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Can broadband keep up with our binge-watching habits?

Orange is the new black on a mobile device

According to Ofcom, more and more people are enjoying on demand TV thanks to the availability of superfast broadband. But are you missing out on the latest episode of Game of Thrones because of your poor internet connection?

We’re apparently a nation of binge-viewers, according to Ofcom’s new research, with 40 million of us (or eight in ten adults) now watching TV episodes back to back.

When the new season of Orange is the New Black came out on Netflix this summer, I promised myself to watch it sparingly. 48 hours later, I’d finished it.

There is something incredibly moreish about having access to multiple episodes of your favourite show, and I think we’re starting to see this influence the way in which shows are written and produced. Late 90s / early 00s favourite The West Wing had 22 episodes in each season nearing about 1000 minutes of viewing time per season. Shows are much less likely to be produced in this format anymore because the way we watch them is different.

Digital changes

The Communications Markets Report 2017, released annually and out today, unleashes some interesting observations about the way we view and use technology in our lives. It’s no surprise that this is constantly evolving and that we are in many ways becoming more dependent on our devices.

Ofcom cites the trends in instant entertainment as being partly due to the availability of faster home internet speeds.

But as we continue to uncover, there are stark differences between good and bad broadband speed for millions of people. So is there a danger of people missing out on spectacular TV entertainment that should be available at their fingertips?

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Ownership of internet-enabled devices is on the rise according to today’s Ofcom report. Nearly four in ten under 55s now own an internet enabled smart TV which explains the increase in ‘binge-watching’ habits, but if you can’t get a decent connection then are you going to start missing out as culture starts to lean more towards this style of watching your favourite shows?

Your views on broadband speed

So, do you have internet-enabled devices in your home? Is bad broadband impacting your ability to keep up with your favourite shows?

Does your internet connection restrict your TV watching habits?

No (74%, 111 Votes)

Yes (26%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 151

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The local highway authority clearly failed to check the siting of the cabinets, or realise that they were the ‘hub’ type cabinets, not the usual local distribution cabinets. I read that Virgin Media notified them in advance as required but no comments were raised. I must admit, however, that it was a singularly inept location used by VM and common sense should have made them realise it was unacceptable. Whoever did the location survey must have been incompetent. I sure there are other suitable locations for this particular installation.

The cabinets provided by other telecom service providers are becoming gross and sometimes a number are clustered together including a mast that looks like a huge sausage on a pole [other descriptions are available]. BT, as the original provider, has a much bigger number of much smaller cabinets, and they are more discreetly sited, but even Openreach now is installing giant street boxes – although not in front of people’s windows. Clearly VM don’t want the expense of having more but smaller cabinets or routing the cables to an off road position not affecting any properties.