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Do you browse the internet on your mobile phone?

Mobile phone showing Twitter

Tut tut, Europeans are lagging behind the Japanese and Americans when it comes to using the internet on their mobile phones. But maybe we’ve just got something better to do than browse?!

Do I access the web on my mobile? No. Would I if I had a sexy smartphone? Of course I would. My life would melt away into a flurry of on-the-go tweeting, Googling and Reddit browsing. Not to mention apps I’d obsessively download to supposedly make my life run more efficiently.

However, according to some research by ComScore, Europe (that includes the UK, don’t you know) is behind in portable internet. Only two in five European mobile phone users access the net – either through a browser, using web-connected apps or downloading content. This is in comparison to a whopping three quarters of Japan’s mobile users and four in ten Americans.

Europe prefers texting

Where Europe does earn brownie points is in text messaging – eight in ten of us send SMSs (probably vacuous ‘Im on teh bus’ texts), with only four in ten in Japan. Presumably they’re too busy sending emails instead.

Naturally, as Techradar points out, combining all of Europe into one big pie is going to mix up the results a bit – it’s likely that us Brits are much closer to our American cousins.

Another little bit of research from Orange separates these European countries into individual markets. It shows that more developed countries, like the UK, tend to prefer using a browser to access the web on our mobiles, whereas less developed countries favour using apps instead.

We do stand proud together in one area though – all European markets prefer emailing over social networking on our mobiles. But that’ll no doubt change shortly – with over 500 million users, Facebook isn’t set to die any time soon (sadly).

Tony King says:
12 October 2010

What a waste of time , browsing on your mobile phone; I only browse to find something I need; be it tech.info., goods available & where, or some item of interest that needs either clarification or extension. Social chit chat is for others; although I do email regularly it is usually to keep in touch or pass something on .My mobile phone is used in emergency, or if there is no other means of communicating. More often than not it is a simple text to pass a quick message.

Not sure how levels smartphone ownership compare between Europe and Japan, and Europe and US. Also costs?

I’ve recently upgraded to smartphone and have an unlimited internet tariff. I’m definitely ‘browsing’ on my phone more than I used to, even while at home and my computer is almost right next to me. I find, for checking things quickly, doing it on my phone is quicker than switching the computer on, waiting for it to boot up etc etc. My phone’s screen size is adequate and the connection is fast. For longer sessions though, I’ll use the computer!

Sometimes I read the news on my phone on the train, and it’s cheaper/less wasteful than buying a newspaper.


I guess there’s not much I can add to that….

I think I would browse more if my BlackBerry didn’t take a minimum of 2 minutes to load a page that’s not a specific mobile website. Sometimes you just need a site when you’re out and about that isn’t a mobile site – or doesn’t have an app, because most seem to be for iPhone – and it’s most frustrating! Perhaps I should have done more research before I bought, but it was free with my contract! Next time I’m getting something different.

And it means I can’t easily catch up on Conversations on the bus in the morning!


I *LIVE* on the internet via my phone.
In fact I even RUN a couple of websites SOLELY via my phone.

I take photo’s via my phone, do ALL the editing on aforementioned phone and post those photo’s via my phone (to online portfolio, Facebook etc)

Since I’ve had my phone, I need only refer to my laptop at the weekends (if even then)

Do I text via my phone? Yep, I do that too.
I even speak on it – apparently according to my phone stat’s about 10hrs a week (just recently – I wouldn’t say that was typical across a year!)

Does that all sound ghastly? Perhaps but being able to do all of these things allows me enormous freedoms too. I can spend vast amounts of time with my friends without having to be tied to a desk.
– I keep up to date as I commute (Facebook website, BBC News etc),
– I can swiftly change plans & make sure everyone knows (send emails / post on Facebook),
– I can order gifts, cards etc as I range about (relevant websites / app’s),
– – I can keep atop of my diary (and everyone elses)

For all people rebel against being a slave to technology, I personally find *aspects* of it very freeing.

Best of all however, I do know where the OFF button is 😉

I am impressed that you still have a sense of humour, and that you still use capitals and punctuation.

James says:
12 December 2011


Four in ten americans, is that same as two in five Europeans, we browse about the same amount, japan browses more because they’re a tech reliant nation.

No supprises there.

James says:
12 December 2011

Sorry, ment “is the same”.

(why no edit function which?)