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This week in comments – HP, PS3 & freebies

This week’s comment round-up looks at the myth of the “freeconomy”, the cost of getting your PlayStation 3 repaired, and HP stepping away from its PC business, along with lots of other juicy debates.

High street banks

Pickle’s high street bank branch is vital:

‘Internet banking is all very well, but has its snags – what if my internet service goes down – what if my computer packs up – what if I have a power cut?’

But John H, who’s with First Direct, thinks very differently:

‘As a bank customer with experience of both branch and distance banking, I object to paying for unnecessary people and premises.’

The big red telephone box – dead at 75?

Sophie Gilbert thinks there’s still room for the red phone box:

‘Not all of us have mobile phones surgically attached to our ears, so if we’ve forgotten our mobiles, phone boxes come in handy. And if they warm the heart and are pleasing to the eye, all the better.’

HP ditches PCs – will you ditch yours too?

Aitch isn’t surprised by HP moving away from its PC business:

‘I’m amazed that HP stayed in the PC Laptop market this long – their DV series laptops are the most frequent laptop through the door of my repair shop by a significant margin.’

But Dean Hallett swears by his HP Mininote and thinks there’s something wrong with the market:

‘The problem is that like many things these days, computing products are sold on hype, not actual quality. HP makes good products, but Apple has won the advertising/merchandising war.’

Children’s inheritance – spend it or surrender it?

Rose thinks parents should be able to spend their money as they please:

‘I don’t have children but find it abhorrent that people are expecting their parents to give them their “inheritance” while the parents are still alive.’

However, Mark disagrees:

‘Considering that older generations were in a way better position economically than Gen Y is now, I think there is a moral obligation to help. Personally, I think one of the defining characteristics of this generation will be of underlying resentment, disillusionment and anger towards the previous, for sacrificing their children’s future in exchange for yet another holiday cruise.’

Cut-price PS3? It’s time Sony cut the repair cost

James is annoyed at the price Sony charges for out-of-warranty PS3 repairs:

‘The price has to come down or else no one is going to use this service. As pointed out, there is around £60 difference between getting your PS3 repaired (and getting a three month warranty) and buying a brand new one and getting a full years warranty.’

Getting things for free is a false economy

Em would like to see most forms of supermarket promotion banned:

‘If a retailer can afford to sell two packs of fruit for £3 and make a profit, they can equally afford to sell one pack for £1.50, not the £1.80 – £2 typically charged. There is no economy of scale that would justify a genuine price reduction for buying more. There’s still twice the handling, twice the packaging, twice the shelf space and two items to scan and bag at the till.’

Are women screwing men when it comes to DIY?

Evie does the DIY in her house and she gets our Comment of the Week:

‘I get a good deal of satisfaction out of fixing/altering/making something, to the extent that for the last few years I have been doing a woodworking class in the evenings (the women tutors are brilliant!). My other half is fine at plumbing and outside work, but neither of us would be happy if he was to take up a paintbrush.

‘I believe it basically comes down to the fact that different people have different abilities, and I don’t think gender has much if anything to do with it.’

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