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Have shoppers turned their backs on Sony’s PS3?

Angry PlayStation gamer

Sony’s PlayStation Network is back up, but the damage may have already been done. Shoppers have apparently moved their eyes from the PS3 and set their sights on an Xbox 360 since Sony’s security breach.

PlayStation gamers should be good to go, with Sony confidently announcing that its online gaming network is fully up and running. PS3 gamers can finally work their way through Portal 2’s dilapidated Aperture Science Enrichment Centre with a friend.

About time, aye? Well evidently some weren’t willing to wait. During the first week of Sony’s breach, which hit gamers on 20 April, PS3 searches dropped in favour of Microsoft’s Xbox on the shopping comparison site PriceRunner.

Looking at the figures myself, the change doesn’t seem too significant. On the week commencing 11 April, of everyone who was looking for either a PS3 or Xbox, 51% searched for the former, 49% the latter. In the week starting 18 April, this transformed to 52% searching for an Xbox. That’s hardly the biggest switch, but the trend continued, with 56% of searches now being for the Xbox.

Gunning for an Xbox 360 instead?

So have shoppers switched their allegiance from Sony’s console to Microsoft’s? Although the above numbers aren’t terribly convincing, I wouldn’t be surprised. Not being able to game online for well over a month is surely going to make some PS3 gamers punt for an alternative.

Plus, with all the media coverage of Sony’s breach, shoppers new to this generation of consoles may avoid the PS3 simply out of fear.

Still, like in the US, UK shopping habits have generally been in favour of the Xbox 360. Sony’s moves to cut the PS3’s price have certainly had an impact – it’s plausible that the company’s recent troubles have undone all their hard work.

Gamers still have faith in Sony

When we asked whether you’d lost faith in Sony since the PSN data breach, the consensus was well and truly ‘No’ – 59% said they’d stick with the company. Why? Commenter Paranoimia gave his reasons:

‘Haven’t lost faith at all. It could, and does, happen to anyone. Yes, it was a major breach, and perhaps it shouldn’t have happened. But when bank, government and even FBI networks get hacked, it’s hardly fair to single out Sony as some sort of bungling incompetents.’

Do you think UK shoppers have turned their back on Sony’s PS3 since the company’s data breach? It’ll be interesting to see how Sony tries to win gamers back during its marathon four hour E3 2011 press conference tomorrow…

Paranoimia says:
6 June 2011

Since posting the comment quoted in the article, it’s been proven yet again. RSA, one of the biggest security companies/providers around, were hacked back in March. As a result, two defence contractors (L-3 and Lockheed Martin) have also been hacked. And they have info on weapons systems etc. currently in use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

john.mccolgan says:
7 June 2011

My dealings with Sony’s after sales care when dealing with a computer keyboard problem filled me with horror the way a blue chip company would treat their customers. I had to use the Scottish Sunday Mail to get them to reverse their decision to replace my keyboard where the lettering had come off the keys after one month. Sony’s advice to “not hit the keys hard”, “cut your nails”, “learn to touch type so you don’t need to look at the keys” did not go down well. I will NEVER buy any Sony product again because of this

I have both a PS3 and an xbox.

Again last night, Modern Warfare 2 PS3 server was down + black ops is unplayable these days IMO.

I honestly wanted to take a hammer to my ps3 last night but then I realised I don’t have another blu-ray player 🙂

How long will it be before the xbox network is hacked? if it isn’t then perhaps the hackers are working for microsoft!! 🙂

john.mccolgan says:
7 June 2011

Nothing in the way of compensation was offered Patrick, just a new keyboard. The after sales care team behaviour of Sony UK only confirmed the low position they achieve on any customer surveys. In other words THEY ARE RUBBISH