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Stitched up by mobile signal? Wear your antenna

Man mobile signal

Mobile phones are often thought of as a fashion statement, but would you go as far as to wear one? A uni team has developed a wearable antenna, potentially paving the way to wearable phones and better reception.

The Ohio State University’s technology has so far only been touted for use by soldiers, the police and fire-fighters – but it might not be long until manufacturers get stitching.

Put forward as a solution to the “death grip” problems of the iPhone 4, the technology would increase the size of the antenna and improve reception – although how your phone will connect to this antenna clothing has yet to be demonstrated.

Would your phone be permanently wired to your clothes or would it be incorporated into a piece of clothing? Would you need a different model for each season that’s unique to different weather? Would they be dry clean only?

There are plenty of questions, not least whether you would actually trust a mobile manufacturer to make your clothes. For every Apple iPhone there’s another 10 Alcatels out there…

Plus, there’s always the uncertainty about the potential health risks of mobile phones. If some are wary of using their handset without a hands-free kit, how would they feel about wrapping themselves in an antenna?

Personally I think a wearable antenna is great idea for those in harms way – people who need better signal and their hands free. However, it seams a bit far fetched for the average consumer. Would you wear your mobile phone like a vest?

cmf0530 says:
25 August 2011

No thanks, i’m not really one for wearing my technology as an accessory. Okay fine, I see the purpose of a hands-free kit for maybe military personal or even people behind the wheel, but even with drivers, (and this is only judging by my own mother driving with speaker phone on) i don’t believe even a wearable antenna with reduce accidents due to phone distractions on the road!

I remember when the Bluetooth first came out. How many people laughed when you would see someone walking around the mall with it attached to their ear! And now manufacturers want to make it wearable on articles of clothing? Good luck selling that one! i’ll stick to my dull handset for the time being and maybe ask me in a few years…

Wouldn’t be easier to junk the iPhone and jsut buy a phone that works, lots do.