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Gadget Idol – what got you hooked on technology?

Nintendo Game Boy Colour

Over time gadgets have grown and evolved while we have adapted our lifestyles accordingly. But what is the gadget that first made you lose many an hour, sleep and even social events in sheer joy?

I spent many nights thinking about this very question – which gadget got me hooked? What is it that made me love technology to this degree?

I came to one conclusion, one winner, one gadget that is solely to blame for my childhood being consumed by technology.

Nintendo Game Boy Colour – you’re to blame. Even typing the name of that gaming handheld brought joy into my heart. I had the original Game Boy and the mini version, but none came close to the Colour. Even the Game Boy Advance seemed to pale in comparison.

In recent years I have refused to buy the Nintendo DS, DS Lite and even the latest 3DS – they simply cannot replace my Game Boy Colour. And yes, I am in my 20s and yes I do still play Pokémon on my Game Boy (Pokémon Blue, of course).

The reason I love this gadget so much is because it was simple, advanced for its time and was an escape from reality – which, as a teenager, was the most important thing to me.

So, I put it to you, the loyal readers and commenters of Which? Convo – do you agree with my choice of gadget? Or will you pick another for your ultimate gadget of all time, that one piece of kit that’s responsible for your love of technology?

@surlydev says:
15 July 2011

The iPod Touch.

I bought it because an iPhone user had shown me a couple of games. It’s great. I want a tablet PC now.

DanielCake says:
15 July 2011

Playstation for me, was so young I hardly had any chance to get into technology any earlier – I was born a gamer!

kevstanley says:
15 July 2011

Sony Walkman, circa 1984, cassette version (WM22, to be precise!). Thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

I am with Kevstanley, for me it was a personal tape player about 1984 ish.
I have just got an Ipad2, so now am just starting on the next phase of tech. Infact this is the first message I have typed on it!

For me it was the Amstrad CPC-464 followed by the Sega Master System and Alex Kidd. I’m not much of a gamer though, although I became very addicted to the Frisbee Forever app on my iPhone recently. Oh, and Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64 kept me entertained at University.

It was the Sega Master System 2 with built in Sonic 2 that made my child-hood – much superior to the first 😉 Ecco the Dolphin was a stand-out…

Ferguson open-reel tape recorder circa 1962. Once I discovered that I could record pop songs from my old valve radio and TV with a just a length of flex and a small risk of electrocution I was hooked on all things tech.