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Hello and welcome to The Lobby! Your place to discuss subjects that just don’t fit in our other conversations. Make yourself at home!

Do you want to discuss an issue but can’t find the right place to post it? Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere to chat with your community pals? Well, you’ve come to the right place…

As with any community or conversation it can – and does – wander off-topic. This is perfectly natural, but it hasn’t always been possible to do so on some of our posts because of the precisely defined nature of each subject.

So, at the behest of some of our community members, we created this off-topic discussion area – The Lobby.

Any ideas spawned here in The Lobby could generate new posts for debate and discussion on Which? Conversation, so you – our community members – are able to help shape the direction of our community.

What happened to the original Lobby?

Why do we have two Lobbies? Well, like all good franchises, we wanted to experiment with a sequel. But seriously, the original Lobby was so popular (with almost 13,000 comments), it was becoming hard to load the page.

So we’re starting fresh with what we’re affectionately calling “The Lobby 2”.

No comments from first Lobby have been deleted, and you can still link to comments, but you won’t be able to add new comments.


To ensure The Lobby remains a healthy and friendly place for you all to share your thoughts, musings all of our Community Guidelines apply, with the exception of one:

You may go off-topic… that is the purpose of The Lobby.  🙂

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Welcome to the Lobby!

So without further ado… welcome! What are you waiting for!?


Doctor’s office: All our records are electronic now. Just fill out these 12 forms.

This morning some clown opened the door for me. I thought to myself that’s a nice Jester.

In charge of the Clown Jewels perhaps?

Welcome to World Hepatitis Day, the day in 1959 when we started using postal codes and the day in 2005 when a tornado touched down in a residential area in Birmingham causing £4,000,000 worth of damages and injuring 39 people.

My kids are at an age now where they are beginning to understand embarrassment. This is my time to shine.

Hospitality: making your guests feel like they’re at home, even if you wish they were.

My math teacher called me average. How mean!

Would you have preferred median or mode?

We are in the dog house, Malcolm. It is sometimes better to read quietly and let the world get on its way. One lives and learns.

Support the silent majority Vynor? I don’t think either of us really want to opt for that 🙂

I see that Jon has used small text for a list in a recent post. I presumed that this is done using the small html tag, but apparently not.

Nope; it’s refusing the HTML code for text re-sizing. For us mortals, anyway.

I have had a look at the source code for Jon’s list and see that it uses the ul and li tags.



Well it did work but after refreshing the page, the list reverted to normal-size text. 🙁

Yep. That’s what happened when I tried.
Many renewable contract – car and house insurance, breakdown cover, energy bills, broadband and phone – can be increased after the first year’s deal, or a renegotiated deal, runs out. That increase can be substantial when we are simply buying the same service as someone paying much less. My AA cover cost gets nearly halved each year when I have to barter on renewal. My energy bill reduced by 30% from what the supplier offered by going through a comparison site. I negotiated my phone and broadband down to around 60% of its “list” price. By starting insurance as a “new” customer my premium was discounted by 25%.

All these savings were relatively easy to achieve with phone calls. While they exist I make use of them and recommend others to.

However, whilst businesses should not be prevented from providing incentives to attract new customers I think it quite wrong that such gross disparities are permitted to exist. Something that I would like to see a Which? get to grips with.

I change energy suppliers every year, using Switch with Which? to select the least expensive choice from members of the Energy Switch Guarantee scheme.

I review other subscriptions periodically, but not every year.

Welcome to International Tiger Day, the day in 1907 of the first helicopter ascent and the day in 1978 when Penny Dean swam the English Channel in 7h40m

I think this generation will have to go into separate rooms and text each other to work out their problems.

That’s one way of achieving social distancing.

Did you hear about these new reversible jackets? I’m excited to see how they turn out.

Behind every successful student there’s a deactivated Facebook account.

Welcome to International Day of Friendship, the day in 1935 when the first Penguin book was published, starting the paperback revolution and the day in 1872 Mahlon Loomis patented wireless telegraphy

My boss says I intimidate the other employees, so I just stared at him until he apologised.

Don’t think of me as your boss. Think of me as a friend that can fire you.

I hate when I’m running on the treadmill for half an hour and look down to see it’s been 4 minutes.

I used to be addicted to soap, but I’m clean now.

Welcome to Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day, the day in 1964 when a Rolling Stones concert in Ireland was halted after 12 minutes due to riot and the day in 1965 when Cigarette advertising was banned on TV

Much is said about the obesity problem. We know that TV advertising works, so might it be worth banning adverts for food. Since the cost of TV advertising is passed on in higher prices an advertising ban could save money for those who struggle to feed their families.

For Halloween we dressed up as almonds. Everyone could tell we were nuts.

If you had dressed up in almond shells we would have known you were nutcases.