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This week in comments – death, gum and marriage

Illustration of girl blowing a bubble with chewing gum

What happens to our digital lives after death? Should married people get cheaper car insurance? And how should we tackle chewing gum littering? You’ve been talking about these topics and more this week…

Retesting drivers

Do you think drivers should have to take refresher driving courses? Tony Martin decided to update his skills:

‘When I reached 70 I realised that it was 53 years since I was last tested and wondered if I would pass a driving test, so I signed up for the full Institute of Advanced Motorist “Skill for Life” course.

‘After around 35 hours with the odd hour here and there and over three months I passed in July this year. I now enjoy my driving more than I ever did. The most enjoyment I have had for years without breaking the speed limit.’

Not married? Watch your car insurance rise

Should car insurance be cheaper if you have a ring on your married finger? Nicknick thinks we should listen to the statistics:

‘If insurance companies knew if we eat organic or non-organic food they would use it as a criteria. It is just a numbers game. They have sophisticated programs that do the maths, and as the numbers are large they can get statistical probabilities.

‘Each insurer will look to target particular segments, but as the competition is fierce and we generally get the benefit of lower prices because of that, we shouldn’t complain too much.’

But Frugal Ways thinks different payments for differing demographics are killing the consumer:

‘[It is] discrimination and shouldn’t be allowed. Our information is being used to set prices against us all and get maximum profits, whilst killing competition in the market place. How can I be charged a price for car insurance based on the average spending or actions of others?’

What happens to our digital lives after death?

Many think our personal data should be removed after we die, but Scott thinks differently:

‘I personally believe nothing, like photos or videos, should ever be deleted as it shows history and how the world around us can change. If I die, I don’t want any of my data removed or destroyed.’

Tesco Clubcard points for my old TV – every little helps?

Argonautoftheseas can’t wait to take his old electricals to recycle in a Tesco near him:

‘I’m on to a winner… had been criticized for hoarding too many old things by all and sundry… always protested they’d come in handy some day, hope I’m proved right on this particular occasion.’

Should chewing gum be banned?

Wavechange has his own ideas on how to punish chewing gum litterbugs:

‘I would like to see those who throw away chewing gum having to do community service for a week, and getting them to remove chewing gum from our streets would be an appropriate task.’

And Patsy… swallows her chewing gum:

‘It passes through the body at the same rate as other foods and causes no problems. However, some people have this weird idea that it will wrap round parts of the internals of the body and hang around for seven years and that’s why people began spitting it out.’

The last days of doorstep – are energy companies playing fair?

Our comment of the week goes to Dee who shares her mother’s run-in with doorstep sellers:

‘Last year my 90 year-old mother opened the door to someone holding up an identity card. She is registered severely visually impaired and is also hard of hearing and has vascular dementia. She heard “meter” and thought he was a meter reader, so let him in. She was distracted by the TV (Deal or No Deal!) and he persuaded her to sign a new contract with a different supplier.

‘Luckily my mother doesn’t have a bank account and so the contract was invalid. It took a while to find this out and I actually called the police, thinking he was a distraction burglar. I was probably more upset than my mother who, to this day, still believes he was a meter reader. This sort of selling should be banned. It preys on the vulnerable.’

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