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So, at the behest of some of our community members, we created this off-topic discussion area – The Lobby.

Any ideas spawned here in The Lobby could generate new posts for debate and discussion on Which? Conversation, so you – our community members – are able to help shape the direction of our community.

What happened to the original Lobby?

Why do we have two Lobbies? Well, like all good franchises, we wanted to experiment with a sequel. But seriously, the original Lobby was so popular (with almost 13,000 comments), it was becoming hard to load the page.

So we’re starting fresh with what we’re affectionately calling “The Lobby 2”.

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Welcome to the Lobby!

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Welcome to International Beer Day, the day in 1428 when the Valais witch trials began in Valais Canton, Switzerland, the first organised witch trials and the day in 1879 of the opening of the Poor Man’s Palace in Manchester.

Wifi went down during our family dinner tonight. One child started talking and I didn’t know who he was.

I got caught in police speed trap yesterday.
The officer walked up to my car and said “I’ve been waiting all day for you ”
“Well,” I said. “I got here as fast as I could.”

No matter how popular they become antibiotics will never go viral

Resistance is useless.

Has anyone noticed the invasion of the spiders in the last couple of years?

Being a wildlife lover, I always used to catch spiders and put them outside, but now there are just too many of them so sorry to say, they go in the hoover. If I do a morning evacuation, I will usually get at least 20 then lose count. 😖

Certain corners seem to be favourite spots for spiderlings to try out their web-building skills and as fast as one uninvited guest is removed, another is waiting to move in. But anywhere than can be joined together seems to be an open invitation.

Last year was the first time I have ever seen spiders under the loo seat.😨 Nearly every morning for the last month, one has had its backside wiped. There have always been a few gaps that they can hide in, but it has never been this bad.

My population have been fairly stable. Mostly thin long legged things -not quite “daddy long-legs” but probably related. These attack the odd woodlouse that gets too close. It’s fascinating to watch. I haven’t seen a mini tarantula for some time. Like yours, they haunt the bathroom and come out every so often from under the bath. The collection of webs round the house indicate that there are many residents sharing it with me, but they are otherwise invisible. The boat breeds a few and they disappear down the vacuum tube when I do the carpets and the dust. A few bigger ones get captured and go over the side. I’ve watched some of them using the wind to get from one point to another outside. It is difficult to tell which bite and which just spin, so I treat them all with respect.

I don’t have many spiders, so it is easy escort them out of the house. I occasionally see small round spiders with very thin legs, similar to those of a crane fly. They inhabit corners and remain suspended and seemingly motionless for days. I should have taken a photo before I evicted one from my bathroom recently.

Welcome to International Cat Day, the day in 1931 when Mathematician Roger Penrose was born and the day in 1709 of the first known ascent in a hot-air balloon (Portugal).

Science jokes, today:

Sale! Buy a Proton and an Electron and get a Neutron free of charge.

That free neutron will give you deuterium instead of hydrogen. I hope the jokes with not deuteriorate.

Let’s find out what he does if we don’t press the button but first make sure he fed the cat.

Electrons can be so negative.

Scientists say the universe is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons.

Maybe the scientists don’t like to be negative.

I just discovered to my cost that PayPal buyer protection does not include a supplier refusing to allow goods ordered online to be returned within 14 days. Also as the item in question is £60 odd pounds it is below £100 and I cannot approach my credit card company.

Ian says:
9 August 2020

Welcome to Water Quality Month, and the day in 1898 when Rudolf Diesel of Germany patented the diesel engine and the day in 1945 when the US dropped second atomic bomb “Fat Man” on Nagasaki, Japan.

The system is in a state, this morning. It repeatedly refused to log me in, and repeatedly refused to accept posts, even under a guest moniker. Then for no obvious reason, it abruptly accepted all the posts bar one (above) with the proper icon.

Something is still awry and overdue for sorting.

A TV can insult your intelligence, but nothing rubs it in like an iPad.

When some folk say ‘A thought just crossed my mind’ you sympathise with the thought, as it must have been a long and lonely journey.

Maybe we could have some thought cross puns for Easter.

It’s estimated there are approximately 86 billion neurons in the human brain all busy processing each thought. Where do they come from? There are several theories, the most popular being they are collectively inspired from one conscious brain to another like a kind of dance. Without awareness however, thoughts can take over the mind. Being constantly aware of them can go some way to prevent that from happening.

Not sure why there’s all this hype about panic rooms. Any room’s a panic room if you’ve lost your phone in it.

Welcome to World Lion Day, the day in 1787 Mozart completed <Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and the day in 1897 when the RAC was formed.

I’ve been repeating the same mistakes in life for so long now, I think I’ll start calling them traditions.

My superpower is making people laugh. Which would be great if I was trying to be funny

It’s good to see some folk don’t let their education get in the way of their ignorance.

Without education you might not appreciate the extent of your ignorance.