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Sony’s PlayStation 4 – are you tempted?

Playstation 4

Sony has announced its brand new PlayStation 4 console in New York, introducing the world to its next generation of gaming. But what do our tech writers make of the new console?

Sony announced its new PlayStation 4 to an eager crowd, yet declined to show any pictures or evidence of the console itself or give any clues to its price-tag. It’s going to encourage players to be more social, it won’t be backwards compatible, and there will be an Xbox Kinect-style camera add-on called the ‘PlayStation 4 Eye’.

But we wanted to know what two die-hard games fans thought of Sony’s new offering, and whether or not they’ll be buying it come-Christmas.

Rob’s already saving up

Rob LeedhamIt’s been over six years since the PlayStation 3 launched and frankly, I’m bored of mine. Lately, I’ve been craving something different. I want a machine with a blistering set of brand new specs, support for streaming games and second screen functionality via my smartphone. In short: I want a PlayStation 4 and, as luck would have it, Sony is planning to launch its new console just in time for Christmas.

Compared to the bonkers Wii U, there’s no obviously eye-catching gimmick attached to the PlayStation 4. And it’s a relief that Sony won’t be blocking pre-owned games for the console as the next-generation Xbox is rumoured to do.

With the PlayStation 4, I know I’m going to get the latest titles alongside exclusive games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Knack, which were shown off at yesterday’s launch. Sony’s PlayStation 4 promises the best experience for playing these games and that’s why I’ll be investing in one later this year.

Jack’s keeping his wallet firmly shut

Jack TurnerHaving owned the last three iterations of the PlayStation console, I was up until the small hours last night, eagerly watching the announcement of the PlayStation 4.

So let’s start with the games. Admittedly, launch titles are usually slightly iffy – if you look at the first PlayStation 3 games compared to the games you can buy now, they are worlds apart. However, I couldn’t help but feel the titles that were revealed were the titles we’ve been playing for years – just with a new lick of paint. Yes, they looked nice, but there was little innovation on show.

Also, Sony didn’t address digital content. What happens to all those games that have been purchased through PlayStation Network digitally over the last few years? There was mention of playing older PlayStation games via streaming service Gaikai, but this was very much pitched as a future vision, not something we can expect any time soon. And of course, we didn’t even get a glimpse of the console, which felt like something of an anti-climax after a two hour event.

From what I saw last night, I’ve not been convinced to join Sony for their fourth console. A lack of interesting titles, no backwards compatibility, and streaming games isn’t going to prise open my wallet.