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Welcome to World Party Day, the day in 2016 the Panama Papers were published – 11.5 million confidential documents from offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca expose widespread illegal activities including fraud, kleptocracy, tax evasion and the violation of international sanctions by the world’s elite in the world’s largest ever data leak, and the day in 1367 when Henry IV was born in Bolingbroke Castle

If you’re not confused it means you don’t understand what’s happening.

Kevin says:
3 April 2020

But if you have 100% confidence in your ill-informed understanding, a glittering career in politics beckons.

A child of four could understand that report. Bring me a child of four.

Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.

Homer Simpson

I don’t understand Homer Simpson and I don’t care.

My bed time reading on Michael Foot reveals quite an erudite and well rounded politician. Certainly no pacifist and no lover of totalitarian regimes. The press portrayal (at the time) of a duffel coated figure leading CND marches, narrows Foot’s profile and belittles his valuable contribution to British politics in and out of parliament. The suggestion that he was in the pay of the Russians was never proved and some attributed this to his “supposed” wish to keep them informed of affairs they should have been aware of in any case. He did have similar views on Labour policies to the current party and he failed as leader to promote them, even though Callaghan, before him, had resigned over the winter of discontent and battles with the workers. He like, the current leader, led the country to a landside defeat comparable, then, to that in 1918 as this one, last year, is to 1936. Whether it was the public perception of the two leaders (and the “charismatic?!” Mrs Thatcher and Mr Johnson) that lost the votes or the “left wing” (what ever that is) policies that did for Labour is not something I care to speculate about here. Michael Foot had many government and shadow government posts before he became leader, Jeremy Corbyn had no front bench experience, often more in opposition than the opposition itself. I will be interested to see what, who ever wins on Saturday will do in the coming months, once the virus has left the headlines.

The thing I most remember about Foot is him being at the butt of one of the late items of news on a Two Ronnies show. Apparently when he was dropped off by taxi at the House, his coat caught in the door. The taxi did a U-turn swinging him over the road, down the embankment and into the dirty part of the Thames. He picked himself up, shook himself like a dog, scrambled up the bank and walked into the house, where he was congratulated on his appearance being above his usual average.

Kevin says:
3 April 2020

In common with other Which? articles of a similar nature can any detectives/linguists out there find an explicit answer to the question posed in the article:
“Cheap HoMedics air purifier on sale at Lidl: should you snap it up?
At £80, the HoMedics AP-15 air purifier sounds like a bargain. Is it worth heading to Lidl to grab one while stocks last?”

The closest I can come to an answer is the section below, but it doesn’t add any real clarity:
“The HoMedics AP-15 is a smaller version of the HoMedics AP-25A-GB (£150), which we tested in 2018. That one was pleasantly peaceful using the minimum speed. We could still hear the air flow, but it was an even sound with no humming that we didn’t find intrusive. There was a loud motor noise and background whistle on the maximum setting, though.
Other HoMedics models we’ve tested, such as the HoMedics 5-in-1 Total Clean AP-T30 (£180) were annoyingly loud even on low, though.
So be warned that it’s a bit hit and miss with this brand.”

Confused? You will be.