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Your view: all hung up on nuisance calls and texts

Hand holding up phone reciever

This week we announced our new campaign calling time on nuisance calls and texts. The reception so far has been electric, so I thought we’d focus on your nuisance call comments in ‘Your view’ this week.

Richard Lloyd’s Conversation calling for an end to nuisance calls has clearly struck a cord.

It’s our most popular Conversation this month, with more than 400 comments made so far. There have also been over 7,000 votes, with an incredible 100% of you saying you’re fed up with nuisance calls and texts. Liz Skinner sums up the feeling on this debate:

‘I hardly ever answer my landline as a result of these awful intrusive calls. But when I do get caught, I say I am not interested and they badger and harass me and make me feel guilty. I hung up on one once and he rang me back and shouted at me! This is outrageous. Surely there must be a way to stop them.’

Louise feels the same way, telling us on Facebook:

‘Wish I didn’t have a landline because all the calls are nuisance calls now… insulation grants, research and PPI claims … even though I have tried to be polite and cancel these calls, they are rude and intimidating. I now hang up immediately and often just don’t answer at all. It’s an invasion of privacy rights and freedom of choice.’

And it’s not just landlines, as Tracy told us on Twitter:

Keep calm and hang up

Some of you are calm, have a little fun with them, and then hang up. The aptly-named ‘Hangup’ feigns interest:

‘The latest trend in our calls is they start by saying “I am not selling anything”, so I now say “oh what a shame, I’m desperate to buy, sorry” and hang up… childish but strangely satisfying.’

David has a number of tactics to ‘play’ with nuisance callers:

‘I am so fed up with unwanted calls that I answer by asking which department they would like to be put through to. Silence follows. Another ruse is to say I would like to talk to them about the bible which always causes the line to go dead. If it’s a recorded message I just leave the phone on until I hear the beeping noise so that it costs them as much as possible. If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em!’

Commenter Ak goes a little further:

‘I just say “NO ENGLISH!” and start talking in Swahili. They soon put the phone down and hopefully remove my contact from their calling list.’

Garry tries playing them at their own game:

‘If I have time, I say hello and listen and ask them many questions until I get bored then I say “I hope I have wasted your time as much as you waste mine”. Not nice I know but then neither are the cold calls.’

Ian Hart bemoans the Telephone Preference Service, with a nice play on words:

‘The TPS really needs to get fitted with some real teeth, rather than the plastic ones which it seems to have, & which also seem to be a lot less effective than a beak-less budgie – the budgie at least, sucksseeds!’

The serious side of nuisance calls and texts

But there’s a serious side to all of this, which is best illustrated by some of the comments made, such as Caroline’s:

‘I have been off work for two weeks due to fact that my father died and my mother is seriously ill. Every day I receive cold calls regarding PPI despite being ex directory. This is very distressing. I dive to my phone every time it rings in case it is my mother needing help. I find it disgraceful that these people feel that they have the right to bombard me with calls everyday.’

Similarly ‘Dontstand4it’, who gets our Comment of the Week, has had an awful time due to nuisance callers:

‘Last February was a very distressing time as my mother in law who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease went missing from her home. I was back at work having helped search for nearly two weeks, not knowing what would be the outcome and awaiting the possibility of a phone call from the police that I was not looking forward to. On the afternoon of my return to work I received a phone call on my mobile from a woman who said ‘we have a very urgent message for you…’ Before I had the chance to realise it was yet another PPI sale, my mind went haywire and I felt physically sick.’

This is why we don’t want the regulators to delay. They need to set up a taskforce and take action before 12 weeks are up, otherwise we’ll ask the government to step in. So, make sure you don’t tone down your support – dial it up.


I’ve been with Telephone Preference Service for years and I shudder to think how bad it would be without that.
BTW you do NOT have to renew it like some of the liars doing the cold calling will tell you.

Seems to me there are six different situations

1. a lot are from overseas now and they register on my phone as “International” so they don’t get answered at all.

2. “I’m not selling anything its a survey.” I hang up cos they started off with a lie

3. They are trying to sell something. I say Telephone Preference Service. They say “Oh sorry I’ll take you off the database” – LIAR

4. is the same as 3 but they hang up before I get the full phrase out.

5. Now they are calling my mobile!!!!

6. Now they are using recorded messages, mostly about PPI. They start off with “its about YOUR PPI” I don’t HAVE any PPI, I always opted out.

Oh and MOST of the calls are at tea time!!

Well done Which for getting on board this is a major major pain in the Tuchas wherever that is

Shonafabshoes says:
22 March 2013

These calls are an invasion of privacy, and I am bewildered that someone can call me up whenever they choose, knowing my name, address, phone number, and usually some other personal information. They can say whatever they like to me and yet I have no number, name or company info about them and no recourse when they are so rude, and at times obscene.

What further incenses me is when people say ‘they’re just doing their job’. That’s no excuse for it happening, nor for the rudeness and obscenities, and as we’re registered on TPS, part of the caller’s job is to check the register themselves and not to call any numbers on there.

I’ve tried various tactics, the latest one being just to claim they’ve got the wrong number.

John says:
22 March 2013

As with many others we receive at least one or two nuisance calls each day, around lunchtime,
if my ‘phone screen records “international” it is ignored; nevertheless someone has been disturbed. Lately the callers claim to be insulation or double glazing specialists and “I’m calling
re your recent accident.” The mention of TPS registered very occasionally raises an apology but
mostly seems to be of no concern whatsoever to the caller. I have also adopted some time
wasting schemes at the expense of the caller, such as please hold while I answer the door, or
even keep silent while he/she registers a lengthy description of what it is they are calling about;
and then ask if they can repeat their statement since my hearing aids don’t seem to be working
very well. I had thought I might buy one of those air horns to blow their eardrums down their throats, but have had second thoughts in case they claim damages under some premeditated injury clause.


I have calls at 2 and 6 am. A few rings, enough to wake me, then they stop. I check 1471, number withheld. So every night I have to unplug my phone. I have very sore hands and it an actual pain. My suggestion is that there is a method of registering numbers we want calls from. Unsolicited calls will be charged £10 to the caller. MAKE THEM PAY then it will at last stop.

Also make it illegal to provide services to people who withhold their number. If they act decently what have they to hide.

I will be contacting my mp this has to stop. As a citisen I would face jail time for this set up.

Robintherich says:
23 March 2013

Just like your other correspondents I receive on average 3 to 4 calls most days. I am registered with the TPS but it makes little difference as most of the calls are from overseas. Even those that are from the UK are not at all put off when I mention the TPS. One caller admitted that they ignore TPS rules and although they are told to apologise and offer to remove my number from their database they never do so.
I have tried all the responses described by others but now I just hang up.
The telephone companies could stop this practice immediately if they were so inclined but I guess its revenue for them and so they couldn’t care less about the problem.
I am very concerned that these callers know my name and address and wonder what else they know about me.
I really do wish that the regulators would get a grip and do the job they are paid to do. At present it seems to me that if they were disbanded we wouldn’t notice any difference.

Sheila Baker says:
23 March 2013

Like everyone else, I am fed up with nuisance calls. Recently one person stated that ‘according to our records you recently suffered an accident that was not your fault…… I have not suffered an accident so I put the phone down. I wish now that I had challenged this statement. But it requires a lot of patience to take them on. I also find they love to phone around mealtimes or late in the evening.
Good luck to Which for taking the callers on.


One problem with blocking unidentified calls, such as withheld and unavailable, is that some of them could be genuine and not spam. Many organisations have different lines for incoming and outgoing calls. The outgoing number is not available for incoming calls so is hidden to avoid people trying to call it. Calls identified as International do not usually fall into this category.

I use a combination of answer phone and caller display to deal with the problem. If I recognise a caller I answer, if not I let it go through to the answer phone, if the caller is genuine then a message will be left otherwise it can be ignored.

I have in the past suffered a range of spam text messages on my mobile. They started with the messages telling me that I should claim damages for my recent accident, when I hadn’t had one; they then changed to telling me that compensation for PPI was owed to me, when I have never paid PPI; when these stopped I started to get texts offering me loans. I forwarded all of them to 7726 which with my service provider, T-Mobile, is the number for notifying spam texts. This does seem to work because I have noted that the number of spam texts has decreased quite significantly and it is now rare to get one (I feel the need to touch wood after that last comment!).

Paul Simmonds says:
23 March 2013

Latest tactic, two similar calls in the last four days “answer this lifestyle survey and then we won’t continue to call you” (not word for word – but it was almost an implied threat).