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The Convo top ten – power to the people

Lots of thumbs up

In this week’s top ten round-up we have much to celebrate. T-Mobile backed down on slashing its existing customer’s web allowance, and we’ve launched the second part of our viewfinder campaign.

Our viewfinder campaign

So following a resounding response on Rich Parris’s Conversation on digital camera viewfinders, we’ve taken your comments straight to the manufacturers. Check out our shiny pamphlet and show us more support.

T-Mobile backs down

Earlier this week T-Mobile announced it was cutting the data allowance of its existing customer’s internet by over 80%. A whirlwind of complaints surfaced – commenter Jonathan said he wanted to ‘punch various people in the face’. Thankfully, following pressure, T-Mobile backtracked and existing customers can breath a sigh of relief.

Charity doesn’t begin at the cashpoint

Would you donate money to charity while you’re drawing out some cash? That’s what the government wants us to do. ‘I think this is rather cheeky. I give to charity when I want, not when somebody tells me to,’ says Sylvia.

Why I’ve u-turned on 3D tech

Mike Briggs’ trip to CES 2011 has dramatically altered his view on 3D. Laptops, cameras, smartphones… you name it, they’re all arriving in 3D and Mike can’t wait – can you?

Does brand new always beat second-hand?

Apparently one in four home furnishings are now purchased second-hand, borrowed or handed down – do you buy into second-hand? Dave Derwent does, ‘From a “green” angle I am all for re-using items with life left in them where ever it is safe to do so,’ he says.

Why do people pay for debt advice?

Debt management companies may have cash to throw at glossy adverts during The Jeremy Kyle Show, but why do people pay for these services when they can get it better for free? Two debt advice charities told us that they felt it was a matter of awareness, do you agree?

Have CDs had their day?

With so much music available to download or stream online, it’s not surprising to hear that CD sales are declining. But it doesn’t sound like this is the end for CDs, as our poll so far shows that most of you are still buying them, but online. How do you get your music fix?

Should we still buy sustainable fish?

Greenpeace this week claimed that we were being ‘duped’ by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Not only did the MSC come in and defend themselves, the piece brought us our comment of the week – Fat Sam, Cod’s gift to comedy, exercised many a fish pun.

Tempted by Asda’s 10% cheaper guarantee?

Asda’s new price-comparison guarantee certainly sounds tantalising. If your shopping basket isn’t at least 10% cheaper than its rivals it will refund the difference in shopping vouchers. But so far it doesn’t look like you’ll be switching supermarkets just to give it a try.

We’ll lose out if gaming goes digital-only

Electronic Arts’ John Riccitiello thinks game downloads will make more money than traditional box copies this year. But what would happen if gaming went digital-only? ItsEvan thinks this would be good news for indie developers, but it’ll lead Gamer4Lyfe to ‘quit gaming altogether’.


Power to the people

**** good campaign