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Halloween spending rises like a bat out of hell

Which? Halloween pumpkins

There’s no stopping the rise of the Halloween monster in the UK – it’s now our third biggest retail event, dislodging Valentine’s Day and taking its place behind Easter and Christmas. Surprised?

When you sink your teeth into the stats, it comes as less of a shock.

In 2010 we discussed how a ‘frightful’ UK spend of £280m was expected for 31 October. Here we are five years on, and reports are predicting a 2015 expense that could exceed £400m – that’s a 42% increase!

We may still lag significantly behind the billions being spent in the US, but the UK clamour for Halloween is on a relentless march – millennials being the driving force behind the increases in interest and subsequent spending.

Is Halloween too commercialised?

Supermarkets are understandably keen to get involved (see Tesco below) – it’s unlikely you’ve been able to avoid the decorations and fright-themed packaging that adorn the shelves throughout the month. The commercialism can be suffocating, but then, it’s only a bit of fun isn’t it?

While Christmas and Easter have official holidays, those ‘celebrating’ Halloween nowadays are doing so in the name of having a good time with something a little bit different. Whether or not you can get on board with it all comes down to personal preference.

I actually quite enjoy Halloween’s unique atmosphere – if you get in the right spirit (sorry) then there’s certainly no harm in embracing it

We’ve been having a bit of fun here at Which?, and we’re pretty pleased with our pumpkin carving and decorating efforts! OK, the minion might not quite qualify as Halloween – but we do think they make pretty awesome pumpkins!

Our carved pumpkins

Overall we spent £7 on our three pumpkins, which could be worse given a reported pumpkin shortage following a very rainy August.

Have you been preparing for Halloween with lavish decorations and scary costumes? Or, like us, have you been making a mess carving pumpkins? It doesn’t have to be your cup of tea – you may have had your arm twisted by your kids who just don’t want to miss out!

Either way we’d love to hear if you’ve been splashing the cash – how much is too much? And of course, please do share your decorations with us.

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Thanks to everyone who sent through a Black Friday contribution. I’m going to wait until closer to the day before publishing it. But in the meantime, I thought this was interesting. Asda is ditching Black Friday promotions after originally helping bring the day to the UK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34774289


Walmart USA owners of Asda UK have had a US backlash from US consumers due to them being angry that it is “upsetting ” the Christmas “spirit ” whether that makes them more religious is another thing . IN any case Walmart USA has already started “black friday ” on Nov. 1 st in the US called “early black Friday ” Award given to the salesperson who thought it up (no just kidding)


I’m not sure about Black Friday. Last year, some people behaved like animals in the sales: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-30241459

The Black Friday Riots could become an annual event unless the public takes action. Unfortunately, too many are obsessed with money and bargains to have much effect.