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Do you take your smartphone to bed?

Almost two thirds of people wouldn’t hesitate to check their smartphones for emails during dinner, while a quarter say their smartphone is the most important thing they take to bed.

The report by Kaspersky Lab for YouGov makes for depressing reading.

I’m mindful of an advert for a well-known gravy granule where people pledge to sit down and eat together at least once a week. The idea being, presumably, that they spend quality time with their families rather than checking their smartphone.

I’m as guilty as most of indulging my daughter – a bona fide telly addict – in the odd TV dinner. But, it’s good to eat together at the family dinner table and catch up on what she’s been doing at school and her passions for ballet and swimming. More importantly, it’s a chance for me to listen to her and any worries she might have.

Equally, being in the bedroom with my spouse is time I’d rather spend canoodling than checking work emails, thank you very much!

Communications overload

As I’ve previously written on Which? Convo, I’m still holding out from buying a smartphone. Were I to succumb, I know the temptation to be checking emails and my various social networks would be too great.

The time I spend away from my desk is valuable thinking time when I don’t want to be overloaded with unnecessary communications.

In the same report, a startling 68% of people would rather go without beer, wine, chocolate, shoes, television and even their car for a month than give up their phone. Chocolate is the number one item people would give up, followed by beer, a favourite pair of shoes, wine, television, a favourite TV show and their car.

Again, it puts me in mind of another, recent TV ad that touts the car as a ‘revolutionary communications device’ that enables you to see your friends and relatives face-to-face: now there’s a novel idea.

So could you live without your smartphone and, if not, what would you give up for it?

What would you sacrifice in order to keep your smartphone?

None of the above/I don’t own a smartphone (54%, 367 Votes)

Chocolate (13%, 92 Votes)

Coffee (8%, 56 Votes)

Alcohol (7%, 46 Votes)

Favourite pair of shoes (7%, 45 Votes)

Going out (3%, 18 Votes)

Television (2%, 16 Votes)

Sex (2%, 15 Votes)

Car (2%, 14 Votes)

Holidays (1%, 10 Votes)

Computer (desktop/laptop/tablet) (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 530

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My smartphone has definitely been a positive addition to my life. It’s saved me from getting lost more times than I can count, helps me find the best restaurants in the area I’m in, allows me to look up reviews for impulse purchases and so much more.

But I still have my manners! You’ll never catch me getting my phone out at the dinner table, even to look up that actress that none of us can remember the name of. Yet I spend half my social time these days trying to be entertaining enough to distract my friends from their own smartphones, often to no avail. And worst of all? My boyfriend has recently discovered smartphones himself. The lure of free games, unlimited trivia at his fingertips and sporting updates is often too much for him to resist and I’ll admit, it has caused the odd argument!

Margaret says:
10 August 2012

My 3G is one of my bed time items along with glasses and a book. I have apps I use for eating, drinking, sex and sleeping. I have recently bought 2 Mindfulness apps and these are great for getting up to. But along with the two new one’s the Mah Jong app get the most time as I am not sleeping well these days.
To have access to the web at any time is great for emails, world news, banking if I really must. I have never taken so many photo’s before this power house came into my life. It’s been great for finding restaurant’s in new cities and hotel’s.

Would not be without it!