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The Convo top ten – take two

Number two

It’s Friday! And you know what that means… you’ve got plenty of time to look around Which? Convo to comment on the Conversations that take your fancy. So to help out, here’s a round up of this week’s top ten.

People have say on Gap logo

According to Convo commenter Fat Sam, Gap this week launched a publicity stunt with its deliberately rubbish new logo. Whether or not that’s the case, the public spoke out and Gap’s gone back to the boring blue box.

Ikea – the shop we all hate to love

Despite there only being 18 Ikea stores in the UK, it’s already the country’s biggest furniture seller. But there’s something about its flatpack wardrobes that divides opinion. Sophie Gilbert thanks Ikea for helping her make her ‘home look nice without breaking the bank.’ But Nicolás prefers stores where he can ‘buy in a more personal, familiar way’.

Why do premiums go up for loyal customers?

We had an email from a frustrated Which? Convo reader who found it absurd that insurance premiums can go up the longer you’re with a company. Dan Moore thinks that this is the perfect excuse to move on and find a better deal.

Windows Phone 7 handsets struck by deja-vu

Microsoft has lifted the veils from its latest attempt at a mobile phone operating system. A number of mobile manufacturers have jumped on board, but Tech researcher Ben Stevens thinks they all look a little bit too similar. Do any take your fancy?

Generation of first-time buyers locked out

First-time buyers are apparently getting a pretty bum deal, with help from relatives or friends being essential. Commenter Sara S is still struggling to get a mortgage for a house in London, but Richard thinks first-time buyers should only buy if they can really afford it.

Vacuum cleaners suck, says survey

Ah, the humble vacuum cleaner. Sales are apparently dwindling, and it seems to be down to people buying them to last. Dave d’s had his vacuum for over 50 years and my mum’s had her Henry for as long as I can remember – and he’s still going strong. Is your vacuum as reliable?

Watch out for rogue doorstep sellers this winter

If you want advice on how to get out of dodgy doorstep deals, or just want to see a picture of an adorable puppy, you better read this Conversation. Of course, you could just scare unwanted sellers away with your dogs, like Richard.

What’s the fairest way of dealing with illegal file sharing?

Is cutting file sharers off from the internet a proportionate response? What if it wasn’t you who shared the music, but someone who hacked into your network? Maybe it’s time to concentrate on education rather than criminalisation when it comes to sharing copyright material?

Should we pay less VAT on energy-saving goods?

Everyone who’s commented on Kelly Fenn’s Conversation agrees – there should be tax relief on energy-saving items. Do you agree that this will help put a dent in our carbon footprint?

Personal data could be lurking on your old mobile

Taking out your sim card and pressing ‘delete’ could still leave personal data on your mobile phone. It’s an important lesson to be learned, especially when commenter Rich found texts about his friend’s divorce proceedings. Better than an episode of Jerry Springer, apparently. But that’s not very hard, is it.


I have recently puchased items from Tesco Direct and Machine Mart.
Unfortunately, both items didn’t come anywhere near their 4/5 star billings on the respective web site review pages.

So much so, that I felt I had to warn other potential customers and I left (very fair), 2 star, negative reviews on both sites.
Niether of my negative reviews ever made it on the Tesco or Machine Mart web sites, even though I emailed both customer service departments to enquire why they had been omitted. on both occasions I was just fobbed off with the stock answer ‘We have the right to withhold reviews’ blurb and a link to their T&C’s pages. (In both cases I had complied fully with the T&C’s, however, niether were ever posted)

I feel the whole point of having customer reviews is to help potential buyers make an informed decsion whether, or not to purchase an item. Cherry picking only the best reviews is more than a little underhand in my opinion, and I think more and more companies are deleting 1, 2, and some 3 star reviews just to protect their sales figures.

I was wondering if any of the Which? members have had similar experiences with these, or other companies censoring unfavourable comments from genuine, confirmed purchasers?
As the very busy Christmas and New Year on line sales periods are approaching fast, I think this is something the good people of Which? should be investigating as a matter of urgency. Don’t you?

This comment was removed at the request of the user

Many thanks for your reply. Your experience sounds pretty familiar to me Duncan, and yes, I think we are talking about the same dispicable bunch of Trust – (Or should that be Mistrust?) – Pilot ne’er do well’s, who quite obviously are only too willing to do their masters bidding to stay in favour, and collect their forty pieces of Silver every month.
These people really are lower than a snake’s belly!!