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Welcome to Pothole day, the day in 2001 when Wikipedia was launched and the day in 1895 Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake was first performed.

I find it amazing that critics of Wikipedia have never edited a single page to improve it.

I’m not saying my house is a mess, but when vandals broke in last week they redecorated it.

You make the beds, you do the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again.

One nice thing about egotists: they don’t talk about other people.

Welcome to Nothing Day, the day in 1939 when the IRA began a bombing campaign in England and the day in 1961 when a Russian espionage ring was detected in Britain.

Obituary: Mt T Gunn died in a hunting accident last night. He is survived by his wife, two sons and a rabbit.

I’m against fox hunting. In fact, I’m a hunt saboteur; I used to go out the night before and shoot the fox.

“I ask people why they have Deer heads on their walls They say it’s because it’s such a beautiful animal. I think my mother’s attractive but I stick with photos.”

Ellen DeGeneres

It would not be right to mount the head of the old dear on the wall.

Where would you mount it?

Duncan has not posted for some time now. I’m reminded because an emailed comment just arrived in my inbox but it was over a month old. Does anyone know if he’s OK? I miss his contributions.

Do Which?Convo take any active interest in regulars who go AWOL? Contact them to see of they are fit and well perhaps? We are described as a community 🙂

I’m worried for him too

He’s disappeared without warning, just like Guy Chapman did years ago

@jon-stricklin-coutinho, Perhaps you know or could email him Jon?

I looked up Guy Chapman and his blog site disappeared a few years ago, but I found a post by him criticising homeopathy earlier this year.

Duncan (or at least his computer) is logging in fairly regularly, but that activity does not commute to live posts. I miss particularly his extremely helpful interjections in engineering debates.

Edited to add he was logged in only a little while ago according to the foot of the home page.

Jon – thanks for letting us know. It is good to hear that Duncan’s absence is not due to any health or related issues at his end.

I’m sorry to hear the reason for his absence. Glad to hear he’s OK and that Which? is concerned about regulars. Thanks, Jon.

Hello Duncan, if you are watching. I hope you had a good Christmas.

A couple of nights ago I had a call from a friend, who had just been burgled. One of the French doors had been broken and the burglars had pushed out the shattered toughened glass and walked through the remains of the double-glazed unit. The police arrived, so I departed.

My friend is getting a couple of quotations and I’ve suggested enquiring about having laminated glass fitted to replace both the broken and intact doors, but while laminated glass will provide greater security it also hampers exit in an emergency.

Any thoughts on using laminated glass? I did not find any advice when I had a quick look at the Which? website.

wave, will you please let us know later if your friend’s insurance company fully pays up, or tries to part pay?

I will do, wev. The complication is that the jewellery that has been taken has not been valued for years.

Yes there is a risk, but as you are indoors, it is more likely that doors can be opened with a key concealed near the exit, out of sight with no need to break any glass. This burglary was quite brutal and entry must have been noisy. I have window sensors and the alarm makes a racket indoors and out, but anyone determined enough could still get in. Whether neighbours would investigate remains to be seen. These things are unpleasant when they happen but they remain unpleasant afterwards and that can be even worse. This is something thieves don’t care about even when they have been caught. I’m sure your friendship is of great value. I suspect I have been spared because things on display are of little value to anyone but me. I replace things when they break and much that I have is over ten years old.

Thanks Vynor. I met one of the neighbours – a retired policeman – when I went round. He did not hear anything, not even when the door was being boarded up in the small hours. Apparently there have been no burglaries in the area for years, so although there are alarms, few use them – including this friend. I’ve no experience of break-glass sensors but that had already been suggested.

I’m going to have my windows and doors replaced soon, so I will be looking at the security of my own home too. I was surprised that there was no lock on the gate into the back garden when I moved in.

A Which? Trusted Trader came round to inspect the damage this morning and suggested fitting a double-glazed unit with one sheet of laminated glass and one of toughened glass, which will improve security without being too heavy for the hinges. He will send a price later.

That wasn’t very good toughened glass.

When we locked ourselves out many years ago, try as we might, we couldn’t smash a pane of toughened glass with rocks from the garden and had to go and borrow some tools to lever the glass out so we could get in.

Throwing rocks at toughened glass is not efficient as recent “caught red-handed” clip showed. A miscreant tried to break into a car by hurling a brick at the side window; it rebounded of the unscathed glass and scathed the hurler instead with a hurtful blow to his face.

You need to disrupt the compressed surface by either scratching it heavily or getting to the edge with a e.g. screwdriver. When testing the way toughened glass breaks it is given a tap with a centre punch.

Welcome to Cable Car Day, the day in 1946 the U N Security Council met for the first time, and the day in 1985 when Azharuddin scored his second Test century in the second Test

At the Inventors’ conference…

Went up to one of the speakers and said “Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you invent Tippex?”

. . . and the reply was – “No, I’m the Snopake generation”.

I presume that was between ‘ought to correct’ and ‘autocorrect’.

Backspace for me will you …

One chap had invented a device for looking through walls. Calls it a window.

Today’s jokes are more cringeworthy than usual, and this one is especially paneful.

Nice 🙂

Kevin says:
17 January 2020

Oh dear, my eyes are glazing over, sorry, I can’t frame this in a better way.

If it’s both eyes it will be a condition called double-glazing.

And if in both eyes and on the cornea rather than the retina it is more commonly referred to as secondary double glazing.

These jokes just get cornea.

Just loving this vitreous humour. 🙂

All it needs now is for Kate to come along with a giggling sodium comment…

If you get it give me a thumbs up …

Na, sorry Roger.

Elementary but subtle, Alfa.

My humour was more molecular…

I was thinking of sodium silicate (silly Kate) – aka Waterglass….

The best idea winner was a type of dog food that had Postman’s Leg Flavour.

Our dog didn’t like it. Too much gristle. Prefers the Amazon Carrier variety from Eastern Europe.

Nah, should have been Parcel Force flavour.

I noted that patents are still pending on the chocolate teapot which everyone wants but no one can make work. If we don’t solve this problem soon we shall be stuck with a dreadful cliché for ever.

Do you have an axe to grind, John?

how on earth can an organisation that prides itself on accurate independent reporting and testing keep getting it so wrong.
the Realme 5 phone is available with uk plug, so to mark it down as not having that option as a major minus is totally misleading.

Welcome to Winnie the Pooh Day, the day in 1978 when Boycott captained England for the and the day in 2007 of Hurricane Kyrill, which killed 44 in Western Europe.

Imponderable questions…

Can anyone know for sure what a deserted area looks like?

After eating, do amphibians have to wait an hour before getting out of the water?

Does killing time damage eternity?

Kevin says:
18 January 2020

No, it’s all relative.

And according to New Scientist, cause and effect aren’t necessarily in that order. Back to precognosticating now, so if you’re reading this yesterday, that’s an interesting thought you’re about to have.

Thanks, Kevin, but what will end first – Eternity or Infinity? I need to know in order to plan my last holiday.

Kevin says:
18 January 2020

Sorry John, I could spend endless effort on that question and still not have an answer. I would check out the Monkey house at the end of the universe, I think they may have some answers, you may need to provide the typewriters though, I’d start saving now. Sorry to be a Planck about this.