would get it back on when they had requested paperwork that they had to get back within theor own company. A man named omar in customer resolutions team blatantly lied to me on the phone and he and his senior left me on hold for almost an hour for no reason. All this resulted in bank charges even affecting my credit scoreand was paying for a phone contract that they turned off.luckily I had all the evidence to prove that they had been over charging me. They then offered me me £357. Off my bill but I was never even owe that money in the first place so all they were doing was correcting their mistakes. I spent 7 months having to get it sorted some days I would have to call 5 or 6 times as they would say yes sort it now then wasn’t. For all the hassle and stress of being lied to almost every day for 7 months having no phone and credit score affected. They offered me nothing. They said as a good will gesture they would wipe the bill that I never owed them. That was only for last year. I will now be going back to ombudsman with all my evidence of bills bank statements of when it started 5 as I never got the past bills resolved. Feel totally let down by a company I had been with 13 years and was treated in a discussing manner through it all. Can definitely say I won’t be renewing my contact and wI’ll be not recommending them to friends and family


Your post is shocking Rosemarie and the WWW is full of complaints about customer service from Vodaphone- Australia-USA- Egypt- India – every part of the globe that has a Vodaphone “service ” reams of webpages complaining of rude, aggressive, arrogant , lying service , and how can I post this ? because website after website in every country has customers complaining of this treatment—and worse !! Its not just “in the public domain ” its broadcast on every social website including the big worldwide ones . I can not accept that Vodaphone “dont know about this ” you would need to be dead in your grave not to see. hear the comments, British newspapers Australian newspapers , , Indian newspapers it just goes on . My question is –if this is a British company then its doing a grand job of bringing down this countries prestige , the government must know about this but because of British “lax laws in relation to businesses they ,seemingly can run roughshod over British citizens . On the other hand Vodaphone have sold up in the USA to Verizon for $130 Billion and I can work out why , as I have posted many times the US Federal Authorities look after US citizens and wouldn’t let this type of thing go unchallenged not just fines but restriction of business , depending on individual States as well introducing State legislation. You know what USA Today newspaper says — First headline—the largest US wireless carrier is NOW 100 % American- good for them !


NYSE- London-Vodaphone Group PLC(VOD.LN ) 5 days ago- set for more profit+gains in the current year after achieving its target for fiscal year -2017 -adjusted earnings -March 31st -rose 3.4 % to 15.8 BILLION euros . I am sure the multitude of people including Rosemarie have “helped ” here. VOD Group market capital-76.32 Billion ($) Why not contact head office ? – Vodaphone House , the Connection Newbury, RG14-2FN -phone – 0163533251 maybe you will get better attention ?

Lauren says:
23 May 2017

Please can someone offer me some advice. I took out a contract with Vodafone in 2012, first couple of months everything was fine. I had a DD set up, so didn’t check my account on a regular basis, I also had a works mobile through the company I worked for and wifi at home, hadn’t been abroad etc. so there was no reason for my bill to rise significantly. However when I noticed that several hundred pounds a month had been leaving my account over a period of 6 months (I found this out, as several of my payments bounced one month and I budget quite tightly so know what is going in should cover what is going out as long as there are no drastic changes and nothing unexpected) I contact my bank and then Vodafone to query it. I was confused and assumed that there had clearly been some mistake on Vodafone’s part, that this would be simple to investigate and resolve. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Upon speaking to Vodafone the first time (of many many phone calls to come) round about this issue, their customer service representative informed me that it was my own fault for not checking my bills more regularly and basically said why should they do anything about it, if I couldn’t be bothered to check my account. I’m sure you can understand how astounded I was by this. I am a single mother of two, who also works full time, so checking my account with Vodafone monthly to make sure they had not made any mistakes (should I really have needed to do this with ) was not something I considered I needed to add to my to do list. I asked to speak with manager, multiple phone calls ensured, all along the same lines. I explained that the figures couldn’t be right and they said there was nothing they could do. I even asked them where the substantial amount of charges were coming from, one person told me it was calls, another data but no one would provide me with a breakdown or any detail (my normal contract amount was around £60 and I was being billed between £115 and £250), eventually someone suggested I go into a store as there must be something wrong with my phone. I went into the Altrincham Vodafone store, explained to the guy my issue. He was very nice about it, said clearly something was not right and swapped out the sim car. He also suggested that maybe my phone was making internet calls every time I made a phone call and maybe this was contributing to the substantial and unexplained charges, although he wasn’t sure if this was possible ad unable to explain if this was the case how this could be prevented. Still worried, I went into Carfone Warehouse Geek squad a few doors down from the vodafone store and asked them whether they had any advice. They said that my phone (an old LG Optimus model) was incapable of even connecting to the internet whilst making a phone call at the same time, so that could not be the case. Even so they recommended I take the sim card out of the phone for a month and not use it (I was luckily able to rely on my works phone in the interim, as I barely used my personal), so this is what I did. I actually left the sim card out for nearly two months and continued to ring Vodafone in the meantime to explain what I had done and try to get the issue resolved about the unexplained charges. During the time the sim card was not in my phone, i was charged £257 one month and £227 the next which was again taken out of my account by DD. I rang Vodafone each time and explained that this was impossible as the sim card was not in use, they said they would look into it and no one ever got back to me. On one of my last phone calls to them I was so upset as they had overcharged me by over £800 at this point, I explained that all I was asking was for this to be investigated, be able to trust that my bills would be accurate and for them to refund any moneys that had been taken by mistake. I also explained that I was unable to use my Vodafone account as I was worried that it was just going to keep bleeding me dry each month. Again they were less than helpful, on each call there seemed to be little if any record of previous calls and it was like talking to a brick wall. Eventually I asked them to cancel my contract, I explained that I knew I had 8 months left of an 18 month contract and there may be some cancellation fee, which I would be happy to pay as soon as they had sorted out their issue and were able to account for the overpayments that I had already made. They said someone was going to call me back and they never did. I rang my bank as I had to cancel the DD and explained to them the situation. My bank investigated the matter and actually claimed back the £800 overpayment on my behalf. I rang Vodafone again and explained and again requested that my account be cancelled and that they resolve the issues as I was still getting bills from them. As I understood it, my account was being cancelled and the case looked into. The last time I rang Vodafone was in April or May 2013.
The next I hear about this is nearly a year later from their debt collection agency. I explained to them the situation and they said they would go back to Vodafone and put it on hold until they had a response. I had several letter from them to my new address and rang them to explain the situation each time and each time it was as if they had know nothing about the last conversation (surely they must keep notes of phone calls).
The next I hear about this is via my credit rating, where I find out a CCJ has been put against my name to