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What if watching SpongeBob SquarePants cost you £3,000?

Spongebob Squarepants

He lives in a pineapple under the sea, and has a best friend named Patrick (sadly not our very own Mr Steen). But even SpongeBob SquarePants would be shocked to receive a bill for over £3,000.

That’s how much BT expected Conan Sturdy to pay after he gave his mobile to his little boy to keep him entertained on a rainy afternoon. Having reached his business account’s data allowance for the month he began to be charged 50p per megabyte, so it only took six episodes of Spongebob to run up such a staggering total.

SpongeBob SquarePants mobile phone bill

Mr Sturdy had gone over his data allowance by 5.4GB, which at 50p a megabyte adds up to a crazy £3,309. He told the Guardian:

‘One afternoon it was pretty miserable so I let him watch SpongeBob SquarePants on Netflix – it was an afternoon’s worth. I thought there’d be a charge – maybe £30 or £40 – as I received a text saying I had gone over. A charge is one thing but £600 per gig is another. I had no idea that the bill could be so high.’

When it comes to picking what mobile tariff we should be on, many of us struggle to know how much data, minutes or texts we’re actually going to need. It’s why our research found that 72% of people were on the wrong contract for their needs. And it’s costing them dear with a total overspend of around £5.42bn every year, either from being on packages far too big or far too small. It’s the latter case for Mr Sturdy who was charged three thousand quid for going over his monthly allowance.

Shocked by a massive phone bill

Although you might get a text alerting you to the fact that you’re about to reach your limit, not all companies will stop you from using any data until you buy more. No, you’ll often continue to be charged per megabyte, at anything from 2-10p. So if you’re streaming films or watching SpongeBob, you could soon be drowning in an eye watering bill.

Mr Sturdy was in complete shock:

‘I took my son on a quick and cheap, £7-a-night camping holiday and I end up owing thousands. I’ve complained to BT that this is just an unreasonable amount and they have at least put payment on hold while they look into my complaint. I am self-employed and I don’t have the money to pay this bill.’

And it might be in the T&Cs that you’ll be charged for going over your allowance, but it’s not always easy to find out how much it’s going to cost you. And who knows how much streaming a TV show is going to cost you?

Just to put the Spongebob story to bed, BT said it will waive the charge on this occasion as a goodwill gesture and will be moving Mr Sturdy onto a more suitable data allowance.

Have you ever been hit by a massive mobile bill after going over your monthly allowance? Do you think there should be more information so that customers understand how much data they’re going to need? Or should there be more safety measures in place so that people can’t rack up astronomical debts?

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We do need to clearly understand what we are buying when we enter a contract. Key issues, such as this, should be emphasised and not hidden in small print. However I think a cap should be mandatory on all contracts, requiring the registered user to take positive action to increase it.

We certainly need caps on all contracts, better sooner than later.

But why are companies allowed to make extortionate charges? Why not add 10% to the bill if you exceed your allowance by 10%. We really need to tackle corporate greed.

you should be working for BT !

a 2gig data limit should stop sat 2gig…. theyre should also be some kind of data checker so you can keep track of it via an app from your mobile phone provider…

should all be unlimited really- can cost very much and it seems somoene is making an awful lot of money

Agree with all the comments here. I have just left Plusnet & had true unlimited with them, now moved to SSE and they “say” i have unlimited, but i have not found out yet, as I’ve only just started wit them.

Vanessa, I have a cap with Three too, so i can never go over my monthly limit, while this is good as i have no “shock” bills, i did need to phone the police the other day and 101 won’t work, becuase it’s a chargeable call of 15p. So I needed to DM the police on Twitter, and get them to call me. There is still work to be done 🙁

Well certainly there should be some cap however whilst we can glibly talk of it I am not sure how the software is meant to be able to pick out those who are wildly in excess other than in an historical mode.

More depressing is the use of a smartphone as a toy. Perhaps a book might be more appropriate.

I suppose you can’t expect people to have books on a camping holiday, and colouring books seem to be for adults these days, but the overcharges for exceeding the allowance are extortionate. You could almost buy a caravan for that money

Unfortunately it seems that Master SquarePants himself get’s nothing out of this unfortunate ransom demand. I just hope the boy Sturdy is kept in the dark over it.

BT can cap on personal mobiles but not on business mobiles, wierd !

ps we are reading Biggles at the moment.

What is the objective justification for the price per megabyte increasing as consumption increases within a particular month? Why isn’t the price per megabyte the same pro-rata as the monthly bundle or allowance? Most industries give volume discounts. What is the rationale for a volume surcharge?

A little bit difference, but I avoided using my mobile phone while I was abroad in America. I’m with giffgaff and the charge per MB is £5 when data roaming. So I was forever searching for wi-fi (well, not all the time!). My friends who were with Three were getting free data roaming. Lucky chumps.

Anyway, back to Spongebob, here’s my namesake in case you wondered.

Yes, I don’t understand how giffgaff calculates its charge of £5,000 per gigabyte for usage in the United States. Why should it cost 800 times giffgaff’s charge of £6.25+VAT for a gigabyte in the UK? It’s absurd.

I just have a basic mobile phone for calls and texts and that does me fine and the thought of watching any programmes on a very small screen does not appeal to me.
When I go on holiday I only use my mobile in an emergency as I want to relax as much as possible . If I want to take photographs then I will use a camera . Contracts and tariffs can be very confusing and we do not always read the small print to fully understand what you can use freely or what might cost you an arm and a leg .

My daughter was watching TV on her phone via WiFi one evening. A few weeks later we were hit with a bill for £160. We were horrified as was she; when I queried it they said the WiFi connection must have dropped out. My argument was that she had no knowledge of this and there is no way she would have continued had she known. After a great deal of discussion they eventually dropped it to £90 but that was still almost the annual charge and a lot of money. As soon as the contract ended we switch to Tesco Mobile who apparently are the only company that do instant capping, although Talk Mobile said they did it, it took 24 hours to take effect, by which time the damage was done. If you have a contract to pay an amount of money you should be asked before incurring any payments over this amount.

Why had she enabled app through which she was watching television for mobile data? It is madness to enable a high data consumption app for mobile data unless you specifically want to use it when not on wifi and are happy to pay the charges incurred. If she had disabled mobile data for the relevant app, then as soon as the wifi dropped out for whatever reason, the app would have stopped working.

NFH – I am aware of users who don’t have a clue about whether their phone is using mobile data or connecting via WiFi. Fortunately they are not those who stream video but obviously there are some, like Lynn’s daughter, who are caught out.

If we tackle the ridiculous charges for using additional data it can only help.

I agree. It’s not charging per se that angers most, but the level of those charges. And any app should immediately alert the user when the connection is no longer through wi-fi.

Had a new kitchen fitted bought a neff single Pyrolytic digital oven and compact oven with microwave . very disappointed with both difficult to navigate small display.
Compact oven door gets too hot to use as a oven nearly burns inner upper arm trying to extract dish. Anyone else had problems?? Customer service no help nor my kitchen people.