Snapchat Spectacles: the camera of the future?

Snapchat Spectacles

The organisation behind the image messaging app Snapchat has released its new wearable tech ‘Spectacles’. So could these digital specs be the camera of the future?

Last year we covered the initial announcement of Snap Inc.’s Spectacles, and now, seven months later, the quirky new product has finally reached UK shores.

The Spectacles are essentially sunglasses that double up as a camera. Twin lenses, positioned just above your eyes, can capture video from your perspective at the touch of a button. The video is then automatically beamed to your smartphone ready to share with friends using the Snapchat app.

Available from a special vending machine in central London or to order online, a pair will set you back around £130. They’re certainly an interesting idea, but could you see these Spectacles taking off?

Snap Spectacles

After pairing your Spectacles with your smartphone, you can record video clips up to 30 seconds long by pressing a button on the side of the glasses.

With the Spectacles, you don’t have to get your phone (or your camera) out of your pocket or bag to capture a video, so they encourage you to document memorable moments in a more spontaneous way.

A light on the outside of the glasses illuminates when you’re recording, so people around you will know when you’re recording.

The Spectacles are being sold in limited numbers from vending machines called Snapbots. This marketing is every bit as quirky as the glasses themselves, and the Snapbots are more than a little reminiscent of the ‘Minions’ characters from the film Despicable Me.


When you stand in front of the Snapbot, a large, circular video screen blinks like a cartoon eye before showing you an ‘augmented reality’ video of yourself wearing the Spectacles – a sort of virtual try before you buy service.

The vending machines have been appearing in major cities around the US and Europe, most recently arriving in London. They’ve clearly been succeeding in creating a buzz too – long queues have been reported at Snapbots in the US, and pairs of Spectacles have been listed on eBay for more than $1,000 (£770).

Photos of the future

This is the first hardware product that Snap Inc. has ever released, and it has the potential to really shake up the tech industry. Snap Inc. is clearly hoping that products like these will break down the barrier to using its app, and make users more likely to record more spontaneous video.

But much like the ill-fated Google Glass, there are clear questions about privacy too. While there is a light on the glasses that indicates whether they’re recording, they’re still fairly discreet.

So, we’d love to know your thoughts on this unusual product – will these Spectacles take off? Could they persuade you to use Snapchat? Or, if you already use it, do you think you’d record video more frequently if you had a pair?

Patrick Taylor says:
8 June 2017

Well I can see plenty of opportunities for misuse; and resulting violence. But then I tend to think critically of new inventions being hyped by the media as they never think of the downsides.

I have no doubt that disabling the recording indicator light and having larger memory will be the tweaks some will find useful. As for domestic arguments, staged incidents, and voyeurism I can see these as marginally amusing with immense downsides.


You have given a nice piece of advertising on those specs Daniel and who am I to criticise that ? , no, advertising I understand but that is not the point in this app. You do know its a spy app -dont you ? Lets get down to basics , the MSpy Snapchat Hacking will monitor the activity of children ,it can track,intercept, and see messages and the entire database that the target might have used on any phone, android OS or iPhone all activity is stored on a huge database .Once installed -sit back and spy on your target recover/retrieve lost data and help you access the password of the monitored account , there is more but some on this website have complained of “too much data ” . It has been used by the US government , and again I wont go into detail . It is soooo good at spying that a “Critical Legal Note is displayed -ie- a DISCLAIMER not to use it for spying . On the other hand its selling like “Hotcakes ” in the USA , it does not take a degree in philosophy to understand why . I am sure somebody is going to say-not telling the truth Lucas but its off US high tech websites not “comic cuts ” . By the way the US Official TEA Party website isn’t happy about it either and has comment from a US attorney as well as classes and other activities being monitored , and you do know anything digital connected the the web is “intercepted ” .

Patrick Taylor says:
9 June 2017

Daniel –

If Conversations are looking for tech products to comment about perhaps Which? Conversation could do a piece on the large e-readers which are never tested. The 13″ ones are new technology and do have some practical uses.


Patrick Taylor- big business USA global marketing strategy –need I say more ?? –follow the “trends ” which are created – push big – never fails( well nearly never ). Give the Americans their due Kings of Advertising.


Snap isn’t resting on its laurels guys:

How do you feel about augmented reality in front of your eyeballs as you walk down the street?


It sounds fun to try, Dean. I’m always interested in what can be achieved with new technology. I can’t see myself ever wanting to own these spectacles, but a smartphone has proved more useful than I had expected it to be.