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What new Samsung products can we expect?

This evening sees Samsung launch the latest additions to its Galaxy range at glitzy parallel events in London and San Francisco. What would you like to see?

While most of us aren’t about to rush out and buy a brand new flagship phone, these product launches always worth keeping an eye on because they signpost the directions the tech industry is heading in and what you might see in the phones coming down the track in the next year or so.

Samsung’s Galaxy phones have often led the way on innovations both large and small: it was Samsung phones back in 2003 that first ditched the external antenna, for example, while more recently Samsung debuted the curved edge-to-edge screens that are just making their way through into other devices, notably Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro.

Foldable phones

More recently we’ve seen speculation about a foldable phone from Samsung, which the Korean company itself has been fuelling since its teaser back in November.

If Samsung does launch a foldable device this evening, it will be the first of a slew of foldable devices set to be launched in the next few weeks.  

MWC, the annual mobile industry in Barcelona, kicks off on Monday, and we can expect to see a foldable device from Huawei (which the Chinese company trailed in a tweet earlier this month), and possibly one from Xiaomi: the respected industry leak-merchant Evan Blass posted a video on Twitter allegedly of a Xiaomi folding phone in January.

What a pretty comprehensive series of leaks tells us it’s safe to expect is three new phones from Samsung, all branded the S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specs

As far as we can gather, the S10e will be the entry-level model, possibly with a 5.8inch screen and offering 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM. The S10 is rumoured to be a 6.1inch device, with up to 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, while the S10+ is likely to have a 6.3inch screen with up to 1TB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM.

What’s more interesting than the raw specs, however, is what Samsung might be adding to make their devices stand out.

Some of the rumoured features have already been seen in other devices: the S10 and the S10+ are likely to have triple cameras, a feature debuted by Huawei with the Mate 20 Pro at the end of last year.

Similarly the rumour mill says the new devices will have a fingerprint reader under the display, which we first saw last year with the OnePlus 6T and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Having used both phones, this feature might not be the brilliant thing the marketing materials say it is: we discovered that this doesn’t always work reliably when we tested them year.

The leaks also suggest that instead of the selfie camera notch we’ve seen on Apple’s iPhones over the past couple of years and more recently in a range of Android devices, Samsung will instead go for the pinhole camera seen in the Honor View 20.

Samsung One UI

Most interesting of all to my mind is the likely launch of Samsung’s new user interface, called One UI.  The Korean giant took a fair bit of flak in the early days for its TouchWiz interface layered on top of stock Android, and it has pared that back since then. 

The new One UI looks to be a thoughtful move to integrate form and function more intuitively: it’s been in beta for some early adopters for a while and I’d be astonished if it isn’t officially launched today.

Assuming I can get a 4G or wi-fi signal (never a given at a big tech launch, surprisingly) I’ll be updating this Convo and also tweeting from the event later today.

If you’re on Twitter, follow me there, or come back later to join in the chat here.  Meanwhile, are you a Samsung fan? What new features are you hoping to see? Tell us in the comments below.


My Samsung has been going strong for nearly three years but I do have camera envy of other people’s phones.

Tell me – what is the benefit of three cameras?

What – only three cameras?

Some of the best fun apps need four 😉


Have a look at the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, mentioned in Kate’s introduction. This uses multiple cameras to take a smartphone nearer to the capabilities of a compact camera.

Now in fairness – that is 4 different phones. However that is pure genius! They will be finding bits of glitter for years if not decades!

Oh – that does look like a good phone. A Which? Best Buy no less.

Thanks for all the updates, Kate! I have to say I’m tempted. The fold looks cool and I’m looking forward to seeing one in real life but I can’t help but think I’m my hands it would only last a week before I broke it! There’s a reason I don’t have an edge screen!

Kate, what does the S10 have that would persuade me to ditch my 2½ year old, over £600 S7 Edge?

Has Samsung produced a screen that folds or are there two screens very close together?

Ah, but if you borrow one for evaluation then you will have the opportunity to have a look. It’s fun to play with new toys even if you don’t own them. It does look like a screen that folds. That’s very clever, but it makes me wonder how many times it can be folded and still work properly.

Samsung has come a very long way since their products first appeared in this country and their products are regularly featured on the Which? website. Here is an interesting snippet from an article about the latest Samsung TVs:

“iTunes is the other big addition to Samsung TVs. You’ll be able to access the iTunes library of videos and music, as well as any content you’ve bought before, on Samsung’s TVs.
Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2019/02/samsungs-2019-tv-lineup-affordable-high-end-tech-and-a-43-inch-qled/ – Which?”

That’s impressive, but we have discussed the problem that smart TVs can lose their smart features, sometimes within a couple of years of purchase.

We have Which? reviews of a wide range of products, so rather than having other articles about how good the latest and greatest products are, I would like to see Which? alerting us to the fact that TVs are likely to lose their smart features and, more importantly, working with other consumers associations to put an end to this commercial practice that results in products being scrapped prematurely despite not having any fault other than obsolete software or firmware. I am not aware that any TV manufacturer sells TVs that won’t go out of date but if some do better than others it would help to know.

Wavechange, take a look at page five of the most recent Which? Magazine – we do just that 🙂

We also know that this Convo is extremely popular via Google:


We’ll be updating it very soon to reflect the magazine’s article and provide our latest advice.

Hi George – It’s good to hear that Which? is looking into this issue and it will be interesting to see how the issue evolves. We really need to know who is at fault for apps not working before pointing fingers.

I will try to remember to look at the current magazine before whinging in future. I am accustomed to watching iPlayer, YouTube etc on a laptop and had not paid much attention to the article.