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This week in comments – speed, spending and Steve

Should we increase the motorway speed limit? Is spending money on yourself, rather than saving, short-sighted silliness? You’ve been talking about this and more, as well as posting your tributes to Steve Jobs.

Vegetarian options

Amelia Nallamilli thinks more effort must be made for vegetarian meals, rather than restaurants simply removing meat. Emma agrees:

‘Restaurants should know about food – they are losing customers who don’t even walk through the door when they see that the one (often boring) vegetarian “option” on the menu is not actually vegetarian. Try selling a product that people want to buy!

‘I have managed to arrange wonderful vegan food in restaurants by telephoning in advance but it would be great to see more vegetarian and vegan food on menus. We are not all skint hippies – many of us have money to spend on eating out!’

Should we speed towards a new 80mph speed limit?

The government wants to increase the speed limit on motorways to 80mph, but Piet thinks this is a bad idea:

‘Britain’s drivers have poor driving skills to start with. We are badly taught, we accept bad driving habits as normal, and we are certainly not prepared for driving at 80+ mph.’

On the other hand, Laurence gives the proposal a thumbs up:

‘How refreshing to have a let up in regulation, health and safety etc. 80mph is quite acceptable in reasonable weather conditions and may reduce the lack of attention that seems to cause most accidents.’

Achoo! Does the flu jab need a publicity injection?

Are you getting a flu jab this year? Redkite’s comment might prompt you to:

‘About five years ago I caught a bad dose of flu, but didn’t realise how bad it was until I was having difficulty breathing. My doctor came out right away and prescribed antibiotics, but it was too late as I had developed COPD (loss of lung capacity). I now have to take three different inhalers, and cannot walk very far or up a steep slope. In my view the risk of having the flu jab is much less than what I went through!’

Spending money on yourself

Is buying yourself treats a selfish pursuit? John Ward justifies his spending:

‘For years I have been putting money away every month for a rainy day. It is now raining. I am spending my savings. This is partly because there are some great bargains to be had and partly because while I was saving hard I was also frugal and things eventually need replacing.’

And when we asked whether money can buy you happiness, Rarrar thinks the opposite might be true, ‘Lack of money can bring misery’.

Has anyone epitomised a company like Jobs has Apple?

This week Steve Jobs passed away – Jacob’s tribute to the Apple founder gets our Comment of the Week:

‘When I think of legacy it stirs an emotional chord, plucking at my own desire to leave a legacy and to have done something better for others when I leave this place. Seeking excellence and ensuring a precise execution of that vision are in my view the two key traits of Steve Jobs’ leadership qualities.

‘By the same token, our famous knights of the realm, Messrs. Sugar and Branson do not strike me as inspirational leaders, rather they evoke adulation around their success in growing wealth.

‘True leadership attracts and enlists others to follow a common path and most people who follow the success of those who generate huge wealth may only want to follow the fashion of it, and not their style of achieving it.

‘Whilst generating staggering revenues for his various companies, Steve Jobs was an innovator and an artist foremost, weaving his brand of theatrical magic to everyday consumer lives.’

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