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Not such a sporting deal from BT?

For the last few years BT has been enticing sports fans to take out its broadband package by offering BT Sport for free. But recently it’s moved the goalposts and that’s left some customers unhappy.

When BT moved into the world of pay-per-view TV, it seemed like great news for its customers.

People who had or were taking out BT’s broadband package suddenly found they had a world of sport at their fingertips through BT Sport 1 and 2 channels, which they got for no extra cost. For many this was a strong factor in choosing their broadband provider.

And BT Sport has gained the rights to win increasingly attractive sports events, including from this year the exclusive live rights to show all 350 fixtures Champions League and Europa League football matches.

So that’s all good news for customers? Well…

Counting the cost

Last month BT wrote to tell broadband customers that they would get access to two new channels. But it would cost them £5 a month from 1st August. And they would be automatically signed up to the new deal.

BT rightly says that if you don’t want to pay the £5 for the extra channels you can opt out and still have access to BT Sport – but only BT Sport 1.

Customers are telling us that the removal of BT Sport 2 means that the deal isn’t just half as good – they’re losing the things they signed up for in the first place, like some of the European Rugby Champions Cup games.

Still a good deal?

My colleague Adam is one of those feeling annoyed:

‘One of the draws for signing up to BT Broadband, which is at the pricier end of the scale, was getting access to some top-quality sports channels. Specifically getting to see rugby games which BT Sport have exclusive rights to broadcast, at no extra cost.’

‘Now I’m going to get a lot less unless I agree to fork out an additional £5 a month. It’s doubtful I would have taken up a contract with them without the allure of BT Sport, so it’s really frustrating to have the rug pulled out from under me part way through my contract.’

When customers have gone back to look at the original terms & conditions of their contract they can’t check them, because they’ve only got a link to the website – where the T&Cs have recently been updated.

So with the new rules set to kick in next week, what’s your experience? Did you take out a broadband package because of the offer with BT Sport? Do you feel like you are about to be stung for an extra £5 a month or is it still a good deal?


I’m just hoping, but not expecting, that Sky will reduce their prices since they don’t have to pay for sport that BT have taken.

Henry says:
31 July 2015

I called BT using the number provided (0800 707 6023) on the letter, the operator gave me misleading information and tried to sell me a more expensive broadband package. She said the only way to avoid the extra £5 monthly charge was to downgrade to BT Sport Lite ‘BUT’ I would have to cancel my existing contract and replace it with a new contract which would actually cost MORE(?!) than my existing one! I got really confused at the end so I told her that I would have to do it online.

I downgraded to BT sport Lite by visiting BT.com/give-me-lite. I typed in my telephone number and postcode then followed the online instructions.

Harry Toye says:
8 August 2015

I declined BTs offer of paying £5 per month for sport on the web, simply because I do not want to watch sport on my laptop any more, I then decide to take out BT TV @ £5 per month plus £ 35-00 connection fee and new contract, got the set top box, set it up quite easily, this was 31st July, could not get any sport at all, contacted BT and was told my broadband speed was not fast enough, I am getting 8mbs and to get sport on TV I need 15mbs, when I said I wanted my connection fee returned and contract cancelled I was transferred from India to someone in Britain, who said straight off that all the info about speeds required were on the packages advertised, thinking I was wrong I told them that I only took out the packages for the sport, he eventually said he would report my complaint, and it would take up to TEN DAYS to reply to me, I went back into their T&Cs to see if I missed something, could only find mention of 5mbs speed for PPV programmes, I received an E.mail from BT on 6th August welcoming me to BT sport with instructions on how to set up? I am still waiting on BT returning to me on my complaint, guess it will be 10 DAYS after all

Bt is the biggest rip off ive ever seen £19.99 a month for one channel plus £15 activation fee plus the monopolised the champions league in this country unfair and shocking state of affairs .