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This week in comments – camcorders and China’s cars

Who needs a video camcorder in a world of smartphones and compact digital cameras? Will you snap up China’s home-grown cars? Do you miss Ceefax? Let’s find out with your comments of the week.

China’s cars

China is starting to export home-grown cars to the UK, but Best Golfer isn’t keen to buy one:

‘It will take me maybe another 10 years just to start thinking of buying a car made in China. Because generally words “Made in China” represent goods of very low quality. This is from my experience of toys made in China, as soon as you bought them, used once, they do not work after that.

‘I might consider buying a car Made in China provided it comes with a full 10-years warranty (like Kia started selling cars in the UK), has good quality material, has very cheap price, good design and on top of all that very good fuel consumption.’

Do we still need the humble camcorder?

With smartphones and digital cameras, do we still need the standalone camcorder? Rich835 thinks we do:

‘Smartphones are OK for little snippets of footage I guess, but for anything more than that I’d rather use my trusty Flip Camcorder. It won’t be interrupted by a phone call or text, and I can screw a tripod into it and leave it running.’

Commenter Njb agrees:

‘Whilst smart phones have all the bells and whistles they are master of none.’

Calling 0845 and 0870 – how much does it cost you?

Simon isn’t a fan of the confusing charges that come with non-geographic phone numbers:

‘I avoid at all costs 084/087/09 numbers and think that variants should not be allowed. Some service providers state that 0870 and 0845 are free to call, but most organisations get around this by using 0871 and 0844 – this should be outlawed, it is totally misleading.’

Will you abandon Royal Mail now that stamps cost 60p?

Royal Mail’s stamp prices went up this week, and Richard doesn’t think he’ll be able to afford them anymore:

‘I have just over 500 second-class stamps – I run a newsletter for our kennels four times a year to keep us all together and to raise some funds. Frankly, 400 newsletters that cost around 40p to print and 50p to post is £360 four times a year, or £1,440 out of my pocket. I really don’t think I can afford it.’

Receipt sir? Yes, send it to my email please

William complained about the length of the receipts he gets from multiple retailers:

‘I recently bought eight items in my local Tesco, the receipt is almost 10 inches long. But that’s nothing compared to Shell, top up with £50 of petrol and get a receipt that’s almost 9 inches long.’

Clint Kirk responded with:

‘My one (from M&S) is only 7 inches long. Do they offer enlargements?’

It’s 2012 – why are tech advertisers excluding women?

Anita Burksfield isn’t impressed by tech ads excluding women:

‘I think it’s bad to leave us out of most things – the only ads for women are mostly cooking and deodorant and such like. I am the one in our family that chooses the latest TVs, computers and smartphones; i love all the tech, why leave us out of it?’

Alistair agrees:

‘I openly admit to buying ‘Stuff’ magazine, but I cringe at the way they employ semi naked six foot blonde female models to demonstrate holding an Ipod Nano or such.’

Farewell Ceefax – will you miss it?

As anaologue signals are turned off, so is Ceefax. Commenter M will miss it:

‘I do miss Ceefax, I enjoyed digesting info on mix whilst watching TV at the same time. Scrolling the news whilst watching Countryfiles is something I genuinely miss. I found it quick, easy to use and far less intrusive than the web. RIP Ceefax.’

But Kermit won’t:

‘I used to use Ceefax all the time as a wide-ranging source of information, then along came the Internet…’

Blocking The Pirate Bay – where do you stand?

The UK’s ISPs have been ordered to block the file-sharing website The Pirate Bay. Phil thinks it’s a good move:

‘The High Court is not trying to control what material people access, but how they access it. They’re trying to make sure goods are paid for and I suspect that if anyone here was asked to work for no reward they’d feel pretty upset about it too.’

Ben, who gets our Comment of the Week, doesn’t think it will work in stopping piracy:

‘If the entertainment industry wishes to win against piracy then they need to make it both easier and cheaper to get access to media. Why can I not download films from a decent-sized library and watch them whenever I want, a service that the PC game industry has in steam? Until that day they can kiss goodbye to dealing with piracy while they take away everyone else’s human rights on the internet.’

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