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Has your PlayStation 5 delivery been tampered with?

After weeks of lengthy waiting lists and digital pre-order queues, the new PlayStation 5 console is here – or is it? Have you experienced issues getting yours?

Gamers worldwide have been counting down the days to the PlayStation 5’s release.

You might have been lucky enough to bag a hotly-awaited console through Amazon – but don’t rush to set the telly up just yet.

Some customers have taken to Twitter to post the pretty bizarre objects they’ve been receiving instead of an actual PS5.

Rice, cat food, George Foreman grills and foot massagers are just some of the random objects people have received in their allegedly tampered parcels.

Others said they received damaged boxes or experienced missing deliveries after waiting weeks for them to arrive.

Disgruntled gamers are now likely trying to secure refunds or get their hands on another much sought-after console – but with many online shops out-of-stock, chances of the latter could be slim.

The BBC has reported that Amazon has launched an investigation.

What to look out for

According to Eurogamer, most affected gamers receive their parcels later than expected.

When it eventually arrives, the box appears to have clear tape rather than the company’s usual branded seal – the first giveaway sign that your parcel might have been meddled with.

Some people claim their deliveries have disappeared entirely after being ‘left with a neighbour’.

Make sure to record the time your delivery actually arrives and take photos of the packaging before and after opening it if you fear it’s been mishandled.

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Cat food instead of a console?

We want to hear from you if you believe your parcel has been tampered with, or if you don’t receive your PS5 as expected.

Have you experienced the problems mentioned above? Have you managed to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 without issues?

Let us know in the comments.