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I wouldn’t trust Google’s social network

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With Google rumoured to be working on its own social network, soon there could be no aspect of your online activity that the search giant doesn’t own. Would you trust a social network from Google?

Rumours are abounding that online giant Google could launch its own a social network, adding to its already comprehensive suite of online products.

Reportedly code-named ‘Google Me’, the service is likely to launch under the title Google Circles, echoing the company’s existing Social Circle and Social Content.

You probably haven’t heard of either of those, but in case you wanted to know, Social Circle lets you sort your Google Chat contacts into different groups (like friends or family). Whereas Social Content allows you to share your Flickr photos, blog posts, Twitter updates or any other online content with your friends.

As it stands this is a very clunky experience and a long way removed from existing social networks, such as the near-ubiquitous Facebook and its rivals MySpace and Bebo.

Google’s social circle

With Google denying all rumours we can only imagine what Google Circles will look like.

However, it’s not much of a leap to guess that it would include the ability to connect with friends and family, post status updates and perhaps run the odd app. And undoubtedly, there’d be a version of Google Circles to run on your Android-enabled phone.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Or does it? Like it or not, you’re already deeply entwined within Google’s social circle.

If you’re looking for something online, chances are you’re using Google – apparently 84% of UK web surfers use it as their preferred search engine. If you use Gmail, Google has access to your emails too. Plus, Google’s keeping tabs on the advertisements you click on and the websites you visit – though neither of these are uniquely identified to you.

Gift-wrapped for Google

You may ask, so what? But, if you signed up to Google’s social network, you may as well be gift-wrapping yourself for the online giant. Think about it… Google already knows what you’re interested in looking at online, what you like to buy, what you’re saying in your emails and what adverts catch your eye.

In addition, it would also know vital statistics, such as your gender, sexual orientation, likes and dislikes. Worryingly, if Google were to follow Facebook’s lead, this information could be made available to third-party application developers as well.

In short, Google would know more about you than your best friend. Although, unlike your best friend, there’s no guarantee you could trust it to keep your secrets, nor that your information wouldn’t be used to make a quick buck. If you ask me, that all sounds a little anti-social.

Mark Raymond says:
15 March 2011

If people trust Facebook with their personal info, they’ll do the same with Google. Google’s largest problem is that it needs to offer something significantly better or different or interesting than Facebook just to get users to even think about moving over. Considering Google’s previous efforts, I don’t hold out much hope. Google are a search company, primarily; not a social company. They are built of engineers – not designers, really.

I wouldn’t agree or say people really truely trust there information with FaceBook.Com,

I’d say are unaare of the problems can arise from FaceBook.Com sharing/selling people’s information to 3rd parties & FaceBook.Com have often been challenged on there terms & conditons & privacy settings & more.

FaceBook.Com sold out & Got worse over the years.

I’d much sayI’d trust Google over FaceBook.Com any day.

Google may have failed in the past with social netowkr websites, But it probably doesn’t help we all pressume it would sell/share more important details,information,photos,chat logs, etc, To 3rd Parties,


Yes also Google may need to recuirt more fresh faced peole & staff with soical networking skills & Not those from backgrounds in search engines,microsoft,sky/bsky, & other such out dated companies & monoploy compaines like microsoft,bskyb.

Wasn’t there Google Buzz not so long ago? Is this a revamp?

This helped bang the nails in Vodafone 360’s coffin.

In my opinion, they’ve missed the boat. It’s a last desperate attempt to own even more marketing information to sell to third parties, exactly what Facebook and the like do.

This is why I only have a myspace music page, I value my personal information and I like to talk to my friends rather than send them facebook messages for them to sell.

I tried fb for a short while whilst I was testing the vf 360 integration. I no longer have an account, which suits me fine as it made me hate my friends! Strangely though, the most socially inept of my friends are the biggest fb users, wonder why? 🙂

Compared to any other social network websites, FaceBook.Com is SHOVED & RAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS,

Almost on every tv,radio,website,advert,magazine, & More.

So its hard not to feel pressured,bullied,left out, & Many other reasons, To by felt You are/made to have to join FaceBook.Com,

Were Google I don’t feel I see or hear it everywhere, Nor do I feel have to use there search engine,

Unlike Microsoft’s search engine bing & Yahoo, I feel they are put in My face more than Google :/ 🙁

No Google’s no perfect either, But I feel the people can halp & sometimes change Google’s out look & Desing, & more, Compared to other companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, BSKYB, Tesco, FaceBook.Com, & Many More Who Like Power & Control 🙁 :/

Lets give Google’s Social Network Website an go & help improve & change it for the people, Maybe run by the people for the people, Like GiffGaff.Com 🙂

I trust Multiply.Com to keep My personal information details safe & only for them & no other company.

I also trust The Uk 1st Social Network FaceParty.Com (Now Classed As ANTI-SOCIAL), I know they wouldn’t sell My details or incorrectly use them either.

I don’t FaceBook.Com & I only signed up to FaceBook.Com once to get someone’s e-mail & address, Then deleted it the same day/week,

But FaceBook.Com kep My account & details open for over 3 weeks.

I’d consider Google more safer than FaceBook.Com, Also until Google break My trust, I am happy with Google to present 🙂

Although Goodle should look in to buying the failing Bebo.Com, Friendsreunited.Co.Uk, MySpace.Com, & The Ingored Multiply.Com Resently,

As It Maybe Easier To Build Them In To The 21st Century & FURTHER 🙂