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Is Panasonic your most-loved technology brand?

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Our latest Which? satisfaction survey found that Panasonic was the number one rated technology brand in almost every high tech product category. Do you agree? Or is there another technology brand you prefer?

With so much consumer choice available, many of us like to stick to the brands we know and love. And a recent survey of 9,637 Which? members found there was one brand we loved most of all.

Panasonic received the highest customer score – based on how satisfied Which? members are with a brand and the likelihood they’d recommend it to a friend – in most of the product categories it featured in.

From digital radios and DVD recorders, to PVRs and digital cameras, Panasonic was the clear number one choice. And Panasonic’s TVs received a staggering customer score of 91%, by far the highest in the entire survey.

In fact, it’s easier to list the few categories that it didn’t come top – set-top boxes (they came second to specialist manufacturer Humax) and mobile phones and MP3 players (neither of which they produce).

Why do you rate Panasonic so highly?

We know that Panasonic’s products often perform well in our lab tests. For instance, there are currently 28 Best Buy Panasonic cameras and 10 Best Buy DVD recorders. And our survey showed that Panasonic products are often very reliable, with five star ratings for its camcorders and radios (among others).

But is this really why everyone likes Panasonic so much? Sure it produces some reliable products, but it’s hardly the only tech manufacturer doing so. In fact our survey found that most tech brands are extremely reliable these days.

And while Panasonic makes some great devices, so do many other companies. Canon has the most Best Buy cameras (40 in total) and Samsung won the Best Home Audio-Visual Brand at our recent Which? Awards, thanks to its superior performance in our lab tests.

Perhaps it’s the way Panasonic treats its customers that puts it ahead? At Which? we’ve heard lots of anecdotal evidence that Panasonic deals with problems with its TVs more effectively than rival manufacturers Sony and Samsung. Or could it be that while its products may not always be the very best on the market, they’re designed to do exactly what we want?

Are you one of Panasonic’s many fans, and if you are, what is it that so impresses you about the company? Or do you think that Which? members have got it wrong and there’s another technology brand you prefer?

HF says:
11 July 2011

I haven’t bought a Panasonic product in years. Sony is almost always my first choice. When Sony don’t make something I want or I think the product is overpriced, then its LG or Samsung. Panasonic rarely tops the short list or one reason or another.

I haven’t bought a Panasonic Product in years… Because they just keep going!

I have a panasonic SJ-MR200 minidisk player that still goes and goes and goes. My mates sony lasted about 18 months. Mine has been going at least 10 years. Only really use it for recording these days but there’s not a int of it dying.

My TV’s are always panasonic and again where my partner’s Sony started flickering on one scart (which we can no longer use) and picture appears to have degraded… mine is pin sharp and rock steady.

As for customer service… well, panasonic have ALWAYS gone out of there way for me.
SONY? Would never by again after I bought a top of the range walkman which failed on the way home from the shop, got returned, went to the engineers who said it was a manufacturing fault, it got repaired, went wrong again…blah blah… didn’t really get to use it for 8 months in the first yr. Then when it went wrong again in month 13 (one month after warranty) the best they could do for me tell me I could trade it in for a (small) discount on a the newest top end model.

SONY have no customer service.

RANT OVER. Panasonic Rocks!

Ian says:
11 July 2011

I`m a Panasonic man having sold their kit for years. However i do believe Sony is also a top brand so it is all about personal preference. Samsung have done really well over the last few years and forced both Panasonic and Sony to adjust prices downwards slightly. A fiercely competitive market which offers customers great value and great choice. Provided the survey sample is significant in number survey results can be relied upon.

I have never had anything but a Panasonic TV

From 21″ CRTs to flat screen HD, only Sony comes close. Admittedly the competition are upping their game (Samsung, LG) but I guess if I have any brand loyalty at all, it would be to Panasonic, but only for their tvs.

I must also point out that not once has a Panasonic TV of mine broken down. None, not a sausage

Philip says:
11 July 2011

This comes as no surprise to me at all. Granted, compared to most folk, I take my fanaticism of Panasonic to the extreme, I’ve even visited their HQ in Japan. However, considering my home is rammed full of Panasonic products, they are brilliantly designed, perform flawlessly and never let me down so my fanaticism is perfectly justified. I even had rare cause to email their customer service recently for an update CD for my blu ray player and they emailed back straight away and it arrived moments later.
I can’t understand why anyone would buy any other brand. Well done and keep up the good work Panasonic!

Tom says:
11 July 2011

t’s a bit obvious but I think the best technology firm at the moment is Apple. I’ve used Apple products since the 80’s and they always ‘just work’. More recently the design aspect of their products has made them hugely desirable. I understand their development process involves creating products without any outside influence, to come up with unique products and experiences that revolutionise te market. Not all good though, it’s probably this lack of relationship with proposed end users that led to the faults with the with the iPhone 4 but part from that you have to give them credit. Their share price has rocketed 3-fold since the launch of the first iPhone’

Chris Godfrey says:
11 July 2011

Panasonic does indeed produce many quality products that shine in the reliability tables but I have always been a dedicated Sony fan since the 80s when I bought my first portable colour TV which is still going strong.
I think Sony products are aesthetically pleasing and satisfy my somewhat geeky nature as well as being reliable.

I have used many Panasonic products but not bought many. Generally they have been technically good but the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. A couple of years ago I struggled to set up a Panasonic DVD recorder, even with the help of the instruction booklet. In the 21st century it should not be necessary to use an instruction book to get something working. (Instruction books can be very useful to explain advanced features.)

I bought a Panasonic Lumix camera, only because it was heavily discounted. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the controls are intelligently designed.

My worst ever Panasonic purchase was an answering machine. The sound quality is very poor, sometimes I have to call a number three or four times before it connects, and numbers have to be entered on each handset. It should have been returned. I have gone back to using my ancient Philips answering machine which is better in almost every respect.

HarryMonmouth says:
12 July 2011

I was brought up with Sony back in the days when they made things more akin to machines than devices. I always knew they were supposed to be a quality brand but it wasn’t until recently when I bought a Sony computer that I discovered that their devices with the same specs as others would operate far more smoothly and quickly and I realised what it really means to be qualtity. It is not a case of specs, it is what you do with the same specs.

Vaio laptops are very well constructed and specced out… however there does appear to be a silly amount of extra software and links that get bundled in – lots of Sony clutter that you’ll probably never use!

Probably the only Sony products I’d recommend.

john.mccolgan says:
12 July 2011

Panasonic and Samsung are my first choice in Tech. Panasonic just edges ahead with the owner/franchise service u get in their shops. Sony used to be the leader of the pack but whilst still producing some great kit their prices carry too much of a premium now and their customer service is embarrassing

I have a Panny TX-37LZD85 and the picture in HD is just stunning. I use both BluRay and FreeSat HD and everyone who sees our TV is overwhelmed by the picture quality.

I also had a Panny TZ-3 for a number of years and recently upgrades to an LX-5 with viewfinder. I love both cameras.

Bill C says:
12 July 2011

Very disappointed with Panasonic kit. I bought a TX-37LZD81 TV, a surround sound system and a PVR all Panasonic. The remotes are all different layouts and lead to confusion. I’ve been waiting while they promised iPlayer again and again and again … still not got it. The VieraCast internet service is very poor. All recommended by Which, but I’ll not buy this brand again.

They certainly could make more effort to keep the remote controllers more similar. But if you enable the Viera Link option, you can use just the one remote control for both devices. It certainly keeps it simple with the TV and BluRay player.

Colin says:
12 July 2011

Bill C is correct,the remote for the TV and the one for the PVR should have things in the same location,my wife and I are constantly making a mistake when accessing the guide.

We have a 2009 PVR and TV and it did take a long time for iPlayer to be made available. We have it now but I understand that 2008 kit is still waiting for the update.
I do think that Panasonic kit is very good quality but the service with regard to updating older models is rather poor.

I have a Philips TV, DVD-recorder, set-top box and a DVD-player. They are not the same age but the remote controls are similar and the remote controll for the DVD works the commonly used controls of the TV. My previous Philips TV and VHS recorder had remote controls that were compatible.

I bought a Panasonic DVD-recorder for a friend who already had a Panasonic TV, assuming that one remote control could be used for both. That was a mistake because they were totally incompatible.

Panasonic could learn about user-friendly design from Philips, and even more from Apple.

Alberto says:
13 July 2011

We own 2 tv, mico wave, electric razor, 1 slr camera, 1 compact camera, 1 ipod player, & they all were
made by panasonic all are well made & value for money.

patlon says:
21 July 2011

Yes, I also switched from Philips shavers to a Panasonic one. Perhaps not as ‘fancy’, but lasting a lot longer and a better and quicker shave.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Which’s members who participated in the recent satisfaction survey for the confidence and trust they have in the Panasonic brand.

At Panasonic we listen humbly to what others say.  We are happy to receive suggestions and ideas from any source to lead to betterment and particularly thank the Which? team for their honest and often frank views and opinions, which have always challenged us to improve and excel further

Thanks for posting. Please can you provide an email address so that we can make suggestions.

Brilliant to see you on here Panasonic UK. Wavechange, we will make Panasonic aware of the comments you post here (if they haven’t seen them already) so please feel free to make suggestions.

Jeff F says:
15 July 2011

Panasonic is the first brand I look for when shopping for electrical items. I am very happy with the performance and reliability of the brand. Thanks also to Which for doing what we pay them to do in finding the best brands and products.

Mark, London says:
15 July 2011

Excellent to see Panasonic getting this credit and recognition. I am certainly a fan.

We have a Panasonic TV which is over 20 years old (a big CRT model of course), still in daily use and working perfectly.

We also have a Panasonic microwave oven purchased in 1987, used daily (often several times), that has been 100% reliable.

Keep up the good work Panasonic and thank you!

Bill Dobson says:
15 July 2011

Bought a Panasonic DVD Freesat recorder. Very problematical when recording via the Electronic Programme. Sometimes worked sometimes didn’t. Panasonic said they hadn’t heard of my problem but I got replacement from a helpful John Lewis, and had same problem and same Panasonic response.
Then on the internet I discovered others with the same complaint.
Now Panasonic don’t have a Freesat recorder in their range. Wonder why ?
My conclusion is they are not reputable by not being honest with their customers and admitting to problems which they cannot solve.
No – Panasonic is not the brilliant company Which? would lead you to believe. When there’s a major issue they don’t face up to their responsibilities. Admittedly they’re not alone in this respect.

Clive says:
15 July 2011

We had a Wharfdale – a truly ghastly TV that delighted us when it died after only 2 years of use. We bought a Panasonic after Which? recommemded the Viera in one of its tests. It has a superb plasma picture and good sound quality. Engineering standards are excellent. When it came to buying a second LCD TV for the breakfast room, it was no brainer! Both TV’s are brilliant, reliable, easy to use and give great pictures. I wouldn’t buy another brand…….

I have been more than satisfied with Panasonic VCRs over the years, Panasonic VCR/DVD recorder and an excellent Panasonic 26″ TV. Also 2 Panasonic cameras. No real problems in set up but had to do internet faultfinding with the recorder. However when seeking to replace over the last 18 months I have been put off by particular features including the Gemstar EPG containing adverts and disconnecting from the programme being viewed, and the reported poor sound quality of TVs. Possible that the better viewing angle will swing it for the TV but still unsure.