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The Convo top ten – legs eleven

Number eleven on a sign

In a week of changes to student fees and council budgets, we asked for your thoughts on these coalition cuts. But it wasn’t just political issues on the menu – pricey ebooks and Outlook’s drawbacks also struck a chord.

Stop using email clients

John Bogue doesn’t think email clients, like Outlook, are worth the effort. Many of you disliked this stance. ‘I have used Outlook for many years and can honestly say that my life would be truly a mess without it,’ says Gail. But Ross came to John’s defence, saying webmail is far superior to Outlook.

Facebook answers back on location-based services

We recently chatted with Facebook and Privacy International to get their take on the risks of geolocation. But can they convince you? Fabien remains sceptical, ‘I don’t understand the point of check-in services or wanting to tell the world where you currently are,’ he says.

Car makers should be upfront about brake distances

The Which? Car team took to the small screen this week, with an appearance on The One Show, talking about their recent car brake tests. If you missed the show, find out about the worst offenders here.

Ebook buyers ripped-off by publisher’s prices

Publishers are setting ebook prices too high with their ‘agency pricing’, insists Andrew Vandervell, with some bestsellers going for £4 more than the ‘real’ version. ‘I wouldn’t even pay the same price as the print edition for one, let alone more than the print price,’ agrees Simon.

What plastics does your council recycle?

Patrick Steen has been merrily recycling his plastics recently – and, with plastic recycling up nearly 50% from 2008-9, it seems he’s not the only one. But are we all clear on what plastic we can recycle? From the comments so far, many councils could still be doing more.

Have you been hit by extra car hire costs?

Amanda Diamond is fed up with always having to pay more than the quoted price for car hire. Shouldn’t car hire companies be upfront about all the extra costs that they’ll inevitably add on?

Where do you stand on £9,000 student fees?

Laura Starkey takes a closer look at the plans for student fees and asks you whether the new fees are needed – or fair. This has started a heated debate, with some, like ggdad for the fees, ‘Not going to university is not the end of the world. If you cannot afford it, don’t go,’ he argues. Richard disagrees, stating, ‘All tertiary education should be free’.

How will your council’s budget cuts affect you?

More funding fun was had this week with announcements about local council cuts. Sophie Gilbert lives in Edinburgh and complains that the cuts won’t help the fact that the city is a mess, but Pickle says it’s ‘a bit early to judge the local council’s response to the cuts’ in her area.

Should we have peak-time energy tariffs?

Experts are recommending varying energy prices throughout the day, but most commenters so far aren’t supporting the idea. Dave Darwent summed up our view perfectly when he said, ‘What we need is not a greater number of tariffs but an honest pricing policy by the energy companies and appliances that really do save energy.’

Analogue VGA cable bows out to digital

It’s nearly time to wave goodbye to the video graphics adaptor, aka the VGA connector, which will be phased out for 2015. But will you miss it, asks Al Warman?