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The Convo top ten – gimme five

Five hands

This week’s been a corker. From big news stories on airport tax and student fees rising, to topical chats about Halloween and clocks changing, we’ve got it all. We’re even giving away an Amazon Kindle.

Happy Halloween!

Woo-oo! We now spend an average of £4.50 a head on Halloween. How does this compare with your outlay? Helen says that ‘£4.50 per head sounds like a pretty cheap bit of fun’ and Fat Sam agrees. ‘Whatever you say about Americans commercialising everything […] people are out enjoying themselves and having some fun,’ he says.

Do you agree with turning the clocks back?

It’s nearly been a whole week since the clocks changed and you lot have got loads to say on the subject. Brat673 thinks we should ‘Leave it as it is’ and many others agree, while emmiesmad! points out how more light lifts her mood.

Are you a fan of ebooks?

Technology editor Matt has done a dramatic u-turn on ebooks, admitting he’s now a convert. Judging by many of your comments, you don’t need any convincing. Zoe bought a Kindle recently and loves it: ‘I can honestly say it has revolutionised my reading,’ while Charles ‘wouldn’t be without it’. If you’re hankering after one of your own, make sure you enter our competition by Monday 8 November.

Ofcom blasts TalkTalk for billing ex-customers

Tut tut TalkTalk, what’s all this about billing customers who are no longer using your services? Ofcom’s told you off and now Convo commenters are joining in. If you’ve experienced these problems, make sure you tell us as we’re showing all your comments to the company.

Garden centres – ditch the gimmicks and stick to your specialism

Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas has been using garden centres as her latest target, accusing them of capitalising on gifts when they should be educating customers about gardening. Our gardening features editor, Veronica Peerless, thinks she’s got a point – what about you?

It’s about time we threw out the 70mph speed limit

Deputy cars editor Claire Evans argues that 70mph isn’t always the best limit for motorway driving, and it’s proven to be a pretty controversial suggestion. Many of you disagree, saying it should stay as it is, but so far our poll results show the majority thinks we need varied limits according to conditions.

Are £9,000 uni fees fair on students?

Big headlines this week focussed on the future of university education now that the government’s announced it’s plans to raise fee caps to £9k. We tracked down some recent graduates here at Which? to find out what they thought of the move, but we want to hear your views too.

More megapixels don’t make cameraphones better

How many times have you missed the moment due to your cameraphone’s slow shutter speed? Rich Parris has had enough of cameraphones’ shortcomings and others have too. ‘Ideally the phone should react when you press the button and be ready for the next shot without a delay,’ says Past Sell By.

Airport tax rising – will it stop you flying?

Airlines are vocalising their displeasure at this week’s rise in airport tax – but are you bothered by the changes? ‘Airport tax rising won’t stop me flying to visit my parents abroad,’ says Sophie Gilbert.

How will you be cutting your energy costs?

It’s getting chilly and the thermostats are rising. Or are they? We asked you if you’ll be taking any extra measures to keep your bills down. From extra layers of clothes better loft insulation, it sounds like you’ll all be staying nice and toasty this winter.