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Sky charges O2 customers extra for services they don’t use

Water and sky

Last year Sky bought half a million broadband customers from O2 and BE (part of O2). The transition’s been smooth for many, but some say that Sky is charging them a ‘supplement’ for not having other Sky products…

Sky’s website tells O2 customers to either ‘wait or migrate’. You can pre-empt the switch by calling up Sky to take advantage of a ‘special offer’, or you can wait for Sky to move you. Either way, according to Sky, ‘it’s business as usual’.

However, as some former O2 customers are finding, it’s not business as usual at all. In fact, customers who choose to stick with a standalone broadband deal but don’t take out Sky TV or Sky Talk, have told us they’ve been charged a ‘supplement’ for the pleasure of not using these services.

PhilRag14 writes on Sky’s community forum:

‘Without any warning I find I’m being charged for not having a particular service (the aforementioned “supplement for not having SkyTalk”)?!?! Surely this is some mistake but sadly it seems not. How any decent company can charge people for not having something is beyond me.’

An incentive to buy Sky Talk and TV

This is all despite the following claims on Sky’s welcome website, which say that:

  • Sky will try to match or beat your current combined home broadband and phone (where applicable) monthly subscription price, where they can, including any monthly offers you get.
  • The only change you will notice on your payments is that Sky will start collecting them instead of O2/BE
  • Sky will transfer only the services that you subscribe to with O2/BE – you won’t have to take Sky Talk if you only have home broadband from O2/BE.
  • You can take Sky broadband without Sky Talk and Sky TV.

Firstly, these customers may not ‘have’ to take out Sky TV, but being charged not to take them out seems to leave customers with very little choice. Secondly, Sky might match the broadband price, but these supplements are in some cases doubling the monthly charges O2 customers were previously paying.

A Sky community coordinator explained to unhappy customers that these supplement charges are not a mistake and that ‘the Sky Broadband package is offered at a discounted rate for Sky TV subscribers’ and that ‘you should have received correspondence in the form of an email or letter to advise of this before migrating’.

Frustrated O2 broadband customers

Twitter is also full of complaints from ex-O2 broadband customers:

Being charged for services you don’t use, especially when this move wasn’t your decision, doesn’t seem right. So we want to hear from you – are you a former O2 or BE Broadband customer? Have you been hit by Sky’s ‘supplement’ charges? How do you feel about it?


I also just received my refund from Be Un Limited , ie Sky Home Communications posing as Be Un Limited , for the few days before Sky switched me from a Sky network to another Sky network .

I’ll be sending them a cheque for the period I owe them before I asked for the MAC ie was on the new network , plus the 30 days notice period .
Works out to be just under the refund they sent me .

Only winner is the Post Office .

All very strange .

Julie Kenyon says:
23 June 2014

Has anyone who has migrated to sky been able to download a bill that shows the vat details? No one at SKY seems to be able to help.
And they’re charging us more than BE so we’re doing battle with them – not in the least bit a smooth transition – and I’m supposed to be running a business and looking after my customers, not hanging on a phone to their helpline.


I’ve just looked at all the letters/bills I’ve received and no mention of VAT apart from the reg. No. 440627467 .

I logged onto the account (surprised I could do that as I quit over 2 months ago) and also could find no mention of VAT there .

An invoice is an invitation to pay I suppose? .

Once paid though , a receipt should always quote the VAT content , rate and Reg. No.

Have you paid and asked for a receipt yet ?


I’ve just received a letter about the cheque I sent them recently .

The morons say they don’t accept cheques so have destroyed it and want me to call and give them my credit card details even though their chase letters contained a paying in slip to pay by cheque .

No way are they getting my card details .

rebecca says:
20 November 2015

This has happened to me I want to pay chq they said they don’t take cheques and shreaded it without me knowing…have they shred it?? I am not paying by dd is this legal can they make me pay a different way than I want to?

Joe says:
6 August 2014

I’ve just got a letter frm Sky threatening debt collection agency for the bill they charged me when Sky took over O2 broadband at the beginning of the year. At that time I did not agree to the takeover and switched to BT. The Sky bill I got at the time overlapped the final bill I had from O2 (paid) and included 2 weeks when Sky had suspended by broadband for my move to BT. I did send a cheque for the period between the O2 and BT/suspend. That cheque did not include the “supplements” for the services that Sky DID NOT provide me, as complained by others in this thread.

Despite me sending emails and letters, I got no help from Sky apart from to cancel my contract and to move to BT.

With the first letter that I’ve received about this since January, I’ve now been threated with 10 days to pay or a debt collection agency will be put onto me.

I don’t think that I have anything to pay. I sent a cheque for what I calculated I owed, I shouldn’t have to pay more for services that I did not receive, I never agreed to the move from O2 to Sky (and told Sky of my move to BT).

What now?, pay the bullies to avoid their thugs, hope Sky will see reason, or ???



Roughly how much do they think you owe them ?

Did they cash the cheque as they told me they don’t accept payment that way after I tried ?
If they did accept it then they lied to me . In writing .

Thanks if you get time to reply .

I haven’t been contacted by them since I switched back in early May but I owe a small balance (£12 ish) and have been trying to pay ever since .

I went to the Post Office and queued for ages and was told that I had to pay a fee of £2.95 to pay by Bank Giro Credit . Stuff that .
I contacted Sky to confirm the bank details which were on the BGC .
No reply .

I tried to setup a payment via online banking and was told they don’t accept payment this way .

Only option is to pay via BGC and deduct the £2.95 fee as I’m not giving them my c/card details .

Another trip to the Post Office .

I have never known a company so differcult to pay .

Joe says:
7 August 2014

I only owed just over £26, of which most was the extra charges for things that Sky did not provide me with.

It looks like Sky did not cash my cheque, but they never told me they would not accept a cheque, and I never heard from them after my last email in January and my last letter in February. Also, about that time I did speak to a Sky rep on the phone to get my BAC, but nothing else was said. My account was closed as I moved to BT.

The next I heard was the letter yesterday, with a comment “despite repeated letters” which I never got (if they were ever sent).

I’ve sent them another letter to ask them to check my last email and letter, but doubt that Sky are interested. They’ve given me from yesterday until Saturday to pay, “or else”.