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Scam watch: broadband phone scam cost me nearly £5,000

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Someone phones to help fix a problem with your broadband and then they offer you a refund for the problems you’ve had. Sound too good to be true? Sadly, it is.

A Which? member told us: I had a call from someone who said he was phoning from TalkTalk to sort out a problem with my broadband. The caller seemed genuine as he had my name, address and account number.

After accessing my PC remotely, he said I was entitled to a refund of £200 for the problems I’d had. Using remote access software, he directed me to my Santander online bank account, where it appeared that he had credited £5,000 into my account in error.

The caller told me to send the money back, which I did using MoneyGram. But I have since found out that it was a scam. He had directed me to a copycat website. Is there anything I can do?

What we said about the ‘TalkTalk’ phone scam

We say: It’s a common tactic for fraudsters to try and convince people they work for a telecoms provider, but TalkTalk customers need to be especially vigilant.

The company had a wealth of customer data, including names, addresses and account numbers, stolen at the end of last year, so scammers may have more ammunition to convince people their call is genuine.

TalkTalk told us it was aware of this type of phone scam, but was unable to refund your lost money as it was not involved.

Your bank, Santander, also said there was nothing it could do as it was not involved in the transfer.

The Information Commissioner’s Office told us that the TalkTalk data breach ‘has been reported and we are making enquiries… [but] can’t comment at this stage’.

TalkTalk told us: ‘We take our customers’ security seriously, although we know a small number of customers are being targeted by phone scammers, using a limited amount of customer data that was accessed illegally.

‘No sensitive information, like bank account or credit card details, was accessed. We have written to all our customers twice to warn them about phone scams, and we are working with other telecoms companies and banks to raise awareness.’

Have you been contacted by a scam similar to this? Did you lose any money?


Make the companies pay… Perhaps?
Any company whose data is compromised or stolen should, by law, be required to contribute to a “publicity fund”, the functions of which are to publish advertisements across all media (newspapers, TV, Radio and Internet) detailing the current scams, how these scams operate and how consumers can identify them based on what callers ask them to do… etc.
Adverts are run every day across the broadest spectrum of media possible, in formats which are highly visible and consistent. The public will soon see this as a “brand” and will notice such adverts.
As mentioned, the cost of these ads must be borne by companies whose data has either been stolen, or as a levy (say 50%) of the fee such companies charge 3rd parties to purchase “use” of that data.
Failure to comply is a criminal offence, carrying high fines and possible prison sentences for company directors.


I think that would be over the top and a waste of customers’ money. The only money companies have is what they get from consumers of their goods and services. I, and vary many other people, do not ‘see’ advertisements and as soon as such high-profile standardised advertisements became commonplace they would be comprehensively ignored.


I wonder? Just about the only way to make companies do anything is to punish then through their finances. Yes – it might hurt the customer indirectly but the theory of a capitalistic society suggests that the company would have to absorb the losses or surrender to its competitors, who might attempt to fill the market gap. Whilst I agree about the advertising aspect, the real value would be in extracting money from the company. And some advertising does work, apparently.

But I suspect the only long-term solution has to be to impact individuals. It’s notoriously difficult to bring individuals within companies to book over negligence, even if that negligence costs lives. Normally, boards seek to distant themselves, as do senior managers, from suggestions of incompetence or deceit, and leave relatively lowly individuals holding the can. I believe that’s wrong, as it’s down to senior management and the directors to supervise and accept responsibility when things go seriously awry.


I had exactly the same phone scam, which nearly cleared out my bank account.plus they are so convincing when scamming, luckily I sussed it out at the end and called my bank immediately who stopped the transaction and changed my bank account details.I blame the fact that we have to go through to foreign call centres instead of being able to get in touch directly with ones own bank branch.These scammers are so clever and convincing so after my experience I am ultra careful now,
I am 74 years old and still learning, so to anyone out there, be ultra careful!!!!If anyone phones who you are suspicious about, then just put the phone down and say you will call back on the number they are professing to be.AT THE END OF THE DAY,I never had any trouble before going to online banking, but sadly this is a problem of the day we live in now, just hate call centres.with the press button 1,2,3 etc Hope you can all keep safe in this crap world of modern technolgy, good luck.


sorry to hear this, it can happen to anybody at all, I’m 39 and have been using a P.C for nearly half of my life..and was stung today, they are so goddamn professional sounding, along with the fact that they know all the details of your account, the I.S.Ps NEED to be held accountable, at the end of the day, it’s not the end user/ customers fault that the provider was hacked.. Talk Talk in particular were told about their anti Piracy inadequacies on at least 3 occasions..


I have also been involved in the Talk Talk scam, receiving calls from people who always say they are from “Talktalk technical department and that they have identified a problem on my computer”. I almost lost 800 pounds on this scam, partly due to my own stupidity, but at the time I was at a very low point in my life with my wife seriously ill in hospital and I am in my seventies so not as sharp as I was. My bank actually phoned me to ask if I had authorized the payment, so I was lucky. However I am still getting the calls from Talk Talk ” technical dept.” almost daily. I have decided finally to leave TalkTalk and would you believe they are expecting me to pay up the contract, over 200 pounds, which I have refused to do and I told them they will have to take me to court. If they do I have a counter claim for repairs to my computer which I have been unable to use since this happened


so sorry to hear this… they should NOT be able to charge an early leaving fee down to their negligence..

Cheshire Dave says:
25 September 2016

I had tremendous aggro from Talk Talk when I cancelled phone/broadband.

EE, the new provider, assured me that THEY would ‘take care of all the details’ and they can track this back, give me dates and times, and see that they did. (Or so they say. To be honest, EE were very GOOD.)

I made many, many calls to TalkTalk to try to sort things out.

However, TalkTalk kept taking money from my bank account for 3 or 4 months, despite my calls to them. So I asked my bank to stop letting them take money. In the end, I had the usual threatening letters (many) and was in email contact with soem ‘secretary to the director’ or something like that.

This went nowhere fast. I went through all the ‘processes’, then to the ombudsman. But TalkTalk would not give me what I think is a ‘deadlock letter’ for the ombudsman.

I then went onto a debtors list, the list was sold on, and I was contacted by debt collectors.

After advice from Which Legal, I told the debt company that I was at ‘dealock stage’ and they immediately backed off and I didn’t hear from them again.

The whole mess-up took well over 6 months to sort out. Although it never WAS actually sorted out.

I reckon TalkTalk owe me 85 pounds. They reckon I owe them a similar, but smaller, amount. I never got anything back and I never managed to get as far as the ombudsman because they wouldn’t give me a deadlock letter.

Think I’m finished? Read on…

I’ve been on an (incredible, I know) 1-pound-a-month rolling mobile phone contract with TalkMobile for a few years. Ued for an ’emergency’ phone, I struggled to use up the text and calltime allowance, so usually just paid one pound each month from my bank account. All fine.

After 3 or 4 years, they have ‘retired’ this contract and tried to move me to another tariff of 5 pounds per month. This had added ‘data’ facility – however, my basic phone doesn’t ‘do’ data!

I received a text message warning me about this but saying I was free to cancel before a certain date. When I phoned to cancel, the call centre guy said that free cancellation was only if i cancelled by email – not mentioned on the text message. He said because I was cancelling by phone, I had to give 20 days’ notice.

Within this 20-day notice period, the new 5-pound monthly charge would be in place, so this was effectively costing me 5 pounds – 5 month’s of contract time, at the old rate – to get out of a 1-pound contract.

TalkMobile’s current ‘thinking of cancelling?’ web page asks you NOT to cancel any direct debits etc at your bank for at least 3 months, to give them time to work out what THEY think you owe, then just take your money.

I despair of TalkTalk and TalkMobile and, you guessed it, will never, ever, as long as I li. . . . . . . . . . . .


I have been threatened with rape when questioning the authenticity of “talk talk call centre staff” fortunately I have not been with talktalk for 6 months so instantly knew it was a scam. Totally gobsmacked to realise these people are untraceable and no one is taking responsibility


All calls can be traced if your phone company will do it how do you think our own security services are able to trace any call worldwide for terrorists be it landline or cell-net . Even MIcrosoft using their system on your mobile can trace any call ,will they do it for scam calls ,well they are miles down the priority list for tracing . Try asking your phone company to monitor your line everything is logged anyway.


Re: Talk Talk and it’s interesting to learn that security consultants are warning folk to be aware that thousands of personal details might have been grabbed by hackers in the attack that’s currently in force against Talk Talk. Their advice is to think carefully if you’re contacted by anyone claiming to be from Talk Talk. It’s thought Hackers will be spoilt for choice with the details they’ve stolen and will attempt social engineering attacks first: emailing or ringing and asking you to do something.

More details here: http: // www . bbc.co.uk/news/ uk-34611857

Cath says:
25 October 2015

I also received 3 calls over a two week period saying there was a problem with my broadband ( which is true as it’s very slow at times) . They asked me if I was at my computer. I said no. They told me to go to it and turn it on. I said no and put the phone down. The third time it happened I said, I haven’t got a computer . They STILL tried to carry on. I said, I know this is a scam and I’m going to report you. I heard someone else say, put the phone down, get rid of her. And they did put the phone down! No more calls since.luckily I’d listen to radio 4 money podcast on similar scams and so guessed it was dodgey. I feel particularly worried for older people though. These scammers are pushy and convincing by all accounts .


Hi there, I have had no end of calls from as they say are from TT, if you have a home phone that gives you the number that you see, caller identification display, thats good. However, they keep using different numbers them scammers call from, so if you dont recognise it, then dont answer it.
I recently answered the call and told them that this call is being tracked by the police, and also Trading Standards have been informed. I am no longer with TT and yet the calls keep coming but not so many now, when they call again to you just ask them whats my name, they put the phone down very quickly.
Hopefully the ones that does this will get robbed theirselves, they could not care less of who they rob. Take care and best of luck.

By the way as most are aware, they ask you to go onto your PC, they then give you I think a code to enter. What they do then is to access your PC, its called Team Viewer. They then have full access of your PC of all your Credit/Debit Card details, once they got that they will rob you blind. Be very careful.

bishbut says:
21 September 2017

ANY DOUBTS ABOUT A CALL PUT THE PHONE DOWN DON’T LISTEN I would rather refuse a genuine call then lose money etc. through a scam If the call is genuine the will call back later and then you can say why you cut them off Most will understand the reason why

bishbut says:
21 September 2017

Numbers you want or need calls from should be on your phone list and they will appear as names Any others do not answer they will find other means of contacting you if they have to speak to you


TalkTalk call customers from different numbers and you never know if the call is genuine or not. All they care about it putting a ball and chain on you and if you renew your contract, a short white afterwards their prices increase. TalkTalk have told customers to contact http://www.noddle.co.uk to sign up to their free credit reporting service using this code: TT231. Noodle requires your card details to check if you are genuine and you are not given another option. I was unable to create an account. My card is genuine. Noddle does not supply a contact form so you are limited to the 1 option. Noddle is a waste of time. I have been trying to create an account since 9 am today. This is appalling.


This morning I’ve just had the 9th call since Monday, its now Wednesday, supposedly from Talk Talk saying my PC has a problem which may cause it to crash ! Getting sick of it now, I rang Talk Talk my connections are all OK …. yes they are all scams . Why me ! why not me I guess … stay vigilant folks !!

peter says:
28 October 2015

Since the last call when I phoned TT and had a grumble, gave them the number that called and had call barring activated I have not had another call. I am a bit upset now because I spent £2 on a refs whistle to blow the next time they called and haven’t had chance to use it.

Topa says:
6 November 2015

I had same call today and they nearly stole £5000 from my account, but luckily Nationwide stop on time. Phone number they call from is 02031294153. Talktalk should pay compensation for all cotumers who been effected.


I had the same call today, even though I left Talk talk last year, they tried to get me in front of my computer but I realised it was a scam and hung up.


I had a call from this number to say they we’re Talk Talk to fix my computer and router. I take morphine on a daily basis so wasn’t on the ball on the day. These people stole £6000 from my bank account back in November which I yet haven’t had refunded from Santander. Still under investigation. I found where my money went to Barclays. Barclays said account cleared of all funds and closed. This account is held in Slough.

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L. Beale I feel very sorry for you ,especially as I know the reason why people are permanently on Morphia . IF this ,your call for help, is ignored by the government then that says it all.

stan worley says:
22 April 2016

I had the same phone call he said had my laptop been slow of late I must admit it had he said I was due £200 refund then asked did I have online banking told him no his next move was did I have a paypal acc I said yes he then said he had paid it into paypal told me have a look my paypal acc came on my screen showing £2200 in it I told him so he then said thanks then gave me a further £200 asked for £1800 back via a moneygram I got one filled it in with the info he gave me by now I had began to think this is a scam!!! I took it to my local post office had a chat with the postmaster he advised me not send any money by the time got back home he was talking to my wife when I told him I had no intention of sending the money gram told him if he wanted it back to ask paypal for it I then told him to [get lost] then hung up I checked my p/pal acc the money had gone one further thing he had applied for online banking to my bank ive informed the bank to scrap it hope this is of use to you!!!!

Jack says:
8 June 2016

I have just had £4800 taken from my Santander account. Again seemed feasible as have just had 10 days without landline and as talktalk customer I believed their explanation and they had alot of I go about me, although I received assertions from talktalk that my details had not been compromised………will I ever see this money again?

peter says:
8 June 2016

Jack I have every sympathy with you, I had been assured by TT that my data had not been compromised before I renewed my contract last week. I had a call yesterday supposedly from TT I.T. department I questioned the caller when he asked for my details, he was able to quote my TT account number, my address and obviously my home number, before this he asked me to confirm my account number, I told him this was no longer needed as my account was “voice recognition” only. He accepted that and proceeded to tell me of the problem with the server etc that my computer or router was allegedly causing. By this time I was sure it was a scam call, made even obvious when I asked him if it was my router would they (TT) replace this free of charge or would I have to pay for a new one. He said that I was paying for my router in my monthly charge-OH AM I !!!
I kept him talking while I reached for my refs whistle (see my post 7 above this one) and with excitement placed it in my mouth, took a deep breath and blew it as hard as I could and then hung up. GOT HIM!!!
One down hundreds to go but it’s one less that will bother us and to be honest, I enjoyed it, scamming scumbags.
I will dedicate that small victory to you Jack, hope it might ease the pain of your loss, hope you can get it back.
For info the caller ID showed it as “out of area” at 13.44.
I would say don’t answer any “out of area” calls, I already have number withheld calls automatically diverted to give the engaged tone. Hope the above info helps anyone who is not sure who is calling or to decide if it is or isn’t a scam.


well that didn’t last long got another one today from 001449039054 number so I have barred this number by using this page at talktalk https://help2.talktalk.co.uk/how-do-i-block-unwanted-callers.
Oh and they got the whistle treatment again-thats 2 down.

Don Raggo says:
16 June 2016

I consider myself P.C literate and have been using them for nearly 20 years.

I have recently ( Today ) with my mom, on my moms computer, been scammed using nearly the same methods as David described… it seemed so professional, they knew my mums name and how long she had had the router, they phoned my mom on her landline that ONLY Talk Talk would use.

They convinced me and her to let them Team View her computer ( I know, I know.. ), the operator, who was very eloquent and patient said he needed to scan the router via T.V…. everything seemed fine, the router did indeed seem to be being scanned and at the end he said she was due a refund of £300.

Then he said he would pay it into a paypal account,which I had to open because I did not have an existing one..it was HTTPS secure with a f*****g green padlock !!!! and actually showed up as £600, the operator said he’d made a mistake and his job was on the line,he’d overpaid the refund and I could I pay the £300 into a separate Moneygram account and not to mention Talk Talk.

They had my mums debit card details, with which I needed to open the paypal account.. but then then I realized it was a scam and hung up and disconnected T.V. I run a malware and virus scan and they were both clean, thank God.I have since reported the scam to her bank, who immediatley reported the card and details as stolen, and changed passwords to Talk Talk and email addresses.
In short, even experienced users can be fooled by these scum. I NEVER in my wildest dreams expected to fall for a scam.


Don -I hope all traces of Team Viewer are no longer on your mom,s computer or for safety , which everybody nowadays should do is disable Remote Viewing and its other names in Windows .

Peter says:
28 June 2016

28th June 2016; 16:20

Someone with an asisan accent from “TalkTalk” said my line was showing evidence that someone was hacking into my computer. The person knew my name and address (and obviously my telephone number); they wanted me to run eventviewer – I could see no events suggesting what ‘TalkTalk’ implied. They wanted me to quickly close eventviewer “because it was harmful to my computer” – I was studying it too long. They then wanted me to run teamviewer – I complained they were trying to gain remote access and they hung up. I managed to waste a good half an hour of their time appearing thick!

Frederick Davids says:
6 August 2016

I had a similar issue on Tuesday, I had called Talk Talk as my broadband speed was slow. I was advised a technician would call me back in 48HRs on Thursday the 4th Aug 2016 I received a call from a caller identified themselves as being from Talk Talk after gaining access to my PC they went on saying I was entitled to a refund a form appeared and I was asked to fill it in, The form was Lloyds bank. they also downloaded/opened something called TeamView a website . I got suspicious with the information they wanted such as passport and driving license and they wanted pictures . I ended the call and called by bank and they had received the form and I managed to stop any money being taken from account …Just in time.
I also switched my PC off and later when I switched it back on I could not access it. This resulted in taking it to PC world to fix at a cost of £60 in addition I have lost all documents and pictures included some of my dearly departed wife that I will never be able to recover. And yes I have no set up a one drive account albeit a bit late
Please warn others that according to various articles in the press online this same scam has been reported since FEB 2016.
I am disgusted that so little seems to be done to stop this particular scam. It also appears from speaking to Talk Talk and reading other forums that they have taken no responsibility.



Frederick-Sorry about you getting caught out by Talk-Talk India call centre staff just like BT and its call centre in India as well. It is NO co-incidence that after calling the call centre for help you were called back by a scammer . They are either selling your info on or running their own business as they are paid poor wages -less than £1/day . BT are getting out and 80 % will be answered in the UK by the end of the year but not Talk-Talk. As Talk talk are “turning a blind eye ” this is only going to get worse . Nothing is done because it is directly related to the telephone company , its not going to block its own service , as, if these scamming calls were really investigated and traced back they would head to the call centre in the end one way or another . Is the number you dialed for tech support in the first place – 01925-556470 ?

Peter P says:
9 August 2016

I am getting these scam calls and the more I do to stop them the more persistent they seem to be. If you are a talktalk customer, like me, unfortunately, the following info may help you, and everybody else, beat these thieving ***.
First make sure you have caller display activated in my account.
Then if you are getting calls with withheld or out of area numbers you can go into your talktalk account and set these calls to be rejected.
The next step is to check the number thats calling you and if it is a scam call the number will (in most cases) have one more digit than a standard number in it.
Once the caller has rung off (whether you answer the call or not) you dial 14258, listen to he message and then press the # key twice, that will barr the call.
You can also report the call via my account, this will mean that once it is checked by talktalk it will be barred over their whole talktalk network.
I hope this helps..

Clare says:
10 August 2016

This issue is very much still alive – I nearly got scammed a couple of hours ago in the exact same sequence as the article suggests. I stopped when they started talking about a refund and the need for me to do this on a dodgy website. The scary thing is they had my customer account details and address so seemed totally legitimate. This means that if actually Talk Talk were to call me tomorrow I would have no idea if they were legitimate or not! I think it is disgraceful that Talk Talk have not done more to contact customers about this scam. I had not heard of this until I went on the Which? website this afternoon. Thank you Which? for informing people. Could more be done to get Talk Talk to take responsibility for this? They were the ones that allowed our customer details to be leaked after all!

Kenneth says:
28 September 2016

Have had the same calls for several months now and always hung up, or told them what to do with themselves in no uncertain terms. Until last week my wife answered the phone to a call from the scammers,she was apologising for my abrupt language on a previous call they gave our talktalk account no,we said ring back in half hour while we check the number it was right
,the rest is history we have lost over£9000 almost all our savings talktalk don’t want to know and the bank says it’s our fault for being scammed we are both retired on state pension 73 and 77 it’s made my wife even more ill than she was thankfully we have a good family to help at this stressful time.


Hi there, I am deeply sorry to hear of this, I get these scammers all the time. If you got a caller display on your phone that’s great. Today I just ordered from Amazon a BT2700 cordless phone, it’s got a system that stops nuisance calls for up to 50 numbers,please have a look on Amazon to get one. It will be worth every £24.99 you pay, it also has an answermachine and loud speaker etc. Best wishes to you.


As a BT customer far be it from me to decry BT phones but as some will know I can criticse BT harshly if it deserves it . In this case I dont not advise Which viewers / posters /and regulars to purchase this phone , as for the price or slightly higher you can buy a much superior model . I am on BT,s sale website and looking at the PDF of the instructions . This phone is limited to 50 blocked numbers — it is limited in the types of calls it can block –withheld -unavailable-payphone that is NOWHERE near the types of scamming calls that can be transmitted over the telephone system . Also 50 calls will be used up inside a week as with the scammers ability to number change using the block number system and other ways you will quickly become upset by your purchase.


Yes they do change the numbers they use to phone us, luckily for me it’s the same scammers from what they say is from talk talk. When a number shows on my display it’s not answered, when I do for the sake of it, I love telling them what I like to, sadly for them they hang up. This phone I ordered is for me, if others don’t want it it’s their choice. My advice is to help others. Take it or leave it. Take care.

Kirsty says:
19 October 2016

Just literally had this call just now claiming to be from talktalk technical and that there has been warnings on my IP address , luckily I knew in an instant with the overdramatic laughs in the background trying to sound like a call centre I asked for them to provide talk talk customer service number as I believe they were a scam and I would phone back this is were they got quiet pushy and aggressive so hung up they called back asking “why did you just hang up on me” they are actually comically obvious in there approach. Called talk talk and surprise surprise they never called my younger self would have defiantly been convinced so glad I spotted it.

Sheila Hartopp says:
5 November 2016

I get 2/3 scam calls a day saying there is a problem with my computer
The first time I thought he was genuine & switched it on as he asked, but luckily I realized it was a scam before giving out any information.
Now I very quickly put the phone down

Gerry says:
27 November 2016

Still trying it on I received a call on Wednesday afternoon they had my account number and postcode I smelt a rat but went along with it the scammer insisted I turned my PC on but I acted like a complete prat pretending it was my daughters computer and didn’t know how to switch it on and had never used a computer in my life it was hilarious listening to the frustration in her voice.

keith says:
28 November 2016

I had a call on my answer phone today stating that there had been suspicious activity on my internet connection and that a law suite would be issued against me. You can imagine I was very concerned as there are family teenagers using my internet (Although I do have parental control activated). An hour later I had a call from a supposedly Talk Talk Technical person stating that my computer had been infected and they need to download TeamViewer to access my computer to rectify the fault. I was a bit suspicious but having received the previous phone call I wanted to clear things up. However, I got suspicious about things when they offered me a refund of £200 for the problem which had occurred and stupidly I let them access my on-line bank account. They then transferred £5200 from one of my deposits and said they had made a mistake and requested me to send a Money Gram to recover the £5000 to them in Senegal. My bank notified me of this proposal and I stopped all online internet activity and spoke with my bank who said that the transaction was stoped in time and I did not lose any money. However, I have changed all my bank cards and removed TeamView and Opera browser from my computer as well as carrying out a full scan for virus. Is there anything else I need to do?


You will need to remove Team Viewer from the Registry Keith , as well as change ALL your passwords INCLUDING your log into Windows . For a start download the programme -Everything -NOT from cnet ! and run it >top left input teamviewer it will tell you where its located >delete. , get back if you have problems.


Here you go Keith a bit more detail to do it manually -BTW -DONT buy any apps to do it DIY == files- tv.dll- TeamViewer_ Service_exe–TeamViewer_Host_exe—- DLL,s to remove -tv.dll –Team Viewer processes to KILL –TeamViewer_Service.exe—TeamViewer_Host.exe —REGISTRY removals—- RUNNING PROGRAMTeamViewer_Host.exe –RUNNING PROGRAMTeam Viewer_Service.exe—RUNNING PROGRAMexplorer.exe –HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTeamViewer 3/4/5 etc –RUNNING PROGRAM explorer.exe . As you see it gets everywhere in Windows . PLEASE ! screenshot and archive this as I dont want to keep repeating it .

gareth thomas says:
8 December 2016

Had a call today about a faulty router

Margaret says:
24 January 2017

I have just been called with what seems to be this scam. I thought it was probably a scam so I advised that I had had no such problems the line went dead.

The caller seems to be calling from: 0141 458 7695.

Is there an official place I can report this number to in case it might help investigations?

Terry says:
23 February 2017

We are still getting around 10 calls a day we have played music to them left them hanging on for 30’mins blown a whistle down the line but nothing seems to stop them talk talk is a waste of time as I have asked them to monitor my line as the calls come up as private caller but this can be anyone I once shouted down the line to find it was one of my wife’s friends phone her I am now attempted to get one of my old laptop out infect it with as many virus as possible and give them access to it with the hope that it would infect their network

Rod MacKenzie says:
20 March 2017

My Father-in-Law was contacted by “Dave” from Technical Services Department of Talktalk.
Yes, you’ve already guessed refund offered for poor service £600 was credited to him, instead £6000 was allegedly paid to him via “Dummy Website” He was asked to repay the £5400 back via MoneyGram. As the Post Office only accept MoneyGram transfers to a maximum of £1800 per day he was asked to go to other Post Offices to pay the remaining £3600.
This is a despicable scam on an 87 year old man with heart problems, stressful to him and his immediate family. Whilst Santander did not help the person who posted this original comment I would like to congratulate Barclays for moving quickly and efficiently to stop the transfers of the monies going through!
MoneyGram do have a way of stopping monies fraudulently claimed by scammers providing you understand their complex system of money retrieval.
As for Talktalk their Customer Services team should be ashamed of themselves for dismissing my Father-in-Laws complaint as it was not their fault the Fraudster phoned my Father-in-Law with Customer information “Hacked” from their computer.
Something should be done about the arrogance of Broadband Service Companies like Talktalk who like taking Customers Fees without Securing Customer data first!

Kaeren says:
23 March 2017

My husband was scammed today, in much the same way. The caller said our Talk Talk router had a virus, they would replace it, and pay compensation. Stupidly, it sounded quite kosher to my husband, they knew quite a few details, so instead of thinking, they should already have bank account details, he readily gave them, and because they ‘could not get through to our bank’, they said they would do a Western Union transfer, yeah they did, out not in, over £400 most of what was in there, our bank was alerted when they tried to take a second chunk, but not enough was in there, too late though, the first amount is gone, and we have nothing to live on for the next four weeks. Husband is 71 and does not always think on his feet, I smelled a rat, but he insisted it was OK. It seems to always be Talk Talk involved, so I reckon info is being leaked to scammers, probably for money .


Kaeren – Talk-Talk has had plenty of massive leaks , those leaks should be publicized more . If you have not seen or heard about them in the national media then I personally would be very worried about what going on in our national press and TV media. For those doubting me in ANY way I can supply verified sources data from a long list of upmarket tech websites to check out . I have said this before along with 100,s of posters on Which website -HMG its time this was stamped out-completely !

edward smith says:
20 May 2017

i have 2 accounts with talk talk
home and shop
i have had over 100 scam calls and still on going i now will
not accept any one selling ,or reporting anything .
only problem is im putting phone down on genuine calls

Philip Ashby says:
23 June 2017

My mother is 84 and when I dropped in one day recently she was on to someone claiming to be from Talk Talk. She had just got as far as giving her bank details. I took over the call, got rid of the scammer and she was able to call her bank immediately to prevent any loss. It has happened again today and I have advised her to cancel her contract with them as they clearly have a security breach that allows personal information to leave their system.

lillian says:
20 September 2017

i dont understand why this scam is still going on, these scammers have tried to con me several times now , TalkTalk know that this is going on and refuse to accept responsibility even though the reason these fraudsters have our details in the first place is because of a breach on their part, but the only people who seem to be aware of this scam going on are the people who have fell victim to these fraudsters … Why are Talk Talk not making their customers aware of this


Good question Lillian and as it happened towards the end of -2015 I checked to see if I could find a website with a non-technical but detailed answer . As usual you have got to hand it to the Americans no bull , no secrets just – as it is . They give a timeline on it including Talk-Talk posting admittance they were hacked its informative to those not wanting tech . details Lillian, click on https://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/security-data-protection/cyber-security/the-talk-talk-breach-timeline-of-a-hack/