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This week in comments – fridges, cables & bottled water


It’s been a very busy week, with over 500 comments across wide ranging topics. From the HDMI cable “con” to the bottled water rip off, we’ve been most engaged by the panic surrounding Beko’s fridge freezers.

Beko fridge freezer fire warning

Many of you were concerned by Beko’s fridge freezer fire warning. Anjy has lost sleep over it:

‘I am so worried, I couldn’t sleep last night as the fridge is in the kitchen directly below my four year olds bedroom. Help, don’t know whether to turn it off or not!’

Kimberley had stern words for Beko:

‘While we may not have suffered the trauma of a house fire or injury like some that is just sheer luck for us – Beko you have a lot to answer for here – I have bought many of your products over the years, but I can safely say that I will NEVER purchase another product again.’

Don’t fall for the HDMI cable “con”

Khan agrees that expensive HDMI cables aren’t worth the money:

‘I’ve been installing digital television as a living for two years now and never have I seen the difference between cheap or expensive cables.’

Is Britain’s customer service going down hill?

Tony is not a happy shopper:

‘What gets me down and never fails to infuriate is when you phone any customer services with a problem which they fail to sort and then they finish the call with ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?’ Aarrggghhhh! You haven’t helped me with anything!!!!!!’

Will your social circle(s) relish Google+?

Google’s new social network seeks to rival Facebook. But Keith Hodges isn’t interested:

‘Being Google it will probably be very good, but I’m not into splitting up contacts into groups – the simple solution will always work best for me.’

However, Dave gives it the thumbs up:

‘Google+ sounds better than Facebook for people like me, who find Facebook’s all-or-nothing approach too broad-brush.’

Why do we gladly swallow the bottled water rip off?

Dave only occasionally quenches his thirst with bottled still water:

‘I only ever buy bottled water if there’s no alternative – e.g. I’m out without water, thirsty, and there’s no where I can get a drink of tap water. Why waste your money?’

And Chris likes to drink something else from a bottle:

‘Someone asked me what I drank in other foreign countries instead of bottled water. Like the Monks – BEER.’

Andrew Dilnot tells us why social care reform is crucial

We were joined by Andrew Dilnot this week who shared the Dilnot Commission’s recommendations for social care funding. Mark’s response gets our Comment of the Week:

‘My mother in law is working her way through the social care maze right now with my help. Already in six months virtually all my father-in-law’s lifetime savings are gone and we, as a family, are faced with a shortfall of around £700 per week.

‘The problem is, as Mr Dilnot concludes, the potential scale of the sums demanded. What are savings for if not for a rainy day? The problem is that dealing with social care costs isn’t just a rainy day; it’s a force five hurricane.’

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All the comments about Beko fridge freezers make me wonder about the safety of other domestic items, since electrical equipment is often said to be the cause of fires.

I am particularly worried about plastic kettles and fan heaters. I was recently shown a fan heater where the plastic case had been damaged by overheating. I cannot see the sense in putting a powerful electric heater in a plastic case unless it is always attended (e.g. hair dryers).

Does Which? have any records that show which domestic appliances are most likely to catch fire? Obviously a fridge or freezer has to be used unattended, but I’m amazed how many people use washing machines, dryers and dishwashers when they are out of the house and even at night, when they are asleep.

Jack Moore says:
3 April 2014

LEC TF55142W fridge freezer. Be sure to check the fridge cabinet temperature with a thermometer. I have had two examples of this model. (The second was a warranty replacement for the first; which had a blocked feezer drain pipe; which would not affect temperature) The first needed to be run at setting 6 to get the recommended fridge temperature of 5 deg.C on the middle shelf, while the second example needed only a more normal 3 setting to get the 5C.