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Update: TalkTalk offers compensation for data breach – but is it enough?

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After being hit by a cyber-attack that saw hackers access the details of thousands of its customers, TalkTalk has come out with an offer of compensation. But is it enough?

TalkTalk has today said it will take a hit of up to £35m after last month’s data breach. The attack saw the details of 156,959 customers (including names, emails and phone numbers) and 15,656 bank account numbers accessed by hackers.

Compensation for TalkTalk customers

The telecoms company previously offered 12 months of free credit monitoring alerts. But for customers who wanted leave, TalkTalk said it would only waive termination fees for customers who had had money stolen directly from their account.

Quite frankly, that was the bare minimum. We’ve previously said that all affected customers should be able to leave their contract without penalty, and that TalkTalk should consider offering appropriate compensation.

And on that final point, TalkTalk has today announced an offer of free upgrades for its customers (without any additional commitments).

TalkTalk’s chief exec Dido Harding said:

‘In recognition of the unavoidable uncertainty, and because we know that doing what is right for our customers will ensure the best possible outcome for the company over the longer term, we are today announcing the offer of a choice of free upgraded services to all our customers.’

Free upgrades for TalkTalk customers

So what’s on offer? You’ll be able to add one of the following to your existing service: TV content including movies and sports; a mobile SIM with free texts, data and calls; unlimited UK landline and mobile calls; or a broadband health check.

The upgrades are open to all of TalkTalk’s customers, not just those affected by the hack, from 1 December.

The question is – do you think this is enough? Is a TV, mobile or landline package upgrade enough to appease you after TalkTalk’s data breach? Are you a customer that’s seriously considering leaving, or are you happy with how TalkTalk has dealt with the cyber-attack?

Do you think that TalkTalk's compensation offer is enough for its customers?

No (83%, 4,254 Votes)

Yes (10%, 529 Votes)

Don't know (7%, 345 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,128

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Update: 6 October 2016

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a record £400,000 fine to TalkTalk for its failure to protect customer data, after its data breach last October.

According to the ICO, security failings by TalkTalk allowed a hacker to access customer data ‘with ease’. The investigation by the ICO found that customer data was taken from a database that was inherited when TalkTalk acquired Tiscali in 2009. The attacker targeted three vulnerable webpages allowing customers names, address, dates of birth, phone numbers, email address, as well as some 15,000 bank account details and sort codes.

Our Managing Director of Home & Legal Services, Alex Neill, said:

‘It is right that the ICO has slapped this record fine on TalkTalk for failing to protect their customers’ data. However, this will be cold comfort for TalkTalk customers who suffered at the hands of this breach and feel they haven’t been treated fairly. Businesses must do more to help individuals affected by data breaches.’

Do you think that TalkTalk’s £400,000 fine accurately reflects the loss of over 150,000 people’s data including over 15,000 bank account details?


Any fines should not be going to government, but to compensate individuals who’ve incurred any financial loss themselves or mental stress caused.

graham says:
22 October 2017

got a high call on a bill and I have looked on internet and phone company cant tell me who they are stupid high rates looked on internet the number but doesn’t come up company which seems strange just wanted to report and warn others number is 08444725863 so anyone no how to find company so can leave bad reviews etc and warn others


Graham I would not advise anybody to dial that number unless they are rich. In two incidences the same code ( NOT the same number ) relates to German companies / OR , if you take the -0844 – it can cost 55p/minute. I MUST advice poster/readers on Which there is a SCAM going about where a poster quotes a number on a website and asks somebody to “check it out ” NEVER-NEVER – ring the number helping to increase his/her bank balance. Seemingly simple numbers can hide diversion to high Premium numbers . YOU !! have been warned.


I was with talk talk and when the scandal happened, I straight away told them to shove their insecure network where the sun does not shine. Two years later, I have tried to rejoin them as sky have peev’d me off, but I am not allowed to join because my old account went to debt collectors. I spent a few frustrating days trying to get a new account, and when I said that I had spoken to managers, and was expecting call backs, which never happened until Sunday night, I was still getting the same answer, that I no longer owe talk talk money as they sold the debt to a collection agency and that I should call them instead. The customer service is still terrible and you cannot get an British call center, you have to talk to a bunch of indians, whom can hardly speak English let alone understand it. Talk talk is still a joke, and you would have expected that new customers would have been greeted by a British person, to have given the best customer experience, and then sent them to hell if they have problems.

yeasurei'llgivemyname says:
28 March 2018

It’s not so easy to delete the account (and thereby supposedly deleting the previously kept data.) If you check status of deletion you stop the deletion.


According to Talk-Talk,s community website where replies are given to posters questions by those affiliated to Talk-Talk – you CANT delete your account , only your email address . There are several business reasons why your account wont disappear -security- financial are just two . Talk-Talk have been hacked several times due to non-encryption of your data , one guy check and his was still “active ” after 4 years . In any case the hackers have your details for life . While I understand BT are not everybody,s cup of tea ,tell me how many times has BT been hacked ?? Your account will be kept on file , most companies do that even if some dont admit it , it covers their backs in a business sense. . Wont give your name yeasurei,llgivemyname , thats a bit naive I know for a fact your data is collected automatically by 99 % of websites just by accessing them , I wont go into detail but I know every data gathering action going and it just gets more sophisticated as time goes on. Even accessing pictures “tell a story ” or viewing an email , sorry but you will be known to many . I knew that years ago and used my real name.

Margo Sheridan says:
16 April 2018

Facebook have removed “Apps other uses” and I can’t find “Apps, websites and plug ins”


I hadn’t signed in or used my Facebook account for 2 years, as I was already concerned with how they used my personal data and I eventually deleted my Facebook account last week. Having read the Guardian article this morning which confirmed what a liar Mark Zuckerberg is, I certainly hope he looses many more people and Facebook’s share take a serious hit.
He blatantly lied to the US Congress on two points:
1. Telling them that the fault with Cambridge Analitaca’s mining of personal Facebook data was the fault of Cambridge University, when a communication from the university’s ethics committee in 2015 cast doubt on Analitaca’s scale of collection of personal data was legal, and declined to be involved with either Facebook or Cambridge Analitaca.
2. He told the same US Congress that with the upcoming change in the EU protection of citizens personal data, when asked what he was going to do told them he would adhere to the EU’s data regulations and would roll out a similar guide worldwide. Then promptly did the opposite, by taking all European Facebook accounts and placing them under US jurisdiction which has very lax data protection laws…
This man, Mark Zuckerberg can not be trusted with our data, he is an habitual liar who has no knowledge of the truth.