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What would you pay to update your sat nav maps?

Sat nav on map

The whole point of a sat nav is to get you to your destination smoothly. However, several brands make you pay for pricey map updates. Have you faced big bills to keep your sat nav up-to-date?

Sat navs are all about taking the stress out of your journeys. However, with many sat navs you have to pay more to keep your maps up-to-date. Drive with out of date maps and your sat nav may not recognise new road layouts and you could end up just as lost as if you were relying on the old fashioned kind.

Every time I switch on my two-year old sat nav it reminds me how old my maps are. And have I updated them? No. With the TomTom website asking for £75 for a year’s worth of map updates I’d rather pay £90 for our cheapest Best Buy sat nav which includes free map updates for the life of the model. But what about you?

Map updates the cost of a new sat nav

Many new sat navs from big brands like Garmin and TomTom now include lifetime maps, so you never have to worry about digging back into your wallet for up to date maps. But if you’re stuck with an older model like me, what do you do?

Have you stuck with older maps and hoped for the best? Or are you happy spending £75 every year with TomTom or £50 for a one-off update or £75 for lifetime updates with Garmin for up to date maps?

The story is even worse if you have a built in sat nav in your car. When we looked into update costs a few years ago update prices for these were even higher, with some dealers charging additional fees to have these updates loaded.

The question is, what do you expect from your sat nav? Do you expect it to stay up to date indefinitely without you having to pay more – or are you happy paying to keep your tech up-to-date.

Professor/Dr Brian Rothbart says:
20 September 2016

Read all the comments on built-in SatNavs. Certainly has made me rethink whether I want to buy a car with a built-in unit!
Currently I am using a 8 year old Garmin (255 Nuvi). Just purchased my first map update from a firm in Russia for 25€. Certainly a lot cheaper than what I have been reading.