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Good on Sony for swift TV “recall”, but can it keep it up?

Following the revelation that some Bravia LCD TV models could be at risk of overheating, Sony is offering free engineer inspections and repairs for 1.6 million TVs. But will it be able to cope with the demand?

With the news that as many as 1.6 million Sony Bravia LCD TVs could overheat, UK owners are being urged to check their model numbers to see if they’re affected.

The alert was first raised after a series of incidents in Japan, where overheating TVs emitted smoke and internal parts even started to melt.

The affected “smoking” models are available worldwide, including in the UK, forcing Sony to respond to the issue on a global scale.

The Sony Bravia LCD TV models at risk

Sony has announced that the affected models are 40-inch Bravia LCD TVs from its 2007-2008 range. The full list of models at risk are below:

  • Sony Bravia KDL-40 D3400
  • Sony Bravia KDL-40 D3500
  • Sony Bravia KDL-40 D3660
  • Sony Bravia KDL-40 V3000
  • Sony Bravia KDL-40 W3000
  • Sony Bravia KDL-40 X3000
  • Sony Bravia KDL-40 X3500

If you own one of the TVs that is considered at risk, you should contact Sony’s product support team on 0844 846 6555. Alternatively, contact your local Sony Centre.

Sony offers free inspection and repair

Now for the good news – Sony is responding to this issue by offering a free engineer service to any customers who own one of the affected models. We spoke directly to Sony’s product support team, who told us that an engineer will visit your house for free, and if a fault is identified, a repair will be offered at no charge.

While this is a potentially dramatic product fault, Sony seems to be responding quickly and on a large scale. It’s no small offering to provide free inspection and repair to as many as 1.6 million customers. This should act as an example to other companies faced with a similar situation.

However, when an alert was raised earlier this year over Beko fridge-freezers developing a fault that could make them a dangerous fire-hazard, a flurry of commenters here on Which? Conversation complained that Beko’s customer service was so strained it was unable to offer immediate support to concerned customers phoning up.

A number of commenters told us that it had taken them days to get through to Beko’s support line, and even then they still had to wait over a week for an engineer to actually visit them.

With as many as 1.6 million Sony TVs potentially affected, I’m left wondering whether Sony’s customer support network may face similar strains.

Do you own one of the TV models affected? If so, have you tried to contact Sony’s customer support yet, and with any success?

Keith Towers says:
9 May 2013

I’ve just posted my complaint on several Sony Facebook pages, but I doubt that any notice will be taken of them. Sony UK just isn’t interested in negative remarks. They will continue to bury their head in the sand and hope it will go away. When they finally realise that their bottom line profits are down they will blame everything else except themselves. They are a bunch of arrogant clowns relying on past successes to see them through. Never again that’s for sure.

Richey Roo says:
9 May 2013

Result. I’ve just found my receipt for my tv and found I’d paid for an extended warranty, it still has 3 months left. I’m going to give them a ring in the morning.

This issue has been a bitter pill to swallow. The whole reason for buying Sony was tje quality behind the build and a brand you can trust. However both have let me down badly and like some other comments on here I will avoid them like the plague and warn off anyone else who cares to listen.

I have since brought a lg 3d tv and couldn’t be happier. Good luck to those who are still trying to get help from sony and well done to those who have had success.

mgnm says:
5 July 2013

never again Sony. I just hope lots of people read the comments and avoid buying Sony TV.

That’s not nice! Only a small percentage of these TV’s had problems. kind of like society has the problems from being in it. Stuff happens. I just bought a Sony Bravia and am thrilled. I cant wait till morning to set it up. I’m so grateful and happy. Every thing takes Risks but it cant take my happiness away, sorry. BETTS :> GOD BLESSED ME TODAY!!!

Ripped off by Sony says:
9 May 2013

Good Luck Richey Roo and give them hell from the rest of us who have no warranty in date , Dannybec , like you I bought a Samsung 46″ 3D flatscreen and its just wonderful , BUT I HAVE A 5 YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE ! also

Richey Roo says:
9 May 2013

Just To add, the warranty is with richer sounds, not with Sony.

As this is a safety matter I do not think your Sony TV needs to be under warranty. Anybody in possession of any of the affected models may be wise to unplug the TV from the mains until a Sony engineer has examined it. Bring back the on/off switch, I say.

I mean, unplug the TV when unattended for long periods not until the engineer arrives!!

Richey Roo says:
1 June 2013

Had a phone call yesterday to say richier sounds are going to replace the screen in my tv next week.

Richey Roo says:
24 June 2013

Update. Richer sounds have written off my bravia. I now have a shiny new LG smart tv as a replacement.

Blenda says:
9 July 2014

Do I need to have a warranty to claim for repair or replacement?

mgnm says:
5 July 2013

I bought my 46inch bravia KDL just under three years ago. I was one of those people who believed that Sony is all about quality. Unfortunately my TV went black at the beginning of May 2013, while we were watching and the stand by red light flashes 7 times and stops, and so on. I wrote to Sony and they were quick to get back to me saying I need to put the TV in a ventilated area and should solve the problem. did that, the TV went black and started flashing after 45 minutes. Wrote back to Sony customer service and they went quiet. till this day I have not heard from them. I have searched the internet and apparently there are lots of people complaining about the same problem. Are this TVs faulty? I expect my TV to last more than 3years. Does anyone know how we can campaign against Sony and get people aware of the situation?

mgnm says:
11 July 2013

no reply from sony still. I think I nedd to start looking into buying another TV. Definitely not Sony. PLEASE ANYONE THINKING OF BUYING TV DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE NAME SONY. DO NOT BUY SONY TV.

Keith Towers says:
5 July 2013

I received this email from Andrew Laughlin back in May of this year. Any news yet, Andrew? Not holding my breath mind you.

Author: Andrew Laughlin
Thanks for all your comments. We are sensitive to the concerns raised, and will be putting them to Sony. We will report back as soon as we have a response.

Keith Towers says:
10 July 2013

Any news on this yet, Andrew?

S C says:
9 July 2013

I have been experiencing the Panel Problem since Dec 2012.. Extended warranty ran out on October 31, 2012. Not sure about anyone else but did you receive a recall notice from Sony? Not Me.. Just got off the phone with customer service and the best they can do is offer a 15% discount?? Woooohoo! I also see that Sony DELETED the news item from their website about the recall.. Lame!! No more purchases of Sony for me.. Maybe file a CLASS ACTION suit against them. Anyone know of a good one?

Keith Towers says:
10 July 2013

I think this problem is too big for even Sony to address. If they faced up to it, it will cost them millions in replacement TV sets. As it is, they will lose Billions in lost customers and bad press. See here on Sony’ own community boards the amount of problems they have had with panels. http://community.sony.co.uk/t5/Televisions/kdl-40v3000-bravia-dark-lines-shadows/m-p/205317#M3738

Noel says:
15 October 2013

I purchased a kdl46xbr4 in 09 it gave out recently in October 2013 .service techs told me it was panel . 1100 bucks plus 300 to install.. they told me just buy another one , they were not even aware
Of the recall , so I called sony they first wanted to give me 15 percent off a new one , then I mentioned recall then they said they compromised and sold me a referbished for 579.00
And send old one once new one arrives .. Deal better than blowing another 989..00 I paid in first place on a demo circuit city had before they closed there store in Texas , retailed at 1,7,00 .. For an xbr . I’m happy even though I feel they should of notified me , I found out by google !

Keith says:
15 October 2013

I only found out via Google too! Well, since then, Sony have given me a run around for over two years now. It’s obvious that Sony couldn’t give a toss about the problems logged here and on other sites across the Internet, and certainly couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about their customers. We will not be buying from Sony again and we have prevented at least10 other people from buying into Sony products once they knew about our situation. I will go on advising people against buying anything with a Sony badge and will always be ready to tell them why. Sony UK will always prefer to lead their customers round the houses in situations like this until they get fed up trying to make their point understood, so to anyone reading this post – DON’T BUY SONY PRODUCTS. There are plenty of better companies out there to buy from.

RobinT says:
15 October 2013

I have had this problem for many years. I relegated the Sony to the bedroom and bought a new Panasonic. In the meantime, I discourage as many people from buying Sony.

13 January 2014

I bought a sony bravia tv in 2009 after 14 months it had dark shadows like clouds in the middle of the screen also horizontal lines. I contacted Comet first, but they said contact Sony, it was a compleat waste of time, i have still got it because i can’t afford a new one. I am in my seventies and thought it would last me longer. I will never buy another product from Sony.

Comet has gone, otherwise you could have reminded them that they cannot discharge their responsibilities as a retailer. There is plenty of useful advice about consumer rights on the Which? and a couple of recent Conversations that are relevant.

Keith T says:
13 January 2014

I have totally given up on Sony. They just could not give a monkey’s toss. I would have purchased one of their top end cameras at the beginning of last year, but because of their customer attitude over my TV panel shadows I just don’t trust them any more. I will be replacing my TV for another make this year. If I’m going to spend another grand on a television it WON’T be from Sony.

Keith T says:
13 January 2014

Post script. By the way Sony, I purchased a Fuji X camera instead of your FULL FRAME camera and their customer services knock yours into a cocked hat.

Hiren D. Sheth says:
16 March 2014

I have the Sony Bravia LCD model KLV46W300 purchased in January,2009 presumably
its manufactured in 2008. The problem that I am facing is when the LCD is ON for sometime
around 30 minutes it becomes very hot. Hence require assistance from Sony Service to
solve this problem. I stay in Mumbai, India.

Ruby says:
25 July 2014

Got Sony Bravia KDL 32D3000 from COmmet Leicester.Same horizontal lines and bands.DIdn’t know many people are suffering.what to do know.if any one can help?

john says:
26 August 2014

just come off phone to sony help desk regarding problems with kdl40v3000
she said no recall on my tv was a issue way back but no recall

3 October 2014

Sony bravia X72 picture is not to be seen clear Sony engineer
had come on 01/02/2014 he said that repairing cost Wii be 70%
of cost of TV ….Miraroad east. Give me reply

Anthony says:
28 October 2014

Cost: £1000+
Purchased: July 2009
Purchased Extended warranty (3 years)

Issue 1:
May 2011: Starting seeing lines lines on the right hand side of the screen, spoke to Currys who told me to speak to Sony.
Sony took away and reported that the panel was faulty.. I then waited for the new LCD panel to arrive and to be fitted and they returned the TV to me weeks later. This was covered under your warranty
– We then lose faith in the TV and move the TV to the bedroom and barely use it, i.e less than a few hours a month.
July 2014 (3 years after the last repair) it’s now got some kind of electrical fault, whereby when you turn the tv after a few seconds the image will freeze or completely scramble, audio continues to work. If you shut the tv on and off up to 20+ times this (sometimes) then allows the TV to function as normal.