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Your view: purrrlease stop nuisance calling

Cold-called cat meme

Nuisance calls haven’t hung up just yet. You’re still being bombarded, and we’re still campaigning on your behalf. Here’s a round up of your recent cold call trials from our Facebook page and Which? Conversation.

On Facebook, we shared our Cold-Called Cat. And Enid added this comment:

‘When one is constantly telling them to take your name off the list and one is constantly being pestered, I can understand why people get irate. I am sick and tired of these calls! My brother-in-law told them he was going to get a pen and left the phone on, one cannot blame people for taking these measures. It is harassment.’

Kathleen’s husband is fed up with cold calls:

‘My poor husband gets so irate with these people and calls from the ambulance chasers. It does his blood pressure no good at all. Wish we could get it stopped.’

Jane relies on her answering machine:

‘I’ve stopped answering my phone if I don’t recognise the number. I figure that if it’s important enough they’ll leave a message. They rarely do…’

Tyler turns the tables on cold callers:

‘I either ask them to hold and put the phone on a cushion face down (they eventually give up and hang up), or I say it’s not a convenient time right now so could they give me their home number and I’ll call them, they say no! And I say funny that you don’t like being called at home either!

‘Caller ID is the most useful as you can screen most calls and it’s free if you have the right phone.’

BT charges for Caller Display

Talking of Caller ID, we’ve been discussing BT’s price changes here on Which? Convo. In the future BT customers who want Caller Display will have to pay. Stephen had this to say:

‘I find it difficult to understand how BT can justify charging for caller display as being able to see the number calling before answering is important in screening unwanted calls. Putting up rental is bad enough but creating a charge for caller display can not be justified.’

Banjo will be switching to another provider:

‘I like caller ID. One of the reasons I stay with BT is because it was free. Now that it isn’t free I am free to look at other providers. The savings I make on their contracts might pay for caller ID on their networks.’

And Andy Cooke concluded:

‘Phone companies should be doing everything they can to empower their customers to be able to identify nuisance calls and so assist in providing information with which to report companies abusing the TPS system, which is far from effective.’

Inquiry on nuisance calls

And just to update you on our Calling Time on Nuisance Calls and Texts campaign; this week we gave evidence to an All Party Group inquiry on nuisance calls. The inquiry took place over three days, where 20 witnesses gave evidence to MPs from across the UK and political spectrum. We gave evidence on your behalf, and the Group will now produce a set of recommendations to be presented to the government.

So, that’s the week that was. Are you still being plagued by nuisance calls and texts? Oh, and if you have any caption suggestions for our cold-called cat, please share them!


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An increasing practice which I find annoying is the use of Private Numbers from local services, e.g. GPs Surgery, Neighbourhood Police, Councils, etc., which I do not want to miss, but of which I am wary. Why do they want to hide their numbers over & above their links with patients, residents, taxPAYERS, etc.?