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This week in comments – iPad, Isas and baby showers

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Has Apple’s new iPad lived up to your expectations? Would you invest in a stocks and shares Isa? Are official shopping lists for baby showers just a commercial ploy? Here are the comments you’ve made this week.

French carry own breathalysers

If you’re driving in France you’re going to have to carry a breathalyser with you. Nfh didn’t have anything good to say about this idea:

‘What about people who don’t drink or whose religion forbids it anyway? Why should they be forced to carry a breathalyser? I should add that I drink every day and my religion does not forbid it.’

Tpoots adds some wise words to the debate:

‘Surely most who drink and drive are so drunk they are unable to exercise reason and question their drunkenness? I’d therefore question whether these people would therefore think to use a breathalyser after they’d had a few?’

The British baby shower – will you give it a ‘wide-birth’?

Would you be put off by an official gift list for a parents-to-be baby shower? Spirited would be:

‘I’m currently seven months pregnant with my first child and am in the process of navigating through the world of baby “kit”. I have been mesmerised by the quantity of equipment that is thrust at you as “essential” and think that retailers manipulate people into believing spending excessively is essential to be considered a good parent.

‘It’s one thing to have a little party but quite another to send out a gift list. it places far too much pressure on people who may already be financially stretched. If someone sent an invite to me with a gift list I’d think they were an obnoxious, materialistic simpleton!’

New iPad – your expectations will always exceed reality

Apple has announced it’s latest iPad, and its features aren’t quite what some had hope for. Lee won’t be upgrading from his iPad 2:

‘The jump from the first iPad to the iPad 2 separated them on to different models. The new iPad just seems to be an iPad 2 with extra upgrades, like when you buy a car you can add alloy wheels and parking sensors.

‘Will I be trading my iPad 2 for the newer model… no. If I dropped mine tomorrow I would go out and buy the iPad 2 at a cheaper price.’

Mad Mike is isn’t in a rush to upgrade either:

‘Although the iPad 3 is clearly an improvement I won’t be dumping my iPad 2 for it as the changes (particularly with lack of 4G in UK) are not great enough to warrant it. But if I didn’t already have the ipad 2, I am sure I would go directly for the iPad 3.’

Would you invest in a stocks and shares Isa?

Commenter Lombear is very much in favour of stocks and shares Isas:

‘I started investing in general in 2008 when savings became pointless and have a stocks and shares Isa I mainly use for investing in dividend income shares – some FTSE 100 companies pay 6-7% dividend.

‘However, never invest anything you can’t afford to lose. Do research, invest in what you know and only risk what you can afford to lose – easy.’

Going into debt for food – how has the recession affected you?

Our research found one in five people have gone into debt just to pay for food. Reality Check, who’s our commenter of week, gave us well… a reality check:

‘I am in the very fortunate position of being able to pay my “living” bills; gas/electric/food/fuel. I have, however, cut down enormously on eating out (I’m sorry for restaurant owners because it’s difficult for them too). I am much more aware of food prices now but I do still buy pretty much what I want.

‘Where I am far more conservative is buying fuel; I fill up my car, drive to work and back five days per week, and at the weekends the car stays in the garage and I walk everywhere.

‘I am desperately sorry for people who are having to go in to savings just to survive – this is a sad indictment of our current predicament, but I think we all needed a reality check on borrowings. It was just unsustainable.’

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