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Do you really need unlimited mobile internet…

…unless you’re up to no good? With many companies jumping on the ‘truly unlimited internet’ bandwagon, does anyone really need access to never-ending data on-the-go?

Why am I talking about this now? There are two reasons.

Firstly, T-Mobile recently launched its ‘Full Monty’ tariff offering unlimited internet, supposedly without caveats.

Secondly, the mobile network GiffGaff, which has been offering truly unlimited internet since its inception, is weighing up its options.

Before I explore this in detail, I must first set one thing straight – I’m not going to moan about companies using the word unlimited, at least in these cases. I think it’s great that networks are finally getting to grips with the fact that the word ‘unlimited’ should mean what it says. In my view, there should be no data caps if you want to advertise your service as ‘unlimited’.

Anyway, this is all by-the-by – mobile companies have cottoned on to the fact that we love it when they tell the truth, and if they can offer truly unlimited internet, good on them. However, my question is – does anyone really need it?

Who needs unlimited internet?

I’m with GiffGaff, which runs on O2’s network, and I benefit from its truly unlimited internet at £10 a month. In an attempt to steer away from promoting the service, I’ll stop at saying that I think it’s a bargain and enjoy using the net without fear of a big bill at the end of the month.

However, despite months upon months of trying to use as the internet as much as I can (watching YouTube videos, downloading apps etc), I can’t seem to use more than 1GB of data. And I’m surprised, especially after reading stories of mobile internet bill shock.

This has led me to the conclusion that no one could possibly need more than 3GB of internet a month on their mobile.

Abusing the limits

This brings me to GiffGaff’s problem. Less than 1% of its users consume more than 30% of all the data used by its customers. This, GiffGaff argues, is distorting their data costs and making its business unsustainable.

This minority group are apparently using their data for things like downloading high-def movies (unnecessary for a small mobile screen), iTunes track lists larger than a phone could hold, and streaming video content for eight hours a day by tethering their mobile to their PC or TV.

GiffGaff is taking action by disconnecting these users. However, much of its community doesn’t think the network can call its offering ‘unlimited’ if there are such restrictions.

So, should GiffGaff simply be allowed to remove the 1% who are abusing the system and continue to offer unlimited internet? The Advertising Standards Authority allows networks to use the word ‘unlimited’ even if they take action against up to 2% of their users.

Or should GiffGaff just bite the bullet and add a fair usage policy to its internet offering, say a 3GB limit, and revoke its use of the word ‘unlimited’? At the end of the day, what’s the point of offering unlimited internet if 99% of its users aren’t really stretching the system?


Maybe you should write another article on the unfair use of the word unlimited or Infinity and while you’re at it the use of 24/7 when you can turn up at 22:01 on Saturday and not have a store open until 10:00 the next morning. Nothing 24/7 about that. These stores don’t seem to understand the meaning of the words they use or don;t care they’re misusing them.

Small print should be as large as the print they want you to read.

Anyone want to buy my guaranteed lottery number predictor (small print requires use of time travel, time travel machines sold separately)


I’m with you William, and our previous Conversation about the words ‘unlimited’ and ‘up to’ are linked to in this post: https://conversation.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/had-enough-of-up-to-and-unlimited-advertising-claims/

The use of 24/7 hadn’t occurred to me, but I agree with you there also. However, that’s a debate for another day!

jojo says:
28 June 2012

lmaooo william funny,, and i totally agree with u, on all counts


Maybe if data allowances could be carried over to the next month or averaged over the contract then the need for “unlimited” would disappear.
I’m looking at a new contract but only really need data when I am away for a few days or on holiday i.e. not every month; so I end up on a contract with a larger data allowance than I normally need just to cope with the few months a year I do need it.

kenb says:
9 February 2012

Breaching the T&C’s is the issue not the amount of data used.

Unlimited should mean what it says. If Giffgaff don’t want their phones tethered then the service isn’t unlimted is it. Personally I am fed up with companies picking on a minority of their users and the ASA allowing it.

How about allowing the NHS to refuse to treat the most expensive 1% of the population, especially if that 1% could be shown to have caused their illness . Think of the savings! Would that be fair?


Actually the NHS are already refusing to treat the elderly unless they pay for it – This is one of the reasons for the objections to the proposed appalling Con Dems policy.


I have never needed to use the Internet “on the go” EVER – but if you can only afford a mobile phone – then why not?

I use the internet about “up to 12 hours a day” so if I didn’t have several computers in various places – then maybe I would demand internet access on the go.


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This was after being miss lead by Tesco mobile’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) deals & So called £2 a week taken from the PAYG balance for so called UNLIMITED mobile internet/data,

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Once I knew there UNLIMITED 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags Really offered, TRUE,REAL, & Legal, UNLIMITED Packages & Deals, They original offered 100% UNLIMITED Calls To Any Uk Mobile Within The Uk & Hung Up Every 60 Minutes, & Same With This Including Any Uk Landlines Starting With: 01, 02, 03,

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