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Do you really need unlimited mobile internet…

…unless you’re up to no good? With many companies jumping on the ‘truly unlimited internet’ bandwagon, does anyone really need access to never-ending data on-the-go?

Why am I talking about this now? There are two reasons.

Firstly, T-Mobile recently launched its ‘Full Monty’ tariff offering unlimited internet, supposedly without caveats.

Secondly, the mobile network GiffGaff, which has been offering truly unlimited internet since its inception, is weighing up its options.

Before I explore this in detail, I must first set one thing straight – I’m not going to moan about companies using the word unlimited, at least in these cases. I think it’s great that networks are finally getting to grips with the fact that the word ‘unlimited’ should mean what it says. In my view, there should be no data caps if you want to advertise your service as ‘unlimited’.

Anyway, this is all by-the-by – mobile companies have cottoned on to the fact that we love it when they tell the truth, and if they can offer truly unlimited internet, good on them. However, my question is – does anyone really need it?

Who needs unlimited internet?

I’m with GiffGaff, which runs on O2’s network, and I benefit from its truly unlimited internet at £10 a month. In an attempt to steer away from promoting the service, I’ll stop at saying that I think it’s a bargain and enjoy using the net without fear of a big bill at the end of the month.

However, despite months upon months of trying to use as the internet as much as I can (watching YouTube videos, downloading apps etc), I can’t seem to use more than 1GB of data. And I’m surprised, especially after reading stories of mobile internet bill shock.

This has led me to the conclusion that no one could possibly need more than 3GB of internet a month on their mobile.

Abusing the limits

This brings me to GiffGaff’s problem. Less than 1% of its users consume more than 30% of all the data used by its customers. This, GiffGaff argues, is distorting their data costs and making its business unsustainable.

This minority group are apparently using their data for things like downloading high-def movies (unnecessary for a small mobile screen), iTunes track lists larger than a phone could hold, and streaming video content for eight hours a day by tethering their mobile to their PC or TV.

GiffGaff is taking action by disconnecting these users. However, much of its community doesn’t think the network can call its offering ‘unlimited’ if there are such restrictions.

So, should GiffGaff simply be allowed to remove the 1% who are abusing the system and continue to offer unlimited internet? The Advertising Standards Authority allows networks to use the word ‘unlimited’ even if they take action against up to 2% of their users.

Or should GiffGaff just bite the bullet and add a fair usage policy to its internet offering, say a 3GB limit, and revoke its use of the word ‘unlimited’? At the end of the day, what’s the point of offering unlimited internet if 99% of its users aren’t really stretching the system?


Maybe you should write another article on the unfair use of the word unlimited or Infinity and while you’re at it the use of 24/7 when you can turn up at 22:01 on Saturday and not have a store open until 10:00 the next morning. Nothing 24/7 about that. These stores don’t seem to understand the meaning of the words they use or don;t care they’re misusing them.

Small print should be as large as the print they want you to read.

Anyone want to buy my guaranteed lottery number predictor (small print requires use of time travel, time travel machines sold separately)


I’m with you William, and our previous Conversation about the words ‘unlimited’ and ‘up to’ are linked to in this post: https://conversation.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/had-enough-of-up-to-and-unlimited-advertising-claims/

The use of 24/7 hadn’t occurred to me, but I agree with you there also. However, that’s a debate for another day!

jojo says:
28 June 2012

lmaooo william funny,, and i totally agree with u, on all counts


Maybe if data allowances could be carried over to the next month or averaged over the contract then the need for “unlimited” would disappear.
I’m looking at a new contract but only really need data when I am away for a few days or on holiday i.e. not every month; so I end up on a contract with a larger data allowance than I normally need just to cope with the few months a year I do need it.

kenb says:
9 February 2012

Breaching the T&C’s is the issue not the amount of data used.

Unlimited should mean what it says. If Giffgaff don’t want their phones tethered then the service isn’t unlimted is it. Personally I am fed up with companies picking on a minority of their users and the ASA allowing it.

How about allowing the NHS to refuse to treat the most expensive 1% of the population, especially if that 1% could be shown to have caused their illness . Think of the savings! Would that be fair?


Actually the NHS are already refusing to treat the elderly unless they pay for it – This is one of the reasons for the objections to the proposed appalling Con Dems policy.


I have never needed to use the Internet “on the go” EVER – but if you can only afford a mobile phone – then why not?

I use the internet about “up to 12 hours a day” so if I didn’t have several computers in various places – then maybe I would demand internet access on the go.


I transfered/switched to GiffGaff.Co.Uk Pay As You Go (PAYG) Sim Card ONLY Network, Running on O2 & Backed By Telefonica The Sister company that own’s O2 & Other companies & mobile networks in The Uk & Europe/Spain & Aboard, in August 2010,

This was after being miss lead by Tesco mobile’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) deals & So called £2 a week taken from the PAYG balance for so called UNLIMITED mobile internet/data,

Which is just what I wanted & needed for My new PAYG smartphone mobile, As when I was on Orange contract for 5 years, I never owned a smartphone mobile & hardly went on the internet,

So I knew smartphone mobile’s were very powerful & Can access also sorts of App’s, That require data/internet & GPS, & Because I didn’t wish to be sent any hidden contract bills/charges & Could no longer afford contract’s with free mobile’s each year,

I thought I had done all My online research in to Tesco Mobile PAYG deals & UNLIMITED PAYG deals, & From My miss lead research, I was left with a choice from Asda Mobile, Talk-Mobile, & Tesco PAYG,

I choose from research to move/transfer from Orange Contract to Tesco Mobile PAYG, As they offered triple top ups & So Called UNLIMITED £2 a week mobile internet/data,

But I later found out in 2010, While in Brighton that Tesco Mobile PAYG was IN FACT NOT UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data For £2 A week, I found this out when My £37.00p PAYG credit had gone & I could not make any calls or text messages,

I e-mailed tesco mobile payg some time that week in 2010 & found out they capped/limited there mobile So Called UNLIMITED mobile internet/data to 100mb’s a week & I have no idea what 100mb’s is, In terms of using smartphone mobile’s to access online,

I don’t consider using an official Twitter App that’s logged in 24-7 & refreshing every 5 minutes,checking/downloading/accessing Yahoo.Co.Uk/BT Plc E-Mail Account, Google Odd searches, & Google Maps, & Accessing FaceParty.Com, Although Tesco Mobile PAYG In 2010, Thought this needed capping,limiting, & Thus charged Me £4 Per Mega Bite, Luckily I Only had £37.00p PAYG Credit & Was NOT On Tesco Mobile Monthly Contract, Otherwise it would have been one month later I had found out there’s NO SUCH THING AS UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Mobile Data On Tesco Mobile Pay As You Go (PAYG), Despite My online research in 2010,

I challenged Tesco Mobile PAYG Through Tesco CEO, & I got My £37.00p Back & A Tesco Gift Card Too,

Once I got My money back from Tesco Mobile (PAYG), I got My PAC Code, & After doing even better & More detailed online research, I came across GiffGaff.Co.Uk & Found nothing but praise for them in online papers, money saving expert, which.co.uk, & Other websites,

Once I knew there UNLIMITED 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags Really offered, TRUE,REAL, & Legal, UNLIMITED Packages & Deals, They original offered 100% UNLIMITED Calls To Any Uk Mobile Within The Uk & Hung Up Every 60 Minutes, & Same With This Including Any Uk Landlines Starting With: 01, 02, 03,

Although Some Time In 2010/2011, GiffGaff.Co.Uk Said they had to remove these 30 day GiffGaff.Co.Uk goody bags, & replaced them with a certain amount of minutes, & Continuing with UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data & Text Messages While In The Uk & To Any Uk Landline/Mobile Within The Uk Receiving Text Messages Would Be UNLIMITED Still, Again With Limited Minutes.

I Was Sad to see this happen, But I could understand it appeared companies/businesses were using there Old GiffGaff.Co.Uk UNLIMITED 30 goody bags for phonning Uk landlines & Mobiles within the Uk as call centres,

This abuse effected anyone who likes to chat a lot on there mobile, Where as I Rely on text messages & internet/data while out, & This was still UNLIMITED within goody bags.

But I was under the impression that GiffGaff.Co.Uk wanted to set certain standards within The Uk Mobile Networks Industry & Telecoms Industry Too, By Showing UNLIMITED Means Just that, Along with rewards by helping out on the online forums & By recruiting more GiffGaff.Co.Uk Customers Too, By therefore showing up The likes of: O2, 3G, Vodafone, Orange Mobile, T-Mobile, VirginMedia Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Asda Mobile, Talk-Talk Mobile, & Other Mobile Networks Within The Uk, & Therefore showing them You can offer UNLIMITED & Fairness too within The Uk Mobile Networks Industry & Telecoms Industry, & Getting OfCom to put pressure on the bigger companies within in this market too,


One day even taking over the market leader O2’s Business within The Uk, & Possibly even buying themselves out of the hands & Likes of O2 & Telefonica Uk/Germany, & Thus Challenging O2 Mobile Network, & Choosing whether to use another network provider, Or Continuing on O2, Or branching out in to there own Mobile Uk Phone Masks & Technology,

Yet recently with GiffGaff.Co.Uk removing there UNLIMITED Mobile Calls To Any Mobile Network Provider While Within The Uk & Also Any Uk Landline Starting With: 01, 02, 03, & NOW Thinking About Changing There 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags On The Matter Of Whether Keeping UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data, & Whether They Should REMOVE This UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data Aspect Of These 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags, Replacing It With An Certain Amount Of GB’s Per Goody Bag, Or Staying With The WORD UNLIMITED With A Hidden Fair Usage Policy/Policies, &/Or Again Adding Different Monthly GB’s Per Month In Goody Bags & Once Going Over The Hidden Caps/Limits, They’ll Charge A % Per Mega Bite There After You Go Other The Limits/Caps Each Month,

Although any changes to more GiffGaff.Co.Uk 30 day goody bags, Will mean GiffGaff.Co.Uk’s lost is BRAND & ETHICS, & Power To Change & Effect The Uk Mobiles Network’s Industry & Uk Telecoms Industry, Who Are Ripping Us Off & Using Hidden Fair Usage Policy/Policies (FUP), Despite Getting AWAY WITH UNLIMITED Words,Adverts, & Packages & Deals, & Both OfCom & ASA, Are Allowing them to get away with such abuse & cheek,


Until 2009-2012, Its ONLY Really Been GiffGaff.Co.Uk attempting to challenge these industry & prices, & Showing UNLIMITED Can work, If people do not use there mobiles for laptops,pc’s,computers,internet ready tv’s, By sneakily using there mobiles as Modems to such devices that can access, Or using the mobiles in the past for Uk call centres calling people as an company, as this is EXCLUDED From The UNLIMITED 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags,

Although with smartphone mobiles getting more powerful,clever, & can access the internet/data at high enough speeds to have YouTube.Com App’s & Website, Google Website, All Online E-Mail Accounts & Downloading Any E-Mails Straight To Your Mobile, Accessing Twitter.Com 24-7 & Refreshing Every 5 Minutes, Google Maps, Being Sent Google E-Mails, Any BBC App That Records Mobile Network Coverage & Speeds, & I May Ask FaceParty.Com & FaceBook.Com, & AbleHere.Com, That Have Loads Of Graphics, & I Also Download Photos,Documents, From Yahoo.Co.Uk/Google E-Mail Accounts,


Maybe More, All Without The Fear Of Being Charged £4 Per Mega Bite Like Tesco Mobile PAYG & There Hidden Caps & Limits In There FALSE UNLIMITED Deals & Packages,

But I have no idea how much mobile internet/data I use each month, & I am still abit scared to download shows from BBC I-Player, Maybe some songs for Me & My mobile, & Ect, In Case even GiffGaff.Co.Uk 30 day goody bags had an hidden/limited mobile internet/data cap, Although it seems UNLIMITED,

But with talks going on it may change its UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data, I don’t think I could PUSH My Smartphone Mobile to Its FULL POWER/POWERS, & Again I’ve always wanted to test My smartphone to its full limits, But even on GiffGaff.Co.Uk I was worried of getting charged like when I was on Tesco Mobile PAYG Hidden/Limited So Called UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data For £2 Per Week,

Yet with talks going on within The GiffGaff.Co.Uk Forums about making major changes to the way we’ll access/be charged for mobile internet,data,gps, I’d be MEGA SCARED To Even test/paly with all the power/powers of what My mobile phone can do involving mobile internet,data,gps,.

I’m hoping will not make any changes to there 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags Offering UNLIMITED Mobile Internet,Data,GPS, & UNLIMITED Text Messages To Any Uk Mobile/Landline Within The Uk & While In The Uk, Landline Starting With: 01,02, 03,

As GiffGaff.Co.Uk PAYG ONLY Should be keeping Proper,True,Real, & Legal, UNLIMITED, Otherwise Its Called, Limits,Caps, &/Or You Say You’ll Get 4GB’s Per Month For Free & Then £0.20p A Mega Bite Per Once Other Your 4GBs Per Month, (That’s An Example).

I Hope GiffGaff.Co.Uk PAYG Keep Its 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags,Offering UNLIMITED Mobile Internet,Data,GPS, & UNLIMITED Text Messages To Any Uk Mobile/Landline Within The Uk & While In The Uk, Landline Starting With: 01,02, 03, & Maybe BRING BACK UNLIMITED Uk Mobile Calls To Any Mobile Network Within The Uk & While In The Uk, & To All Uk Landlines Within The Uk Too,

As With Everything Everywhere Ltd AKA T-Mobile & Orange Mobile Now Offering A Selection Of UNLIMITED Packages & Deals Through A 24 Month Contract & New Mobiles Called: ” THE FULL MONTY ” From: £36.00p – £61.00p Per Month, & This Includes UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data Being Used As Your Modem/s For Laptops,PC’s,Computers,Internet Ready Tv’s, & Any Other Devices That Can Access The Internet By Using Your Mobile Phone As An Fast Speed Mobile Modem,


I Hear 3G Is Preparing To Also Say Goodbye To Mobile Limits,Caps, & Hidden Fair Usage Policies/Policy On Certain 3G Contracts, & Bring Real,True,& Legal, UNLIMITED Packages & Deals Too, Just Like GiffGaff.Co.Uk & Everything Everywhere Ltd AKA T-Mobile & Orange Mobile, With There ” THE FULL MONTY ” 24 Month Contracts This Week.

If GiffGaff.Co.Uk Change With Hidden Fair Usage Policies/Policy (FUP), Then It’ll Get Worse & I Can See People Signing Up To The Full Monty From: Everything Everywhere Ltd & Getting A New Smartphone Mobile/Apple-Phones.


GiffGaff.Co.Uk Would Be VERY WRONG To Remove UNLIMITED 30 Day Pay As You Go (PAYG) Goody Bags Offering UNLIMITED Mobile Internet & Data For Mobile Phones & Smartphone’s ONLY,

But Sounds Like GiffGaff.Co.Uk May Bring In A Fair Usage Policy/Policies, &/Or Remove UNLIMITED 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags,

This Could Be VERY BAD, Especially With Everything Everywhere Ltd Offering 100% UNLIMITED On: Mobile Internet/Data, Uk To Uk Mobiles & Uk Landlines Being With: 01, 02, 03, & UNLIMITED Uk Text Messages To Uk Mobiles & Uk Landlines Starting With: 01, 02, 03,.

GiffGaff.Co.Uk Use To Offer 100% 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags That Included UNLIMITED Calls To Any Uk Mobile Within The Uk & Any Uk Landline Starting With: 01, 02, 03, But It Coo.Ukuldn’t Afford The So Called Losses & Got Rid Of These Deals,

It Would be Very Sad If They Go Down The Same Route With Mobile Internet/Data, As Then This Would Only Give Us UNLIMITED Text Messages To Uk Mobiles Within The Uk & Uk Landlines Starting With: 01, 02, 03, & This Would Not Be A Good Deal For GiffGaff.Co.Uk Customers & I Know I Would Leave & Get My Boyfriend & Mum To Leave GiffGaff.Co.Uk & JOIN Everything Everywhere Ltd,

As GiffGaff.Co.Uk Pay You Go (PAYG) Were The VERY FIRST UK MOBILE NETWORK To Offer 100% TRUE,LEGAL, UNLIMITED 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags, We Should Be Competing With Everything Everywhere Ltd’s 24 Month Monthly Contracts From ” THE FULL MONTY ” Ranges & Should NOT Be Talking About Brining In A Fair Usage Policy/Policies,

As We Could No Longer Say We Offered Any Form Of UNLIMITED Packages/Goody Bags,

Fair Usage Policies/Policy Are For The Like’s Of Vodafone, 3G, Virgin Mobile, O2, Tesco Mobile Pay As You Go (PAYG), Tesco Mobile Contract, & Everything Everywhere Ltd If NOT ON THE FULL MONTY UNLIMITED Contracts.

Also UNLIMITED TRULY & LEGALLY MEANS: Definition of “Unlimited” in the Oxford English Dictionary: (adjective) Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent:

63336: Unlimited means: not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent; eg. the oxygen supply was unlimited. It can also refer to a company.

Definition of “Unlimited” in the Oxford English Dictionary: (adjective) Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

From 118 118, 63336, 66000, 🙂 😛


A Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Would Be Very Unfair & Just Becoming Like The Rest Of The Uk Mobile Networks & Opertators:fgaff.com/t5/Welcome-and-News/Unlimited-Mobile-Internet-We-need-your-feedback/m-p/2973193#M16504

EverythingEverywhere Ltd AKA T-Mobile & Orange Mobile, To OFFER 100% UNLIMITED CONTRACT’s, On: 01-02-2012:fgaff.com/t5/Social-Off-Topic/EverythingEverywhere-Ltd-The-Full-Monty/td-p/2905153

Currently, the Three and giffgaff networks both offer genuinely unlimited data for smartphones in the UK, but no operator currently provides a completely limitless experience, which is precisely what T-Mobile claims to be offering here: http://www.sytech-consultants.com/blog/2012/t-mobile-announces-full-monty-plans-unlimited-everything

London, UK: 30 January 2012 – T-Mobile today announces the launch of The Full Monty, a ground-breaking new mobile phone plan that offers consumers the freedom to make unlimited calls, send unlimited texts, and use as much mobile internet as they want – with no fair use restrictions. The first of its kind for the UK, The Full Monty plan offers unbeatable value and is available from 1 February through T-Mobile stores, online shop, telesales and in-direct partners.: http://t-mobilenewscentre.co.uk/t-mobile-launches-the-full-monty-%E2%80%93-the-uk%E2%80%99s-first-plan-to-offer-unlimited-calls-texts-and-internet


We All Know That Within The GiffGaff.Co.Uk Terms & Conditions That UNLIMITED 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags Offer UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data & UNLIMITED Text/SMS To Uk Mobile’s Within The Uk & Uk Landlines Starting With: 01, 02, 03,

But Your ONLY Allowed To Use Your Own Mobile Phone & Android Smartphone’s To Connect To The The Internet On Your Mobile’s ONLY, & Your NOT Allowed To Use Your Mobile’s Internet To Connect Your PC/s, Computer/s, Laptop/s, Tablet/s, I-Pads, Internet Tv’s, Or Anything Else Your Mobile Can Connect To/Through The Mobile Internet As A Device/s,

But We Also Know That As Long As Its Mobiles/Smartphone Mobiles Connecting To The Internet Then, Its All Included In Your TRUE,REAL, & LEGAL, UNLIMITED 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags,


If You Want To Access GiffGaff.Co.Uk Internet On Anything Else That Is NOT A Mobile/Smartphone Mobile’s, Or Use Your Mobile’s As Your Internet Connection/s, Then You Must Buy GiffGaff.Co.Uk GigaBag’s With 500mb, 1GB, &/Or The Last One 3GB, Per Month, & NOT USE & CAN NOT USE UNLIMITED MOBILE 30 DAY GIFFGAFF.CO.UK GOODY BAGS.

Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) ALREADY EXCLUDE 30 Day GiffGaff.Co.Uk Goody Bags Using Your Mobile’s,Smartphone Mobile’s, Internet Connection/s, To Use On: Pc’s,Computer’s,Laptop’s, As A Dongle, Dongle’s, I-Pads,Tablets, Internet Tv’s, & Any Other Devices That Could Use/Access The Internet Through Your Mobile Phone’s Internet’s Access/Connections.



Chris says:
10 February 2012

Actually claiming that “The Advertising Standards Authority allows networks to use the word ‘unlimited’ even if they take action against up to 2% of their users.” is just perpetuating a myth created by Giffgaff.

The ASA Guidlines on this are in a document called “Use of “unlimited” claims in telecommunications advertising” (Google it – first hit). From said document:

“Unlimited” claims are likely to be acceptable provided that:
* The legitimate user incurs no additional charge or suspension of service as a consequence of exceeding any usage threshold associated with an FUP, traffic management policy or the like; and

* Provider-imposed limitations that affect the speed or usage of the service are moderate only and are clearly explained in the marketing communication.

They go on to state:

“Providers should not use the terms and conditions as another means of imposing
usage restrictions similar to those found under FUPs or traffic management policies.” and “However, for the avoidance of doubt, merely exceeding a particular level of usage or using the
service for a lawful activity (e.g. lawful peer-to-peer file sharing) will not render a user illegitimate
for the purposes of this guidance.”

In my opinion Giffgaff are clearing breaching this guidance, and unfortunately the article perpetuates the inaccuracy.


GiffGaff.Co.Uk Offer Real,True, & Legal UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data,

For the use on mobile phone its self ONLY, & NOT for the use of modem/modems.

Compared to O2, Tesco Mobile, Vodafone, VirginMedia Mobile, Asda Mobile, Talk-Mobile, T-Mobile & Orange Mobile Everything Everywhere Ltd, & Many Other Mobile Networks In The Uk,

Don’t Offer UNLIMITED, In Fact ONLY T-Mobile & Orange Mobile Everything Everywhere Ltd, To Allow UNLIMITED Mobile Internet/Data through any format & devices within the uk & while in the uk, But they’ve only started this this week & No one knows if they’ll offer real,true, & legal UNLIMITED.

The other mobile networks had hidden fair usage policies/policy with caps & limits.

Also The ASA & OfCom may say companies can NOT use the words UNLIMITED, But they have to date NOT Removed any of there adverts on tv,radio,papers,bill-boards,websites,booklets, or any form adverts,

So by The ASA & OfCom NOT FINING,Or Removing these/those adverts, or the word UNLIMITED, It makes the following like: O2, Tesco Mobile, Vodafone, VirginMedia Mobile, Asda Mobile, Talk-Mobile, T-Mobile & Orange Mobile Everything Everywhere Ltd, & Many Other Mobile Networks In The Uk, Seems They Are Within The Law & In The Right & NOT Breaking The Law, When They Are, But ASA & OfCom, DO NOT STEP IN :/

I think UNLIMITED can EXCLUDE a mobile being used on other devices, That can access the internet through wired broadband, wifi, wireless internet, free hot spots, so they should NOT use mobile phones as modems, As these devices have there own ways of connecting to the internet already, Without the aid of a smartphone mobile.

stevo says:
10 February 2012

Again comments about tethering, forgetting giffgaff unlimited is stated for ‘mobile use’ on a mobile device and T&Cs specify not via another connected device, if it just said ‘unlimited’ fullstop then there is an argument against but it doesnt does it.

White-Rose says:
10 February 2012

It is a matter of Giffgaff or rather O2’s ethics if they like to build up a business sub-sector and new customer base founded on false advertising of unlimited data and then change their terms and conditions which in actual print encourages people to use streaming video on phones with this offer. Many dishonourable companies are employing these dishonest tactics and we are used to them. Just like a new local takeaway that raises their prices against initial promises after building up a client base after a while.

The only thing I object to is O2’s tactic of threatening the majority by fear of closing the offer and out of greed and fear to turn and set them on what they call the 1% who are breaking the rules all three of which are lies too as there are no rules except their own false advertising and they already cut people off and it is not the 1% but more that need cleansing and it is asking for a license to secretly cut off a large minority in stages based on this immoraly gained mandate. These are the same exact disgusting tactics that have been going on since ancient culls to middle ages’ pogroms to recent N**i propaganda techniques. This is my only objection as I have never witnessed a company to behave so disgustingly as O2 and the reaction of the majorty of conditioned posters is an amazing resource for empirical analysis by any academic that might be interested in a such rare study case.

Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984):
“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out. Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out. Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out. Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.”


Currently, the Three and giffgaff networks both offer genuinely unlimited data for smartphones in the UK, but no operator currently provides a completely limitless experience, which is precisely what T-Mobile claims to be offering here:http://www.sytech-consultants.com/blog/2012/t-mobile-announces-full-monty-plans-unlimited-everything


The UK’s giffgaff network – part of Telefónica O2 – has experienced challenges in marketing a truly unlimited service; as The Next Web reports, the company recently revealed that 1% of users accounted for more than a third of data traffic across the entire network. Surely T-Mobile will face the same challenges in managing consumption of data? The company hopes to mitigate some of these issues through a partnership with BT Openzone, ensuring that all those on Full Monty price plans will get free and unlimited access to BT’s wi-fi hotspots across the UK. A new “T-Mobile Wi-Fi App” will help customers find BT and T-Mobile hotspots on the move, and will allow handsets to automatically join a supported wi-fi network if one is in range.

But even without this, Everything Everywhere – the company that jointly owns T-Mobile UKand Orange UK – has the country’s largest 3G network, and believes that its recent investments in network infrastructure will ensure that it can support any increase in data consumption.

But despite being under the same corporate umbrella, Orange UK customers shouldn’t necessarily expect a similar all-you-can-eat buffet being offered on their network too.Everything Everywhere’s then-CEO explained in 2010 that the two brands would become more differentiated, with T-Mobile focusing on its “straightforward value-orientated appeal”, and Orange retaining the “premium element” of its brand positioning.


Currently, the Three and giffgaff networks both offer genuinely unlimited data for smartphones in the UK, but no operator currently provides a completely limitless experience, which is precisely what T-Mobile claims to be offering here.

Dis Gruntld says:
14 February 2012

What right do you have to comment on mobile phones since removing your mobile phone website!!!! Now all we can do on your poor main website (not WC of course coz its ok) is find phones – call yourself a consumer organisation – its the price plans mobleee fone co.s charge for that cause us consumers the most pain and u now woefully choose not to include anything about tariffs – jist your phone test. When will you join THIS century which?

Whereareyourtariffs says:
14 February 2012

Here, here!


Hello Dis Gruntld, I’m sorry you miss Which? Mobile, we miss it too. But we found that not enough consumers were using it, so we couldn’t continue to invest in keeping it up and running. We still review handsets to find out which are the best, and we will continue to keep an eye on companies to make sure they really offer what they claim, like unlimited internet access.

I’m sorry this has affected your experience of Which? but thank you for your feedback – I hope you’ll keep commenting on Which? Conversation!


I really don’t mind not having Which? Mobile any more. There are already many price comparison sites which specialise on, errr, price comparisons. If I want to read professional opinions on handsets, that’s what Which? exist for.


I am looking for a deal that offers truly unlimited mobile Internet, because I’m currently renting and my flat only has Virgin cable (not BT). Therefore to use landline Internet my only choice is Virgin, who insist on a 1-year, but I’m not intending to stay here that long. So my other option is to use mobile Internet. I current use 3 Mobile’s dongle on a one-month rolling contract, 5 GB for £16 a month. I am finding that this is not enough. I am constantly logging on their website to check how much of my allowance I’ve used up so far, and I sometimes download files at work to bring home to save some of my bandwidth. They also offer 15 GB for the same price, but on a 2-year contract, which is no good for me. I have also looked at their mobile phone deals with “All you can eat” data. They are on too long a contract, but at least I get a nice shiny new handset for the price, and they officially allow tethering. But they also have special offers on their “All you can eat” contracts which specifically don’t allow tethering. If anyone is thinking about 3’s deal, you need to check carefully the T&C’s to find out if tethering is allowed.


Even BT Plc landline broadband contracts would be one year though still,

As no one like BT Plc, VirginMedia, Sky, Post Office, COOP Phone, & Many More, All There contracts are one year or more.

Just sign up to The VirginMedia landline broadband & Once 6 months are over on Your rented flat, You carry/trasnfer over Your VirginMedia contract to another Uk address for the remaining 6 months of a one year contract 🙂


Thanks Scott. By the way, BT does in fact have short-term contracts: they are not widely publicised, but I enquired and they pointed me at a (secret?) web page showing details of six-month contracts (which unfortunately I couldn’t use as it would mean drilling holes in a flat that I don’t own.)



I had no idea BT Plc offered 6 month contracts, Interesting though :/

Surely BT Plc can just go through the VirginMedia landline that’s in the flat already & No need to drill or anything & You’ll get Your 6 month contract with BT Plc for 6 months or less, Surely?.


Unlimited Internet should mean just that – access to the Internet without any limits or restrictions.

* If there is a data cap or fair use policy, it shouldn’t be allowed to be called unlimited.
* If any protocols such as FTP, IRC, or SMTP are blocked, then they shouldn’t mention the Internet at all (other than on their “imposed restrictions” page).
* If you need to buy a passport because they block adult content unless you go to their store and say “I want the porn” and hand over one (the only?) form of identification they accept, they shouldn’t even be allowed to mention Unlimited Web.
* If they use a proxy that corrupts images, Web pages, CSS, or JavaScript, in the name of saving bandwidth, they shouldn’t be allowed to use the word Web.
* If they filter based on the IWF list, or implement DNS blocks as a result of court orders, they should not be allowed to use the word unlimited.

When the ASA can’t use a dictionary, is it any wonder MPs can’t tell the difference between Web and Internet, or between ISPs and web hosts?

There are dictionary definitions found in dictionaries. There are Internet definitions found in RFC4949. By using wrong words in false advertising (or journalists using deprecated terms such as hacker when they mean cracker) the mobile ISPs cannot put any blame on MPs for wanting them to police the Internet.

Googlebot visits 25 billion Web pages.
Due to the word Internet being used by MPs rather than Web, UK ISPs will have to monitor (and appropriately censor):
* the 500+ billion Web pages that Googlebot ignores,
* the millions of IRC channels,
* the 90+ trillion e-mails sent per year,
* other non-Web protocols (including those using port 80 to get around firewalls), and,
* the darknets.

Even if Apple and Google merged, I doubt even they could afford the resources – or create the software, especially when it comes to servers bound to only IPv6 addresses – to police the Internet, yet if it is wrote into law and they don’t use the correct term then T-Mobile, GiffGaff, Vodafone, and all those other companies will have to face whatever sanctions are deemed necessary to force ISPs to comply.

Why is it that terms like unlimited aren’t handled by the National Measurement Office? You can offer unlimited pints of milk for a set price per year with a fair use policy and the ASA will do nothing, but if the pints are 500ml the NMO will come down heavy on them?

MB, MiB, Mb (and their kilo/kibi and giga/gibi equivalents) as well as terms like unlimited and how usage is measured should be transferred from IPSA/ASA to NMO, just like Ofgem transferred gas and electricity meter regulation to NMO.

It is obvious the ASA is too wishy-washy when it comes to definitions. We need the people that can levy fines if a scale used in a shop doesn’t measure a kilo as 1000g in charge. At least then we won’t be in a situation like with the ASA not acting nor OFCOM doing anything about telephone providers being able to advertise per second billing and hiding the fact 4 seconds equals a minute plus a connection fee.


I’m going to seriously keep an eye out on reviews on T-Mobile’s THE FULL MONTY Packages,

Where I’d get a new mobile phone, & Possibly with TRUE,REAL, & LEGAL, UNLIMITED Texts,Internet/Data, UNLIMITED calls to any T-Mobile customer, & 2000 minutes to any Uk mobile network,

But I can’t at least leave PAYG GiffGaff.Co.Uk until: 04-04-2012 & Hopefully this’ll give Me enough time to see if T-Mobile can live up to its THE FULL MONTY Packages from: £36.00p – £61.00p per month for 24 months,

Plus My PAYG mobile’s playing up & Its ONLY 2 years old in August 2012, & Although it would in the end cost Me £864 over 24 months, Giving Me a new mobile & £8 a month for insurance & What could possibly be UNLIMITED packages as TRUE,REAL, & LEGAL, As GiffGaff.Co.Uk PAYG 🙂

If seems T-Mobile is TRUE,REAL, & LEGAL, As GiffGaff.Co.Uk PAYG, Then I’d probably get others to JOIN T-Mobile THE FULL MONTY 24 month contracts & Great new mobiles & £8 monthly insurance to cover the mobile too 🙂

supposedly able to.. says:
12 May 2012

i use internet day and night and since i have changed to giffgaff,…. ive had enaff of not been able to use my mail app or use my map apps. thats why most of us dont reach more than one GB…. careful with your research and instantaneous perceptions patrick!


I regularly use my mail and Google Maps… still haven’t managed to eat too much data.

Richard says:
12 May 2012

Hi i’m a heavy gamer on my smart phone and recently just one game i downloaded was 1.2 gig so you can understand a 3 gig fair use policy would be useless to me! Research shows as mobile phones get better cpu’s and gpu’s so will increase in demand for bigger and better games that require downloads of well over 1 gig of data! I mean at the end of the day I don’t buy a £600 qaud core + tegra 3 gpu phone and unlimited data plan to be told i can only download angry birds! so my point is that some people use a lot of data that are innocent and pay for there phone + network cost + apps,games then made to feel like a criminal when they heavy use a UNLIMITED data plan! BBBBAAAAA HUMBUG!


Is that through online gaming? Or simply downloading the updates? If it’s the latter, maybe wait until you’re using WiFi.

rukidding says:
23 May 2012

3gb? Mate wise up..
Games can be around 1gb – 2gb each..
Watching a movie is around 1gb
Tv catch up is around 1gb an hour
Watching a football match also around 1gb
Albums 100mb – 200mb each..

3gb can easily be used in a day or two of the latest ‘normal’ usage


My question is – why are you watching movies/tvs on your mobile? Surely you’d need a mobile broadband deal, rather than a mobile deal?


This might be why the companies are putting up their phone charges. 🙂

DanielM says:
12 June 2012

Why should ppl pay for a mbb deal when there phone does. Exactly the same thing

rukidding says:
23 May 2012

Not everyone has access to wifi.. Hence using their very capable phones for the above mentioned reasons

rukidding says:
23 May 2012

Mate its a mobile..

..for when you’re not AT home

Garry says:
16 June 2012

We have had 1 month with Giffgaff and are going to renew for another month.

I reckon we’ve used about 10-15 Gig in that month. Both my wife and I have a laptop and Galaxy phones we set up a Mobile AP and all our devices use the Giffgaff Sim.

We get the occasional bottleneck but overall it’s a very good service.

we are in temporary accommodation and as soon as we get a proper home will get BT Infinity. But Giffgaff fills a hole perfectly whilst in temporary.

yorick says:
9 July 2012

obviously, nothing ever is *unlimited*.

you might say companies are being foolish in using ‘unlimited’ in their advertising,

but whining that its ‘not actually unlimited’ is as ignorant as believing it can be.

and since you read the contract, you know that you can be warned/limited/bared etc if you adversely impact the company’s operations in certain ways.

there always will be the 1% of users that causes trouble (more or less legitimate) – in any business.
its pays to be prepared for that.

DanielM says:
9 July 2012

“and since you read the contract, you know that you can be warned/limited/bared etc if you adversely impact the company’s operations in certain ways. ”

Its also worth noteing that they carnt bar or place unfair policies anymore in accordance with the new ASA rules

yorick says:
9 July 2012

hi garry,
I’m afraid that using giffgaff goodybags (£10, £15 etc) as APN is NOT allowed (=tethering). you might get bared.

giffgaff provides GigaBags for this, starting at £5/500mb.

I reckon we’ve used about 10-15 Gig in that month. Both my wife and I have a laptop and Galaxy phones we set up a Mobile AP and all our devices use the Giffgaff Sim.

DanielM says:
9 July 2012

It sounds like garry has been listening to the Giffgaff-Fanboys

Tethering works perfectly fine on giffgaff and they have no way of telling this

Not just because its not possible but because they are a MNVO and have no network to detect this.


@DanielM, they can look at the HTTP headers identifying your browser, which will show that you’re using a PC rather than a laptop browser. This is not absolute proof, as headers can be spoofed quite easily, but it could be enough to make them suspicious. Also, although they operate as an MNVO, they are wholly owned by O2, the network they operate on, so they may be able to ask their parent company to supply them the information. More to the point, however, it doesn’t matter whether they can proove you’re tethering, you’re still breaching their T&Cs.

Having said that, I’m not implying that I’m in favour of these T&C’s; in fact, I wish the networks simply told you that you can have X gigabytes per month and how you use the allowance is nobody’s business but yours.

DanielM says:
9 July 2012

I think header inspection is something thats on the legal barrier. And o2 have no method to perform this due to there network configuration. And as you said header spoofing is very easy and is often used in browsers such as opera etc. they accuse people of tethering who use alot of data. yet netflix uses alot of data as does iplayer etc


The ASA has ruled in favour of GiffGaff – its use of ‘unlimited’ is OK


‘Giffgaff explained that they would suspend customers using over 1GB an hour and contact them to ensure they were using the service legitimately (ie. for personal use). If they were, service would be restored.’

What do you think?


Any chance the ASA could be asked to contact Oxford English Dictionaries and point out they’ve clearly been defining the word incorrectly all this time.

1. not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent:

I won’t write what my heart is suggesting, I wouldn’t want you to need to goto the effort of editing most of it out.

Sadly I can see this being used as a legal precedent by many other companies who want to con the public into parting with their hard earned cash.


I think, if GiffGaff had advertised the service as “Unlimited for personal use” instead of just “Unlimited”, this would have been perfectly acceptable.

Having said that, if my mobile internet provider (Three) made it physically possible for me to download 1GB in one hour, I would be extremely happy. That equates to an average speed of 2.7 Mbps, and I usually only get a fraction of that even though I have a very strong signal and HSPA+ (their latest, fastest data protocol).

DanielM says:
8 August 2012

Its not about them doing good or bad. its how they have worded it. We all know they dont contact people after you use a certain amount thats just BS for the TOS.

@Clint Kirk

Its extremely possible to download 1GB in an hour you just need better hardware (As in better phone/dongle). my phone for example (HTC One S) can download approx 4-5GB in an hour because of its internal modem being 21Mbps (42 With a possible upgrade) My average speed is about 11Mbps


@DanielM My dongle is a Huawei E353, which is supposed to support speeds of up to 21 Mbps. In fact, I have two of these and they are both just as slow, on both of my computers, having tried them both at work and at home. I suspect Three is throttling, or their servers are overloaded with too many simultaneous users (even after midnight).

DanielM says:
8 August 2012

@Clint Kirk

They are basically like cheaper versions (They use the old chipset with some improvements) the E367 is the Better one. That’s why they are soo cheap.

And yes they are throttling they claim not to be but i have a three sim myself and can never get over 1-3Mbps between 3PM-Midnight.


I think GiffGaff is the only Uk mobile network to even get close to real,legal, unlimited packages & deals,

But I agree that the 30 day goody bags that offer unlimited texts & internet/data/gps should only be using there sim card on there mobile &/Or smartphone mobile only, & No tethering, or being used as a wireless network hub,etc,.

Although unlimited should mean unlimited, & Again I feel GiffGaff.Co.Uk are the only Uk mobile network that even gets close to real,legal, unlimited internet/data/gps 🙂

You can only tether, or use it through a PC/Laptop, Or as an wireless internet hub, When You buy Your mobile phone/smartphone mobile using a GiffGaff.Co.Uk sim card Gigga Bag & There’s 3 options only, Neither of them unlimited though.

Matt Kaye says:
22 August 2012

You ask, ‘How can anyone need Unlimited Internet’

Well that’s simple, I originally went for the T Mobile Full Monty package as it was truly unlimited because I use an application called Spotify where I pay and extra £10 a month to Spotify so I can use their application on my smart phone. Spotify streams music to your device at an optional high bit rate. Each song therefore that you stream would be eating up your usage of mobile internet a fast pace. Also I have an AUX port in my car so I simply put on some music I want for a long drive or commute to work and hey presto, I get any music I want when I want in my car.

This is one of the reasons, that i, and many others want unlimited Internet.

Another reason could be downloading movies to watch on the screen, OK its small but so what,t hats what people might want.

It seems to me that your stuck in a bubble, there’s a world of other things you can do with Smart Phones and unlimited Internet which is why there is such a demand

On another note – What is the usage cap on GiffGaff? is it uncapped? I read that someone did get barred for using 7GB, which I agree, is quite a lot.


DanielM says:
22 August 2012

Well. The GiffGaff “Cap” is 1GB An hour or 3GB a day. And 7GB is hardly alot with the mobile internet speeds these days (Providing you have a good device)

People are not moaning because they use hundreds of GB a month its how its used in a paticular session. Nothing else.

Matt Kaye says:
22 August 2012

Just seen this so that answers my question

“According to the ASA’s adjudication giffgaff explained that they would suspend customers using over 1GB an hour and contact them to ensure they were using the service legitimately. If they were, service would be restored”


I think Internet should be unlimited because it is the hardest thing to monitor. I often get charged for calls I haven’t made but I can check that. Can I prove I only used 1gb of Internet. There is no way of checking. I got charged an extra £50 on a recent bill for going over my 1gb and I do not believe I could possibly have done this but how can I prove it. I would change to any company genuinely offering unlimited Internet just for piece of mind because it is difficult to monitor. I think that offering unlimited Internet is a good competitive selling point for mobile phone companies. Only thing is I just cannot work out what companies are actually offering this.

Eddy says:
23 October 2012

hi deb, t-mobile offers unlimited internet. (not really unlimited they have a fair usage policy) however when u exceed that they tell u and block ur internet for u, but they silll allow u to use internet and email etc only thing they block is watching videos on youtube ntill next month.

another thing just answering the article frm patrick. u said who could possibly use 3gb on mobile phone. i dont know how but my wife lat month used 3.5gb on her vodaphobne phone. she had unlimited or 2 months and she used so much watchin movies everyday and downloading apps, thats nice
i also use about gb every month with this tmobile like i said hey usually block my phone to watch videoswhen i exceed 1gb but im still able to use and i tether it to my pc and nice. always watch things and do loads.
so answering ur question. people o use more than 3gb and i need and would love it.

punk says:
9 December 2012

i tried giffgaff so called unlimited internet, worked fine for 2weeks, but i was using a lot so now they slowing me down i cant even check emails. You probably working there if you say you watching a lot youtube videos and you are fine.


Hello Punk,

How long have You been with GiffGaff.Co.Uk ?.

Have You been buying 30 day goody bags that offer unlimited internet/data/gps packages?.

I’ve been with GiffGaff.Co.Uk for 2 years now, In that time I have recruited My Boyfriend, My Mum, My Mum’s Boyfriend, & 1 Which.Co.Uk Member, Plus many strangers through My personal GiffGaff.Co.Uk website referral page,

During in this time, I have been able to access My Yahoo.Co.Uk, GoogleMail.Com, E-Mail Accounts, YouTube.Com Account & Videos, Twitter, FaceBook.Com, & More,

I can access all of the above easily on My HTC EVO 3D Smartphone Mobile ,Without any trouble & Nor am I employed by GiffGaff.Co.Uk, Nor those I’ve got to join, & Most of the time they seem able to cover accessing website’s on there smartphone mobile’s without trouble 🙂

Maybe report the problem to GiffGaff.Co.Uk online, Or to the CEO of GiffGaff.Co.Uk , O2, & Telefonica 🙂


i just found out – there is NO SIGNAL in welsh valleys for data.
they confessed endly.
when i lived in cardiff i had some sort of data signal, but last week i moved to valleys and 02 apparently doesn’t have data signal here at all. that is really unprofessional.
I am glad that my main contract is Orange, which works with T-Mobile network as well and data always perfect everywhere. I had giffgaff as a spare for this month as we moving and another shit company SKY cant provide internet straight away(as we all know!).
I wont be sticking to it, as without data its useless.
be careful before ordering! check your area first on 02 coverage!

bmxbandit523 says:
23 August 2014

Looks like Giffgaff have stopped unlimited internet, got my email saying that the £12 deal is now limited to 3g and there’s a £15 unlimited but you had to sign up by 21/08/2014 I got my email about this on the 23/08/2014 …..sneaky and going down hill sadly


There are a lot more people using large amounts of data these days, which is why companies have cut back on packages offering unlimited data. What’s wrong with paying for what you use?

If they are changing your allowance mid-contract then that is wrong.


And of course anyone who uses facebook on their mobile isn’t helped by facebook automating setting the default to play any video that appears on your wall. People will chew up their allocation very rapidly. It’s almost like the phone companies asked facebook to do this.

DanielM says:
23 August 2014

It’s nothing to do with how many GB people use at all. networks do not have GB limits. the only limits they have is network capacity and transit etc. am guessing most o2 towers use microwave (so 80Mb/156Mb) per tower. which is not alot.

the affect is when people use it for tethering and constant streaming etc.

So essentially

someone using 100GB a month could be less of a problem than someone using 20GB a month. that 20GB could be using alot of streaming etc during peak time


Most people will use tethering and streaming mainly during the day. You might find a service that offers unlimited data at off-peak times. My home broadband/phone package does, though I don’t take advantage of it.

DanielM says:
23 August 2014

Whatever the case articles need to be corrected. and people need to understand what is causing these problems. and its nothing to do with how many GB someone uses.

peter green says:
5 January 2015

What do you meanno one could possibly need unlimited unless they were up to no good? It’s a f*****g stupid ridiculous thing to say. Oh porn, you mean? Sorry but its more a case of something wrong with you if you are a man that doesn’t watch or download porn. I dont really think that but it just annoys me all these geniuses online saying “drop unlimited, no one needs it.” Just because the geniuses lack the common sense to see the blindly obvious; that many peoples entire internet use can be through their mobile phone provider, and people not wasting money on broadband at home on pc as well.

Then you have iPlayer, itv player etc, YouTube and all the other video sites. Football and sporting, gaming, social media, online gaming and watching films online in bed etc because it beats doing it sitting down.

I can easily use 2 gig a day without realising it.

If I want to download a lot of games to my phones sd card that means some games like walking dead being over 1 gig.

And unlimited has to mean unlimited, I can’t stand the kind of people who just take opposite views to whatever is said, like they think it shows anything about them that is positive in anyway? “But but unlimited doesn’t have to mean unlimited because I’m a f*****g idiot that sticks up for garbage ripoff companies like Orange…”