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This week in comments – beanbags, broadband & site blocking

Cheesy guy advertising box

We’ve all been having a good old moan about mis-advertising this week, with ‘up to’ broadband speeds winding many of you up. Groupon also came under fire after publicising the wrong beanbag in its email.

Groupon’s mistake

Filemot sums up Groupon’s bungle:

‘The Twitterati did pretty well to get this dealt with quickly. Groupon like any other retailer needs to investigate whether the claim that something is *wrong* is valid or not, especially when the complaint doesn’t come from the brand owner but from a consumer.’

Are we all heading for pension poverty?

Our pensions expert Ian Robinson thinks drastic changes are needed to solve our pension problems. SalopTom agrees:

‘It is nearly impossible to save enough. We work for roughly 40 years, and then now live for 40 years on the pension. This is an impossible formula, unless we have major investment growth without major inflation.’

Royal Mail wants to drop your post with a neighbour

Commenter Tpoots has concerns over Royal Mail’s latest idea:

‘I hope Royal Mail will be accepting responsibility for lost post? A lot of the mail delivered to my house happens to be bank statements, bills and other confidential documents. Saying that, I’m not sure our postie is very good with numbers as he delivers our mail to the neighbours most of the time anyway…’

Advertised ‘up to’ broadband speeds still pie in the sky

If you’re like Mal, you’re probably fed up with misleading ‘up to’ broadband speeds:

‘If a car manufacture said up to 40mpg and everyone only got 20 or less it would not be allowed and would be against the law, so how come I pay for ‘up to 8meg and never get more than 1.5 or 2meg?’

We need a shove, not a nudge, to eat healthily

What should the government do to make us eat healthily? Richard gives us food for thought:

‘How about adding 50% tax on junk food and subsidise heavily healthy food so it’s always cheaper than junk food – at the moment junk food’s too cheap.’

Is blocking sites the right way to tackle illegal downloads?

The courts have asked BT to block access to an illegal file sharing site, but Robb192002 thinks there’s another way to tackle piracy. He gets our Comment of the Week:

‘I think it’s pretty dismal that private industry has inveigled its way into having so much influence over the legislation creating government. As has been pointed out before, the rise in popularity of online entertainment piracy is quite clearly a result of nothing other than a market failure to capitalise on new technology.

‘Now the internet is here to stay, how about those industries offer a standard quality, value for money service so many millions desire? Blocking the odd pirate website seems an exercise in futility.’

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