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Scam watch: Google Maps listing scam

Keep up to date and avoid signing up to contracts with cold callers. Here’s how one business owner was asked to pay to remain listed on Google Maps…

John Dyer told us: I received a cold call from a business claiming to be part ofĀ Google Maps, telling me that my companyā€™s listing was dueĀ for renewal.

The caller said it is now a chargeable serviceĀ for businesses and that they would delete my entry if I didnā€™tĀ pay the fee.

I agreed and was passed over to their lineĀ manager, who took me through a recorded verbal 12-monthĀ rolling contract and said an invoice would be due in 14 days.

The next day I received an invoice that looked ratherĀ unprofessional. At this point, I started to smell a rat, so wentĀ online and saw many complaints of similar scams. From theĀ 14th day onwards, I have been receiving daily demandingĀ phone calls. Iā€™ve reported the company to trading standards,Ā which seems to be well aware of these activities and toldĀ me not to pay anything.

Our say on cold calling scams

We say: A seller pretending to be another company andĀ carrying out practices such as these may be guilty of aĀ criminal offence. To be an offence, the sellerā€™s commercialĀ practice must involve a misleading action or omission, or anĀ aggressive practice.

A misleading action could be the sellerĀ providing false information about which company they areĀ calling on behalf of. A misleading omission could be hidingĀ the fact that you can cancel the telephone contract (up untilĀ the 14th day after the day on which the contract is agreed).Ā An aggressive practice could be persistent phone callsĀ persuading you to pay up under the telephone contractĀ where you otherwise wouldnā€™t have done so. In thisĀ instance, you were right to contact trading standards.

Have you been a victim of this scam or a similar one? Do you have any tips for spotting one of these cold call scams?


This is still going on, we’ve just been drawn in this month. Without permission they have published a page about our business with some information off our website and other bits that they’ve made up. I’ve emailed 3 times to ask them to take it down without response. I’ve now contacted google to try to get control of the page and I hope I don’t get the invoices referred to in this thread.

If you get any invoices just ignore which is what we did, it has been going on for us since last summer, they are a pain, just donā€™t get into any conversation with them and block any numbers

I have had the same problem with Search Point UK. after many, many speculative calls from them, I agreed over the phone to receive some stuff by post to look at last summer about them managing My Google Business listing – and shortly after that received an invoice.
Since then they have been plaguing me to make the payment. They say they have a recording of me agreeing to their service and also say that they have sent the recording to me twice now but I have never had any. I have told them that I have not signed anything, paper or online, and they say that a verbal agreement is binding for a business to business arrangement.
I am at my wits end with these people – my business is only small, having some problems and I even said last Christmas that there was a real possibility of me becoming homeless, (which is true), but they STILL said I had to make payment! Is there some legal recourse I can take against this company? Please help.

Dan says:
6 March 2019

I saw your comment in regards to your current situations and I want to share with you that your not alone. Im having the same issue atm and its very similar to yours so I will be praying for you. Please take heart and be encouraged as I was in distress then I remembered what the bible says – “God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”. Seek and you shall find him.

Hi Guy – I’m interested in looking into this further. Would you – and anyone else who’s had an experience like this – please email case.study@which.co.uk?


Please donā€™t pay them, they did the same to us and tried intimidating us by threatening court action which has never happened, if the phone rings and itā€™s them we either put the phone down and say nothing or block their number

Panos says:
19 March 2019

Report them to Google, here:


Then request a Termination of End Customer relationship and they legally have to allow you to disassociate your company from them within 7 days. They are also legally obliged to give you exclusive control of your listing.

Their practice is not to use any written contracts or agreements, but thankfully Google are aware of these practices where scam artists try to use legal loopholes and intimidate people ā€“ a recorded conversation is NOT sufficient if there is a conflict according to Google:


Termination of end customer relationship

ā€œYour end customer must be given a quick and easy way to stop using your service to manage their Google My Business account(s). Within seven (7) business days of receiving notice from an end customer, you must provide that client the ability to disassociate their Google My Business account from your services and regain exclusive control of their Google My Business account(s). If you had permission to manage or otherwise change the end customerā€™s account, you must also relinquish and remove those permissions accordingly.ā€

Prohibited practices

Claiming a business without consent:
ā€œYou can claim and manage a business listing only if you obtained the business ownerā€™s express consent as required by the applicable law (written consent or implying a form of positive action like checking a box in a form). Verbal consent isnā€™t sufficient if there is a conflict between the third party and the merchant. Donā€™t pre-emptively claim a listing to encourage, persuade or force a business to become a customer.ā€

Mr C J Waters says:
9 April 2019

This company has sent me invoices, letters. untold telephone calls. I have informed them that they are without a single doubt scammers and they will NOT receive a single penny from me. But they phone time and time again.

David Willett says:
28 June 2019

Similar sequence. Cold call { illegal to a TPS registered number} from Map Registrations. Told me Google My Business was now a paid for service and they were operating it. Naively I authorised them to run my account..
I refused to pay their invoice quoting their illegal cold call and false claim regarding what was a free service but have had continued harassment by phone and now a ” Letter before Action” threatening legal proceedings. They now call themselves Search Point UK

Just to make people aware, if any of you have given card details over the phone they keep the whole recording of your card details including the three digit security code which as I understand they are not supposed to, the security number should not be recorded or it should be inaudible for security purposes, just to be on the safe side we have now cancelled our card

Mat Dixon says:
22 May 2019

Im also getting at least two calls a day and have had final demand letters for something ive not agreed to….
Im a small business that did originally pay for the service for one year that they offer but to find them not great at the job and then harassing me to now pay for something i dont want…… Any tips on how to get rid?

Hi Mat
Just ignore them there is nothing they can do, we started getting calls again told them we didnā€™t owe them money and put the phone down and at the moment they have stopped phone but no doubt they will start again soon and we will say the same again, if you can put up with the phone calls thatā€™s as bad as it will get, just donā€™t engage in conversation

graham powell says:
25 July 2019

i was called in june 2019 to renew my contract with search point uk for another year, although the end date was 6th august. The caller checked business details, stated the details of the webb pages and asked how i would be paying, and said she would send me details by email. I then received an invoice dated 26th june for Ā£ 299.00 I returned this with a letter stating that I had not agreed to renew. since then I have had phone calls every day by different operators and stated that I did not wish to renew, but was told that I had agreed verbally over the phone, but as a good will gesture, if I paid that day I would have a discount of Ā£ 100.
Now I was threatened with the small claims court.

Claire Lopata says:
27 July 2020

I’m having a similar problem now and threatened with small claims court. What did you do?

Jayne Burnett says:
15 October 2019

I was recently aware that the google entry for our charity had changed suddenly to ‘permanently closed’ ā€¦ a few months later I get a call from Search Point telling me that they are phoning to update my entry – their phone practices are dodgy – they wanted my details before they would tell me any info. they pressed and pressed to find out if I was responsible for making decisions. They finally admitted that they would give me a 30 day trial then charge me to remain updated but would give me stats about the traffic to my site.
I hung up. These people probably altered our entry to ‘permanently closed’ in the first place.

Keith Harding says:
18 November 2019

The company have sent me a invoice for Ā£178.80 look like they are now Search Point LTD but the invoice is in the name off Search point UK not going to pay told them as sad they were from Google I Be happy to go to court complete Scam as the services is free from google have reported them to Google sould have control back soon off my listing

Peter M says:
7 December 2019

Same kind off s**t with me too. I got a call saying that its a renewal and just need to check and update my contact details if any changed. It also asked to update my business email address and sign it in the bottom. They say the services are already running as authorised by my company since a year and its just a renewal so an update is required. It seemed quite genuine as they Quoted my company name as reference. I foolishly agreed and singed the form. Now its too late to understand the scan when I received an invoice of Ā£800 for a period of 2 years. When i spoke to my company it was clear that i was a victim of a scam and that they will not stop harassing now. I received a letter for 14 day period of payment or else they will start legal proceedings. After 3 months they have sent me this letter. I need assistance as how to take action against this company (City-Maps UK Ltd). How and where should I complain regarding this. I dont want any mess for my company which i was fooled. Pls help guys. I need an action plan.

Hi Peter,

From their website City-Maps UK is run by a company called Media Service 24 SARL.

Have a read of these:

It is a scam by the same company where they have used the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons logo to scam vets into a similar situation as you. It ends by saying ā€œIf you believe you have been subject to this scam or similar fraudulent activity, please contact the police or your local Trading Standards Authority.
The writer of the article may be able to give you some advice on how to handle this scam.

I couldnā€™t find much information, but a few snippets that turned up:

A search of the phone number “+49 611 945 803 740” reveals it is used in every country and website this scam operates in.

A trust score suggests it is likely to be legit with a high trust rating. As this is obviously a scam, it might be a fairly new scam.

A linguist might run courses from the same address:
https://www.textapotheke.de/ plus a few other businesses

Or it might mean that it is just a virtual office. It is not possible to Google walk the street to look at the building. Scammers seem to have a habit of using addresses that donā€™t exist, virtual offices they may or may not use, or are not easy to examine by virtual street walking.

Come back and let us know how you get on. If you log in to post, you will be able to find these posts again easily. Good Luck.

SammyAnna says:
7 February 2020

They have just rung me at the church I work in and said that they forgot to take down the listing we set up (we didn’t set one up), so we owe them Ā£249 but they will settle for Ā£100 to keep our listing active.

Alan says:
7 July 2020

I keep getting calls from Internet Listings asking for money which they say I owe them. I keep telling them I’m definitely not paying then they call again after a few months . If you are contacted by them don’t be drawn in , don’t believe anything they say it’s a con, and certainly do not give them any money.

Rachel says:
18 September 2020

Received a phone call from Search Point UK today. Apparently they forgot to take our free trial listing down 3 years ago due to glitch on their end and that they would offer me a discount to keep the listing active. Told them to just take the listing down and that I would create my own free of charge and it was their own fault the listing never came down so they cannot request money. They would not accept the cancellation as I was not the person they spoke to 3 years ago (that person has left). Put the phone down in the end as the guy would not take no for an answer. I have reported to google to claim our listing back.

Nic Watson says:
31 October 2020

Hi All, I have just come across this thread, I work with Beauty Salons in the UK and have one of my customers trapped by these cowboys. If anyone has any questions or not sure about Google My Business let me know, it’s what I do as part of my services, but I do it for free. I have also created an ebook to show you how to run your own GMB page for free. Just get in contact here and ill arrange to send it over. Part 12.1 of their own contract states that you can cancel at any time and get control of your listing but as mentioned above using https://support.google.com/business/contact/gmb_3p_complaints will be the better option. GMB is free will always be free and can be set up easily, also check out the Ranking Academy on Youtube they will show you how for free.

Kevin says:
25 February 2021

Hi nic
Itā€™s alarming to see all this behaviour from a company and nothing seems to deter them, Iā€™m now at the letter to take court action against me, any advice would be grateful this is extremely stressful especially now during COVID! Iā€™d just love a quick solution. Thanks