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This week in comments – Heinz, Sony and price comparisons

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It’s Friday! Which means we’re rounding up the best comments you’ve made in the past seven days. We’ve been questioning the big boys this week, with Sony’s PlayStation and Heinz ketchup both coming under fire.

Heinz ketchup loses taste test

Everyone had a lot to say about our ketchup taste test results, with some disagreement over Sainsbury’s own brand sauce. IrvSwerve loves it:

‘With ketchup, my Sainsbury’s Reduced Salt & Sugar bottle shows a record breaking “203 gms of tomatoes per 100gms of finished product”. That’s why it tastes so good. I recall Heinz equivalent at around only 130 gms.’

But Suzi doesn’t:

‘Funnily enough, a few months back I bought Sainsbury’s own brand tomato ketchup rather than my usual Heinz. However, I have gone back to Heinz as the Sainsbury’s one didn’t seem to keep its flavour as well.’

Have you lost faith in Sony since the PSN data breach?

When I put this question to the vote, 65% said they’d stand by Sony. JP explains:

‘I have not lost faith in Sony. Any company no matter how big or protected, even government agencies, can be hacked by the most determined collective of tech savvy people. It was unfortunate for Sony that they had become a target. Should they have put more encryption in place? Probably, but I’m sure if most companies got hacked today they’d be in the same boat as Sony.

‘Sony will now be a pretty safe place for your card details to be, that’s for sure. I’ll be keeping my PS3, I’ll be keeping my card details registered and I’ll continue to buy things from the PSN store.’

Don’t do away with second-hand baby products

James Harrison agrees that it’s mad to ditch second-hand baby products:

‘Everything can be washed and, if necessary checked (like the seat-belts on car seats) for excessive wear. We have had years of free clothes donated by friends, which we in turn donated to new parents.

‘Essentially, it is up to us – the parents – to ensure the cleanliness and safety of anything that we buy for our children.’

Are price comparison sites leading you astray?

The Flying Dutchman thinks Dan Moore’s Conversation hits the nail on the head:

‘I take my car abroad several times a year. Few comparison websites list whether “green car cover” is included or give details. So each time I think I can save a hundred pounds or so by switching, I end up staying with my current insurance company, when I find out the cheaper ones charge an arm and a leg extra for continental cover!’

John proposes an idea to make price comparison sites more useful:

‘It’s perhaps time that insurance policies were standardised by law so that when you bought a policy you knew the level of cover without having to spend hours checking policies.’

Breadmakers – the best thing since sliced bread?

Richard gets our comment of the week – he’s not the only one to enjoy his freshly made bread:

‘I love my breadmaker – bake two loaves a week. Not very adventurous though – just normally wholemeal though I do run to fruit loaf occasionally. I find newly baked bread crusty and delicious. But best of all my three pet greyhounds really love it too!

‘In fact the lure of freshly baked bread was the only treat that Bambi was interested in when I was trying to house-train her. She was three years old and lived in a racing kennel all of her life. At home she would not go through the dog door. I tried fillet steak – rump steak (cooked and raw) – cheese and every imaginable dog treat to no avail. But I accidentally dropped a warm slice of freshly baked bread and it was snaffled instantly and eagerly…’

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