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Your view: EE’s 50p fee to skip the call queue

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We asked whether you’d pay 50p to skip the customer service call waiting queue – 92% of you voted ‘no’. Here’s a round-up of your views on EE’s new priority service.

At busy times EE is offering customers a 50p fee to jump the queue on its customer service line. NHF thinks it’s as bad as Luton airport allowing passengers to pay to jump the security queue:

‘Queues are indicative of a problem, and should not exist with a well-managed service. In both the case of Luton airport and EE, the answer is not to charge people to circumvent the problem but to solve and prevent the problem.’

However, Schultzybeckett doesn’t think the charge is a big deal:

‘I really don’t think that anyone should be upset over it. This is just a priority service that they have come up with. Normally I think they provide quite a decent service. The wait for getting connected is not really a long one. It’s just a sort of emergency service, and moreover, it’s totally up to you to use it or not.’

On the social news site Reddit, mushroomgodmat points out a potential flaw in the initiative:

‘How very un-British. So I’m guessing then when someone pays their 50p to get to the front everyone else has to wait longer as a result?’

Straight through without paying

Kim’s an EE customer, but refused to pay the 50p:

‘I also came across the 50p option when I called EE during the last two occasions. I declined the option on both occasions and each time I joined the normal queue the operators picked up within seconds! I suggest that they should advise of the estimated wait time on the ‘normal queue’ before asking you to pay a premium to be ‘prioritised’ because it may not actually be any quicker as my experience has shown.’

Tricky has had a similar experience:

‘I called EE customer services earlier this week and was offered the option of paying 50p to jump the queue and, as I don’t approve of such tactics, I chose to wait. Having chosen to wait a recorded message then informed me that my call “would be answered in between 15 and 45 seconds”. It was in fact answered in less than 10 seconds!’

Unimpressed on Facebook

Our Facebook fans weren’t impressed by EE’s move, including Brian:

‘Customer services should be provided free for all their customers. If I was a customer I would tell them to shove their business where the sun doesn’t shine!’

Heather made her views clear:

‘Customer service is just that – a service for the customers. It shouldn’t be one for the rich and one for the poor.’

Tony Dunn joined the chorus:

‘Customer service is what is expected when dealing with any company. I have been a customer of Orange (now EE) for many years, but if this is their attitude to customer service I shall change supplier as soon as possible. Shame on you EE.’

What do you think about EE’s new priority service to skip the call waiting queue? Have your say below, or vote in our poll which we’ll be keeping open a little while longer.

Would you pay a 50p fee to skip the customer service call waiting queue?

No (88%, 1,608 Votes)

Yes (12%, 215 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,823

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normy says:
29 August 2014

You pay 50p now. Imagine if a high proportion decided to do it. They would then be held in another queue. So EE puts the fee up to £1. It will gradually spiral upwards just like the London congestion charge. The traffic is getting worse. So up goes the congestion charge. No change in the traffic congestion as you still queue in the traffic. IT’S A STEALTH TAX.

You made a very valid point normy which caused me to question also how long will it be before the abolished premium rate calls [thanks to the Which? Campaign] will be replaced by the 50p ‘optional’ charge to jump the queue.

I recently phoned EE and was offered the chance to jump the queue for 50p I took this option and was promptly cut of so had to ring again anyway.

Paid 50p out of desperation and was forwarded to a call centre abroad who told me misinformation.
I was then passed to uk and finally got the issue resolved.
It is outrageous to be charged because a service cannot be provided

How incredibly impertinent to offer a CUSTOMER requiring SERVICE from the CUSTOMER SERVICE Department the option to PAY to have someone answer the phone promptly.
And as stated previously, those not willing to pay being kept holding longer!
Service or profit motivated?