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Is Panasonic your most-loved technology brand?

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Our latest Which? satisfaction survey found that Panasonic was the number one rated technology brand in almost every high tech product category. Do you agree? Or is there another technology brand you prefer?

With so much consumer choice available, many of us like to stick to the brands we know and love. And a recent survey of 9,637 Which? members found there was one brand we loved most of all.

Panasonic received the highest customer score – based on how satisfied Which? members are with a brand and the likelihood they’d recommend it to a friend – in most of the product categories it featured in.

From digital radios and DVD recorders, to PVRs and digital cameras, Panasonic was the clear number one choice. And Panasonic’s TVs received a staggering customer score of 91%, by far the highest in the entire survey.

In fact, it’s easier to list the few categories that it didn’t come top – set-top boxes (they came second to specialist manufacturer Humax) and mobile phones and MP3 players (neither of which they produce).

Why do you rate Panasonic so highly?

We know that Panasonic’s products often perform well in our lab tests. For instance, there are currently 28 Best Buy Panasonic cameras and 10 Best Buy DVD recorders. And our survey showed that Panasonic products are often very reliable, with five star ratings for its camcorders and radios (among others).

But is this really why everyone likes Panasonic so much? Sure it produces some reliable products, but it’s hardly the only tech manufacturer doing so. In fact our survey found that most tech brands are extremely reliable these days.

And while Panasonic makes some great devices, so do many other companies. Canon has the most Best Buy cameras (40 in total) and Samsung won the Best Home Audio-Visual Brand at our recent Which? Awards, thanks to its superior performance in our lab tests.

Perhaps it’s the way Panasonic treats its customers that puts it ahead? At Which? we’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence that Panasonic deals with problems with its TVs more effectively than rival manufacturers Sony and Samsung. Or could it be that while its products may not always be the very best on the market, they’re designed to do exactly what we want?

Are you one of Panasonic’s many fans, and if you are, what is it that so impresses you about the company? Or do you think that Which? members have got it wrong and there’s another technology brand you prefer?


My first choice has always been Panasonic for all electronic equipment. I have owned several videos over the years including a Hanai and others but none matched the quality or performance of my Panasonics. My current HD TV is a Panasonic also. We have even had a Panasonic vacuum cleaner in the past. However I do agree with Wavechange (above) the instruction books are sometimes fairly useless because some vital information is usually missing and it takes a lot of trial and error before I can find out how to use the advanced features. It may be something missing in the translation to English. I have a combination video/dvd recorder E95EV model and when I try to copy from VHS to DVD and follow the instructions some of the screens do not show up and I have to guess. I still cannot use the chapter or titles screens. But I will still always choose Panasonic first.

Ron Glatter says:
15 July 2011

“From digital radios and DVD recorders, to PVRs and digital cameras, Panasonic was the clear number one choice”. I’m very surprised that Panasonic are mentioned in connection with digital radios. I didn’t know they produced any. Certainly they’re not one of the main manufacturers in this category (unlike, for example, Pure, Roberts and Sony) whereas they are in the other categories mentioned. This is either a mistake or the sample size must be very small.

I encountered a Panasonic RFD1 DAB radio a few years ago. Compared with an older Pure Evoke-1 it was rather poor. I don’t know about more recent Panasonic models.

Patrick says:
15 July 2011

I have many Panasonic products the best of which is an LCD TV of about 5 years old. I paid a lot of money for it and the picture quality is still better than many new product.Only last weekend I was watching the Tour De France on Sky HD on a friends Toshiba and the picture was not as good as the standard definition freeview on my TV. I have since bought a Sony LCD for the bedroom and the picture is no where near as good.
I recently bought a Lumix G2 camera which is superb.
The worst product I have is a Lumix/Panasonic HD digital video camera (D900?). It is simply too complictated to download the video content which has resulted in me not bothering with it.
It’s a shame that the camera and the video cannot use the same battery charger as their batteries are almost identical. It would save carting both around.
We also have a Panasonic combi microwave which surprisingly broke down after 5 months use. It took about three weeks to fix. I would have expected an immediate replacement or a loan machine whilst it was fixed.
We recently bought a Panasonic

RE: your LCD tv… I have an old 28″ Panasonic CRT as well as some LCD… and the picture on that is better than some other manufacturers current LCD. Especially the deep blacks but the picture quality in general knocks the socks off my friends SONY Bravia LCD… which has truly poor picture quality in comparison. I PAID £400-£500. He paid at least £1400-£1500 at the time.

I bought a Panasonic 37″ LCD TV just over a year ago and it has failed 3 times already. I’ve now requested a replacement from Panasonic directly

Karen says:
15 July 2011

We bought a Panasonic television in April this year and it is fantastic. Great sound and picture quality.

When looking for a replacement for my 4 year old Sony Bravia, the Panasonic Viera had the highest score and rated the best buy in Which? I did look around and for the money it was a good buy.
I do like the TV. The style, the simplicity and the connectivity are all good. The picture quality is excellent in both SD and HD. The SD picture is better than my son’s LG in HD.
It’s the sound that lets it down. It has to be the very small speakers because using headphones the sound it really good. Panasonic headphones of course.
I am seriously contemplating buying a sound bar just to improve the listening quality.
When it came to buying a Blu-ray player, I had to go with a Sony, both for quality of picture, internet connectivity and price.

joeninety says:
15 July 2011

SONY any day for all products ie. mobiles, tv’s, vcr’s. Easy to set up and very reliable with excellent quality.

Our Panasonic TV recently failed after just 27months. Because we had bought it overseas (we have been out of the UK for several years and only recently returned) it was strictly a non-UK model, although we had checked that it was designed to work in the UK. Repair was going to cost about £250, and Panasonic UK refused to provide any support, other than selling us the spare part with no guarantee of success. Very disappointed with both the product and the support. We have now bought a Samsung with a 5 year guarantee.

Ken Pashley says:
16 July 2011

I have a Panasonic TV TX-L37V10B. I’m having trouble with the speakers vibrating, I also have a Panasonic Blue-ray recorder, both operating manuals are a minefield to understand unlike the Sky HD Box, easy to use, a marvellous piece of equipment. I still have a high regard for Sony also I think Samsung are have excellent TVs.

Philip Herlihy says:
16 July 2011

I won’t buy another Panasonic product until I’m satisfied they’ve stopped using them as a platform for advertising. The Programme Guide in my latest telly uses a large block of screen space to push adverts, mostly for another company I don’t much like (one that spends millions on celebrity TV advertising while telling me my endowments won’t come close to covering my mortgage!).

I share the same disappointment with the EPG on our Panasonic TV. Not only does the ad panel provide and irritating distraction, it eats up valuable screen space and means channel and programme titles are more truncated, e.g. “Channel 4” and “Channel 4 + 1” are indistinguishable.

Furthermore, selecting the EPG loses the picture and sound of the current programme – a great deterrent to checking what’s on other channels and later timeslots. Luckily we rarely watch real-time broadcasts, preferring to watch recordings from our Humax DVR. The Humax has none of these EPG drawbacks.

I e-mailed Panasonic about my dissatisfaction and, to be fair, they did at least acknowledge my reply and said they’d passed my feedback on to their product design team.

Other than this gripe, our Panasonic products (TV, BD player, DECT phone and bread-maker) perform well and are very reliable. Along with Sony, Panasonic have been technology trail blazers for digital TV performance. As the difficult technologies mature, other manufacturers catch up and Sony’s & Panasonic’s lead gradually eroded. Competing on price is the next phase but, thankfully, Which? reports and surveys allow us to track the “invisibles” – product reliability and customer support – where Panasonic seems to gain their edge.

David Hancock says:
17 July 2011

On 1 April 2010 I bought a Panasonic DMR – EX99VEB Hard Drive / DVD / VHS Recorder from John Lewis. The VHS Head was very noisy and was replaced. Timed recordings on the Hard Drive were unreliable with a weekly failure rate. The original equipment was replaced by John Lewis in September. The second machine was equally unreliable and it spent 6 weeks at a local repair agent. Following a Software Upgrade, Timed Recordings are satisfactory. However, Freeview reception is still considerably inferior to my Sony HXD 870 Hard Drive Recorder. I do NOT recommend this product or similar Panasonic equipment.

Diane Roberts says:
18 July 2011

So pleased to see Samsung came top in audio-visual tests. I am an ex TV producer and picture quality and sound quality is so important to me that I always look for places that allow you to run comparable sets side by side when buying and each time the Samsung LED HDTV stood out. Well done Which for your reliable testing!

Peter says:
18 July 2011

We bought a Panasonic television(TX 26LXD80)after reading the rave reviews in Which, several months before our local digital switchover. As a result, a fault in reception was not finally attributed to the set itself, rather than the aerial, or transmitter shortcomings, until after expiry of the warranty. A part was, nevertheless, replaced, free of charge, and everything went well until the winter, when a similar intermittent fault revealed itself. The local Panasonic repair agency failed to to find the fault,so we contacted Panasonic directly. Their best solution was for us to take the set to another repair shop, which would investigate further, for a £150-£200 fee. We feel that this is a completely inadequate customer service response to a complaint about a television set which was not fit for purpose, as sold, and so we have no intention of purchasing a Panasonic television set ever again.

DaveG says:
18 July 2011

After reading about the faults people have had,I think they should be looking at the Sale of Goods Act,but it’s surprising how many staff at Firms know nothing about the Act,so if you insist on speaking to their Supervisor then you will get a response.It works.

Phil Bailey says:
3 August 2011

I have both a 32″ Panasonic LCD TV (L32S20) and a new BW780 Blu Ray Recorder and I think they are both absolutely fantastic. I have only had these for a few months, so cannot comment on long term reliability (though previously I had a Panny DVD/HDD recorder which performed flawlessly for 5 years or so) but the picture and sound quality of both cannot be faulted, nor the very intuitive useability.
I also agree with Tom that Apple products are also excellent as I have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, both of which are also excellent.
So, keep up the good work both Panasonic & Apple!

panasonic plasma is best tv currently on market

patmac says:
25 March 2012

I was extremely pleased with my Panasonic 32″ LCD tv, however when upgrading I didn’t consider Panasonic due to the EPG with adverts – really annoying.

JayTee says:
27 March 2013

Bought a Panasonic TV from Comet (unfortunately). The TX-L42ET5B. It died post-Comet, and is in the local Approved Panasonic repair facility for a warranty repair. The inform me that there is a 5 week lead time for the necessary part. So, a £750 TV which is under a year old is sitting gathering dust, whilst, in order to keep my daughter happy, I’ve had to buy another TV to tide her over, whilst Panasonic ‘regret the delay’. So do I, and buying it in the first place. My first and last Panasonic TV. It didn’t even do what it said on the tin. “Watch catch up TV over the internet”, which is true if you only want BBC, it won’t do ITV or Channels 4 & 5..

Hello JayTee, would you like us to pass your details over to Panasonic? They have contacted us and would like to help you.

JayTee says:
4 April 2013

Hi, Patrick. I’ve been in touch with Panasonic, eventually (customer service is difficult to find, Technical Support had to put me through), they were less than helpful, merely re-iterating the information they gave the repair agency. How would they help now, with only a week and a half left before the spare is delivered, hopefully? But please do. Regards, John.

JayTee says:
12 April 2013

8 days later, heard nothing from Panasonic. Had a message from the repair organisation yesterday. One board for the TV is in, the other is due on the 16th April. Rubbish customer service and product.

JayTee says:
17 April 2013

Just had an e-mail from Panasonic (17th April), asking for my details to “investigate this matter”. Too little, too late, sadly.

Len M says:
5 April 2013

I have always loved Panasonic, especially their cameras & TVs. However, my Panasonic PVR (TU-CTH100) has been a real pain. It would often freeze, and had to be turned off to “Re-boot” it. It is also very slow in response, and if you hurry to do something just after turning it on, up comes the banner “Hard disk not ready – Please Wait”. The latest problem, is that with the clocks going forward, the automatic time correction has stopped working, and there is no way to set it manually. From a search on the internet, this is not an isolated case, and one expert, replying to someone’s request about resetting the time, suggested resetting to “Shipping condition”. In desperation, I tried this, but it didn’t solve the problem. I’m still on GMT, and now have to replace all my settings. I have a vague recollection that the time was obtained from Teletext, which may no longer exist, but couldn’t Panasonic do a software upgrade?

Philip says:
17 April 2013

Kettle, toaster, microwave, 2 HiFi systems, 3 TVs, vacuum cleaner, shaver, 2 bedside alarm clocks, 2 cameras, blu ray recorder, hair clippers,HDD recorder, surround sound system, rechargeable batteries and chargers are to name only some of the Panasonic products I own!

And they are all brilliant. By far the best electronics brand on earth. And no, I neither work for them or have been paid by them to write this!