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Is your smart TV missing key catch-up and on-demand apps?

You’d be shocked if you turned on the TV to find that some major broadcast channels weren’t available on your brand of television. But when it comes to smart TV apps, such as ITV Hub and All 4, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Update 11/03/2019

Pricey TVs losing access to BBC iPlayer is a problem that won’t go away. Our members, as well as people here on Which? Conversation, have told us that the app can go missing for months.

What to do if your Samsung TV has lost BBC iPlayer

The problem isn’t limited to Samsung TVs, but the majority of people notifying us of the issues had a Samsung set.

We believe both Samsung and the BBC need to be more up front about compatbility issues – users should be alerted to the problem, and a relastic timeline of when it can be fixed should be given.

Have you lost access to BBC iPlayer on your TV? Let us know in the comments.

Original convo 19/04/2017

I expect a lot from my smart TV. I want to be able to watch the live cricket, flick over to Mad Men or Happy Valley in the Netflix app, and then perhaps head to All 4 (the Channel 4 catch-up app) to watch the episodes of Catastrophe that I’ve missed, all without ever leaving my sofa.

And most people want much the same. In a recent survey of more than 4,000 members, two thirds of smart TV owners said the availability of catch-up and on-demand apps was important when buying their TV.

So it’s no surprise that customers are left dumb-founded when these are missing from their brand-new smart TV.

The murky world of missing apps

Despite Samsung becoming the first manufacturer to offer the full complement of BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 catch-up apps in 2013, its 2015 and 2016 smart TVs were all missing these for several months when they were first available to buy.

At the time of writing, All 4 still hadn’t been released on its 2016 smart TVs – more than nine months after they were released.

Samsung said:

‘The Samsung Smart TV platform is used by content providers to make their apps available to consumers, and many factors can affect the speed in which this happens. Samsung is committed to working with content providers to make apps available as quickly as possible, whilst providing the best offering and experience.’

But waiting weeks or even months for the apps to appear isn’t the only issue – some will never be available on certain brands of TV. For example, LG, Panasonic and Sony smart TVs bought between 2011 and 2014 won’t ever have the ITV Hub nor All 4 apps.

And with TV manufacturers and retailers warning that the availability of third-party apps is subject to change, you could even discover that some become defunct a few years down the line.

A solution?

So what are smart TV manufacturers doing to ensure these key apps are available on their new models?

Well, most Panasonic and LG smart TVs now incorporate Freeview Play in their smart TV platforms. This handy system integrates catch-up TV into the electronic programme guide, allowing LG and Panasonic to offer all the key services.

Smaller brands Hisense, JVC and Toshiba all recently announced they will be also integrating Freeview Play into some of their TVs, while Sony has incorporated YouView, a similar system offering the main catch-up apps, in its smart TVs since 2015.

Not only do Freeview Play and YouView allow TV brands to offer BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4 and My 5, the apps are on the TVs as soon as they become available, so you won’t be waiting weeks or months for them to appear.

This means that Samsung – which has yet to make any clear commitment to include either Freeview Play or YouView in its smart TVs – has gone from being the only major brand able to offer all the main catch-up apps to being the only one not able to offer them from when the TVs first become available to buy.

As Freeview Play and YouView are relatively young, we’re yet to see whether these systems will lose support for catch-up TV services.

But Freeview did tell us that it had considered this when designing the system:

‘While we cannot absolutely guarantee that all our content partner’s apps and services will be present for the life of the device, we have taken steps to ensure that Freeview Play offers the greatest possible chance of achieving this by mandating the very latest connected TV technology and enforcing common standards.’

But, to me, the fact that most apps are now available on your brand-new TV from the start is definitely an improvement.

Is your smart TV missing key catch-up and on-demand apps? Or was it when you first bought it?

Tony Thompson says:
29 April 2019

Hi Have a Hisense 50in Smart TV that _does_ have ITVHub, but only the catch up section. The “Live TV” link is missing.

ITV’s response was:
*At this moment in time, the only devices which currently have Live TV on the ITV Hub app are:
NowTV stick/box, IOS devices (iPhone, iPad Apple TV), Android devices (Mobiles & tablets), PC/Laptop, Amazon Fire-stick & some Samsung Smart TVs.*.

I just don’t get it. How can they suppress the link on some TVs? and not others?

Tom says:
26 May 2019

Our new LG tv did have iplayer and more4 but they have both now been taken off with a note saying something went wrong! Looks like we have lost them altogether. LG says apps aren’t guaranteed!!!

I know that some features of BBC iPlayer used to be suppressed on PC’s but not on iDevices.

I used a 3rd party fix for that. It worked by offering spoofed (or faked) credentials to the iPlayer website, so it treated my PC as an iDevice instead of a PC.

I bet most so-called smart TV’s don’t run standard Android, iOS or Windows (etc.). Hence, if they aren’t running a fully supported OS, it will be easy for the ITV server to detect this and identify that they don’t qualify to receive all the live streams.

As an illustration, I can interrogate the PC I’m posting from to see exactly what OS it is running.Its response is “4.15.0-50-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 6 18:46:08 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux” which could be used to show a server that I’m not running any of Windows, Android or MacOS.

Manda says:
26 December 2019

I have the same .. I have a Hitachi 4k tv and i can get BBC iplayer and itv hub fine but every time i try “all 4 ” or “my 5 ” it says 001: something went wrong. This is currently unavailable try again later” I have to watch catch up through my xbox or ps4 on my tv . Did you get a resolution to the problem that you could share with me ?

Do Samsung, Panasonic etc suppress some Tv’s or merely refuse to pay a licence for Tv’s that have reached the age of 5 years? This was the explaination I was given by one supplier when BBC iPlayer and ITV hub stopped working on my Tv. This cynical disregard of customers doesn’t breach our consumer laws, but it’s time it did.

Pen , if a TV is sold as a smart device, with advertised internet access, then I think retailers are legally responsible for supplying goods fit for purpose with an adequate service life.

If manufacturers fail to support that, then I think there is a potential case for legal redress. But probably not a easy one…

Zoe says:
29 April 2019

I have a panosonic smart tv and recently had to retune it. Now when I go onto internet my itvhub and 4 catch up apps have gone! I have to go onto google and watch it that’s way but I can’t get full screen! Cani get the apps back off so how please?

Can’t get ITV hub on my 2014 Sony *supposedly* smart TV – a massive miss. Even more annoying when ITV glibly say “oh, you can get everything on the hub” – no you can’t! and many of their extra ITV+1 channels cut off at midnight – even when that means missing the crucial last 2 mins revelations of a 2-hour long detective drama like ‘Endeavour’! You get the impression the executives concerned never watch their own channels, or this would have been sorted years ago.

9 May 2019

I just bought a 43 inch Philips TV 6503 Series which has Freeview Play and lots of Smart Apps. Unfortunately the UKTV Play app is hidden and not listed with the other installed apps and is not listed on the App Gallery with the apps not installed on my TV. The only way I can access the UKTV Play app is to go to the Freeview Play TV guide and press the green button when I have the cursor on one of the UKTV channels such as Dave.
I think this is ridiculous as all the other catch up apps are listed in the apps menu. The only other app that is not listed is NOW TV but that is because I don’t think that is available with my TV anyway.

There is an app called Freeview Explore on my TV as well but that app is rubbish as it only has about 10 videos from various channels such as Dave but it does not give you access to the complete library like what Freeview claim on their website.
This is a very good TV but just has some small issues that are annoying such as when I want to change sources sometimes the sources menu will disappear in less than a second which gives me no time to make my selection.

Joanna Griffiths says:
13 May 2019

Some programmes simply not available to catch-up via ITV Hub on our Sony Smart TV (eg VICTORIA). They used to be and suddenly they’re not!

Elaine Jakeman says:
20 May 2019

I purchased a Blaupunkt smart tv last month from Currys. The apps are useless unless you live in Germany. Netflix and BBC iplayer is the full extent of its UK apps. So it is in effect a Dumb TV unless you live in mainland europe!. So still rely on a nowtv box to get other catch up services

Robert Smith says:
26 January 2020

Same here, I bought mine from currys too, same model, and it has all the apps shown o9n the box, but Netflix, Youtube and BBC iPlayer are the only ones I can access.

Jo Stone says:
23 June 2019

I have a Toshiba smart TV bought Dec 2013 that only offers BBC I player.
Toshiba have told me that it is an older model and cannot offer others like ITV hub or UKTV etc.
They said I would have to get a fire stick or similar or presumably a newer model!

Ron says:
17 July 2019

Just been given a Panasonic tx-58gx8oob as a replacement under guarantee. When tuned in all is ok. After switching off and then back on Freeview play keeps searching, there is no freeview catch up and the guide is hit and miss and when the guide is on it will not go backwards. Been on to Panasonic twice and done everything that they have suggested but no joy. Good strong internet signal. Retune and all ok until it is switched off. Obviously a fault in the tv but the repair centre seem reluctant to accept this

Will McConnell says:
28 September 2019

In November 2018, i bought a Sony BluRay player home cinema with SMART functions, so have the BBC iplayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video apps installed. Yesterday I got a message on the device that the Amazon Prime Video App was no longer supported. We use the App quite a lot and have paid for a fair amount of content on it, so losing it is unacceptable as a consumer. I have contacted Amazon because I bought it through them and they initally offered me £20 “promotional credit” towards buying a Firestick. I have insisted on them paying the full £39.99 which they have agreed to do but it is clearly considered to be a one-off favour to me for my inconvenience rather than a policy as the right thing to do. It is important that all people inconvenienced by this sort of issue make it the companies’ problem, rather than shouldering the problem themselves. I imagine if Amazon had to credit all those affected by £40, they would have an incentive to prevent the issue arising. I really want the App back on my device, cos having a firestick as well means more gadgets to have to fiddle with and yet another remote control cluttering up my sitting room and my life.

Will-if you bought it in November -2018 I have to ask was it at a reduced price ?
The reason I ask as I know for a fact that you get more than 6 months out of an app attached to a typical media device.
What happens is a company store up some OR after a certain time enjoy the benefit of a reduced bulk/individual purchase not available to the public as the manufacturer is bringing out a new version or Mark number of the model .
Its all legal but its the poor customer who ends up loosing out .
I managed to obtain information ( don’t ask ) that it is standard practice right across this type of media – “smart”- TV,s- etc etc , its all down to commercial profit .
Unlike the UK many Americans are wise to this practice and insist on the Model number/Serial number of a media product to prove it really is “brand new “.

Another NON- Sustainability product Which ?

Will McConnell says:
29 September 2019

Interesting, Duncan. I bought it directly from Amazon as a New item at what seemed the usual price. Whether they had stored it for years is difficult to say – the model first came out in 2013, so it is possible, I guess.

An additional problem with Sony Will is that they do little firmware updates so that the public will buy the latest model , the actual model itself can stay the same but the serial number /mark number will change to signify a later model.

Apps that don’t belong to Sony ( or any other manufacturers products ) are produced by software engineers who get paid by the company they sell them too , most companies wont pay the software engineers to update their products —-very prevalent in “smart” TV,s preferring to make more money out of a brand new product.
I listened to a “flame war ” on a business tech. website where several engineers were tearing several well known companies apart for their devious business methods and “meanness” .

When I’m on YouTube via my phone I can link this to my TV…….Perfect.

I tried to watch ‘Sanditon’ on the ITV hub on my phone which was fine but to link to TV it doesn’t work…….Very frustrating.

June says:
18 October 2019

We purchased a Panasonic Smart Tv which did have all the stations apps, now we can only get BBC iPlayer, i wonder if this is a way for them to sell more tv’s by forcing people to update so that they can once again have these services, no doubt in the future someone will press a button and we will all need to update again as even now there is no guarantees that with a new television these apps will remain. Spoke to Panasonic today who told me I need to contact the people who made the app!….. asked if they were giving out refunds on their televisions to which I got a laugh in reply so I guess not……

Hi June, sorry to hear that you’ve also got a smart-no-longer TV.

Rather than buying a replacement TV, a much lower cost fix is to use some other device such as either a small streaming media player (Roku make some nice ones) or a smart DVD player when you need to access streaming services.

I’m currently using a 2017 vintage Panasonic Blu-ray player as that gets the services I want (and it also plays DVD’s).

Yes June and the app makers will tell you that the manufacturers wont pay them to update their apps –got that straight from some software engineers.
Do as Derek suggests, and your right about the reason,
the Roku pen drives arent that dear.

Francois Houareau says:
1 November 2019

I bought a Panasonic TX-55AX902 this was the bees knees of tv 4 years ago hence the cost of £2000 but within a couple of months the itv hub and free view play earlier option disappeared for itv. Now we have only BBC left all others have stopped working. I have done all firmware upgrades and spoke to Panasonic on numerous occasions. They are always passing it to someone but I have never received and reply of anyone at Panasonic 😟 we bought what was advertised as a new innovative tv but ended up with a plain tv our 2009 Sony still has all players but our Panasonic only has bbc catchup. Even the apps store doesn’t show anything for itv, channel 4, Chanel 5 or any others. I feel like I was miss sold a tv that never supplied or supplies what I was promised.

Francois you are not alone 100,s of Panasonic big screen ,smart TV owners with TV,s newer than your complain of the same faults in loss of apps .
One thing you could try is a full factory reset but that is a real pain to reinstall and must be left off for at least 30 minutes but as you have lost everything you don’t have much to lose .
You are “lucky ” the apps lasted that long many don’t, the manufacturers wont pay the software engineers to update the apps as they want you to buy a new TV , going by the massive number of complaints in this country on many forums about Panasonic TV,s I would not recommend buying another of the same make .
As this TV cost so much buy a Roku Firestick/box they are better quality than some although Roku now has competition I still recommend them , get the new latest edition one –
don’t buy the cheap one .

As many are in your situation Francios here is a simple guide to what a Roku Streaming device is and does –

Jackie says:
16 November 2019

We bought a cheap Sharp 40” smart TV just for the caravan. It doesn’t have ITV??????? Any ideas please..

Do you mean ITV (for your region ) or an “ITV app ” Jackie ?
Give me the model and any other details so I can check on it for you.
Ah ha ! Jackie Sharp say they supply a very limited number of apps and –in small print –advise you to connect your TV to your computer read-
Now that’s decidedly cheapskate not paying a software engineer to make apps for many channels.

Hi Jackie – Does the TV receive ITV at home?

A friend of mine used to have great difficulty in getting ITV via terrestrial digital. She switched to a free satellite service.

If its the case Jackie has trouble with the actual local standard ITV signal and not an app then that is a good idea Derek .
I have a choice of any ITV local broadcast from the whole of the UK , the only problem with a caravan though is you need to buy a specialised type (small ) that can be attached to the caravan and you need to buy a satellite signal strength meter and spend time aligning it with Astra -28 degrees E satellite unlike a terrestrial aerial its got to be spot on unless it was a home version of large size even part of a degree out and –no signal .
Cheap satellite meters are available but they don’t have digital displays nor ability to show the satellite aimed at , a good one costs over £100 , I should say over £200 but you still have to do the aligning yourself .

Hopefully Jackie may reply to some of our queries and suggestions. But given that a smart TV would need a good Internet connection I wonder if the caravan in question is static not touring?

If its static Derek I hope it isn’t like the ones near me —surrounded by tall trees to hide the site otherwise –no signal if a clear view SE is not available .
In saying that even a terrestrial aerial will lose strength if part of the signal is blocked by trees if its in line with the repeater or main transmitter.

I’d thought about a problem with internet access, but cannot see how this would affect a particular channel.

We are going round in circles with this Wavechange because Jackie has not replied , if you want to watch a TV channel in its entirety via the web you need an app , Sharp say they have provided BBC and a few others but its very limited and recommend using a computer read-

One of the obvious easy fixes for a no-longer-smart TV is to use Google’s Chromecast (see:-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromecast ).

I was able to buy a brand new one for £20 this weekend in my local CPCW store (n.b. other retailers are available…).

Setting the device up requires plugging it in to the TV via an HDMI port and then using Google’s Home app to complete its setup.

Once setup, the device will accept either immediate or queued streaming requests or “casts” from compatible apps on smart phones or PC.

So for example, you can open BBC iPlayer or Netflix or YouTube (etc…) on your device of choice (e.g. Android or iPhone smart phones or the Chrome web browser on any PC) and then redirect your chosen video stream to your TV.

Overall, for media streaming, I found the Chromecast easy to setup and nice to use, especially when casting from a smart phone.

Richard says:
10 December 2019

IPlayer stopped working on my 4 year old Samsung on 9th December 2019. Nothing I try to do will bring it back either. This just sucks really. Will need to make sure I record BBC stuff on my trusty old Humax Foxsat PVR. Manufacturers and providers need to get this sorted.

Good make that sat box Richard and reliable I went for Technomate bought direct from the London importer.
Its not going to get “sorted ” Richard its their way of making money by not paying the software engineer to update the app therebye forcing you ( they think ) to buy another “smart ” TV.
Go Roku .

For example, see:-https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7392924 Note: other retailers are available…

This issue has raised its head again today with the news that some Samsung TVs are no longer getting the iPlayer, and it’s a real pain for people.

There are a couple of issues here. The first is that TV manufacturers are really not good at being transparent about how long they’ll continue to support devices for. With smartphones you sort of know how long you’ve got: Android phones in general get updates for three years and iPhones get updates for five years, but it’s hard to know how long a TV will be supported, especially if you buy a model that’s a year or more old.

The second issue is that app developers understandably don’t want to support lots of different versions of platforms: new code doesn’t always play nicely with an older operating system, or the older version of the platform doesn’t support new features. It’s also a security issue, too – app developers will often disable their apps for old versions that aren’t getting any more security patches, which is infuriating for us, the users, but is a good thing.

But with both the TV manufacturers and the app developers, we’d like them to be a lot more upfront about how long you can expect to get updates and when something is going out of support.

I know that if I buy an 18-month-old Android phone, I’m at best only going to get another 18 months before it stops getting updates, and so I make an informed decision about whether I think that’s a good-value purchase. But if you don’t know, it’s impossible to make an informed decision.

And we’d like app developers to give plenty of warning before an app stops working. If an app on your smart TV tells you that it’ll stop working in six months’ time, you can make some decisions about whether it’s time to buy a new TV, or whether you’d rather switch to something like a Chromecast or an Amazon Fire stick or Roku stick instead.

Thanks to Kate for posting the update. We’ve also published a news story today: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2019/12/smart-tvs-losing-access-to-streaming-apps-how-severe-is-the-issue/

George – It would be good if a member of the Which? Legal team would give some general advice on what legal rights we have if a smart TV that loses some or all of its apps.

From what I’ve seen it’s a very difficult area to give direct legal advice on as it’s so variable. The news story I’ve linked to states that losing apps should be treated as a potential fault rather than app problems – especially if the TV isn’t very old.

It goes on to say that it’s an issue that should be looked at closely by the manufacturer under the terms of the warranty.

I will ask the legal team and the author of the piece if they can add anything further.

Thanks George. Although consumer rights problems can vary greatly, making it difficult to offer general advice, when customers lose apps the problem is much the same. In future we many see similar problems with smart devices failing to work properly after an indeterminate period, so TVs losing apps could be the forerunner of many similar problems. Imagine, for example, if your smart thermostat stopped communicating after upgrading a phone operating system.

A guarantee or warranty can provide additional legal rights, but what really matters is our statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act etc.

Which? has rightly raised our awareness of the need for action to improve sustainability but I fear that smart devices will bring more obsolescence, whether planned or not.

I wonder if the smart TV problem could be mentioned in this section: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/what-do-i-do-if-i-have-a-faulty-product It might encourage website users to make a claim for the fault that their TV has developed.

@gmartin – Hi George – You said that it would be difficult to offer direct legal advice, but would Which? Legal be able to offer specific legal advice to those who subscribe to their service?

I’ve asked and they’re also of the opinion that it’s a very complicated situation in which the CRA may not even help, so it really is difficult to say. However, this is still on our list of things to clarify with the manufacturers and the Consumer Rights team hasn’t forgotten, however do bear with us as we are far from business as usual at the moment – resources are very much focused on the current situation as I’m sure you can imagine.

Thanks George.

Ken Walker says:
4 March 2020

I have a Panasonic TV in the lounge and it has Freeview built in and goes straight to the hubs for all channels. If I go through the apps version on that set it is also no trouble. Panasonic is no trouble at all and works exactly as it is meant to.

I have a Samsung set in the bedroom and BBC is no problem (now) but the others hubs are. The ITV hub requires me to sign in and I have to go via my computer and put in a new password – not too bad but I’ve have had to do it on a few occasions when it tells me I will only have to do it once. No doubt I’ll have the same performance next time I want to use the ITV hub on that set, but at least I got in this time.

Chanel 4 – forget it. It requires me to put in a new password but won’t accept it. Just tells me it’s in the wrong format but won’t tell me what format it wants. It suggests some horrendous combination of letter/numbers etc that is impossible to remember for next time, and even after writing them down it doesn’t seem to let me activate them on the computer to then update and use the service on the TV. Total waste of time on the Samsung TV.

I don’t know about Chanel 5 as I have never tried it on either set.

Both the Panasonic and the Samsung sets are about 5 years old, so not ancient. I’ll stick to Panasonic if I need to get another set any time.

Holly Irish says:
19 March 2020

My Panasonic smart tv will boy let me on I player and has deleted all 4 has some kind of update been done does anyone know?

Jan Hopkins says:
29 March 2020

Jan has similar problems with a Samsung set from2016 which has played BBC I player regularly, but not currently, and always problems with C4 and ITV Hub. Also Netflix which has played in the past now a problem.
Al connections are ok, but very frustrating, especially when paying a monthly subscription for Netflix!