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Calling time on nuisance calls in Scotland

Nuisance calls are the bane of many households across the UK. And with nine in ten people in Scotland plagued by such calls, we now want the Scottish Government to take action. Will you join us?

As a new mum I’ve spent a great deal of time at home over the last year. A lot of that time has been spent fielding, and I must admit, avoiding nuisance calls.

Calls from companies that are flogging home insulation, or calling to tell me my computer may be at risk. ‘My computer is fine, thanks, but how did you get my phone number?’ is usually my response.

I very rarely pursue these calls to their natural end (presumably my handing over my bank details), but politely ask to be removed from their database.

Does it lead to fewer calls? No. The worst is the silent calls that are fairly tedious when it comes to baby bath time or bedtime.

Putting up with nuisance calls

Alan and JulieNowadays, I’ve learned to only ever pick up my home phone when I know I’m expecting a call. Or I’ll use my mobile phone so that I know who’s on the other end of the line. But I shouldn’t have to do this.

And our supporters Alan and Julie, from East Lothian, shouldn’t have to put up with these calls either. Alan told us:

‘I have an extremely disabled wife who has numerous health or social work calls. These numbers are withheld – to repeatedly get other unsolicited withheld calls is not only very annoying but can also stop an actual call getting through. It has now got to the stage where I have to screen every call.’

Calling time on nuisance calls in Scotland

Our UK-wide campaign to call time on nuisance calls has achieved a number of successes, but we’ve now set our sights on Scotland. A staggering nine in ten of the Scots we surveyed have had a nuisance call in the last month, and like me, 75% say they are now discouraged from picking the phone up when it rings.

We’ve been asking the UK Government to do more to tackle this problem, but given this is such an acute issue in Scotland too, we think the Scottish Government should also play their part.

We’re calling on the Scottish Government for an action plan, setting out how it will work with businesses (such as SSE, who are backing our campaign) and regulators to call time on nuisance calls. The plan should focus on:

  • Cracking down on businesses breaking the rules and holding senior executives to account.
  • Helping vulnerable people to cut the number of nuisance calls they receive.
  • Ensuring that new Scottish Government policy doesn’t lead to more nuisance calls.

Time for action in Scotland

As a new mum, there were certainly times in the last year when I was pretty fed up. And being bombarded by countless unsolicited telephone calls on top of that was not welcome, and it should stop.

But it won’t stop without an active role played by the Scottish Government, and businesses leading the way with good practice.

If you agree, please sign our petition calling on the Scottish Government to stop nuisance calls.

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Keep telling. Me as home owner entitled to new boiler I am not home owner fed up telling them this


Just let them come and when they get there tell them you are not the home owner !!
My sister was fed up with a company phoning about double glazing she answered all the questions and then at very end said she would need to speak to the council to see if she could put the new windows in Phone went dead and they never called back

Donald Davidson says:
30 December 2015

My nuisance calls don’t have a number I can complain about in the main i.e. withheld, unavailable, international etc.


Nothing works…..my phone is ex-directory and still I get the nuisance calls….

Keith says:
31 December 2015

The only way to stop international, private or withheld calls is a call blocker or unplug the landline. Even paying the fee to change your landline telephone number doesn’t help long term – answer one random unknown call and your on the suckers list again.

1 January 2016

Sometimes more than 20 a day, dialling 1477 reports the call as malicious if you are with talk talk but this only leads to an offer from talk talk to offer you a paid service to cut down these calls after a few months of reporting.


Alex -paid service for cutting down malicious calls is big business in the US and has been for a very long time . Those callers are actually making big bucks for many communication companies and also private companies set up explicitly just to provide call-blocking services . This is now part of the UK scenario too ,so much so that you would think the government allows it on purpose to increase business in the UK ,some way to make a profit eh !!


It hardly increases business in the UK. A lot of the useless call-blocking services associated with calling scams probably originate abroad and the money follows. It merely diverts money away from other more necessary or economically beneficial expenditures – I don’t think government is that warped.