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The Convo top ten – a change of habit

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Whether it’s cutting down on meat, or paying less for our mobile phone contracts – it’s been a week of breaking habits. But we didn’t leave big companies out – we’ve been trying to correct the bank’s bad habits too.

Our meat-eating habits

A new report has said that cutting down on meat-eating could have a major impact on reducing nitrogen pollution. This won’t stop Dean being carnivore, ‘I eat meat, I don’t really like too much else. Veg is much nicer with some beef stock gravy on it!’ What would make you cut down on meat?

Is it your fault that your mobile bills are too high?

Mobile expert Tim Gee thinks it’s your own fault if you’re paying more than you need to for your mobile phone contract. ‘You wouldn’t buy four times as much food as you need every month. Why do we treat our mobile phone budgets any differently?’ he argues.

Voice your views on banking reform

The voice of consumers in banking reform isn’t always as loud as it could be – so here’s your chance to turn up the volume. This May we’re hosting an event in London called ‘Which? – Your Voice for Better Banking’ and we need your views to make it happen!

Caught out by recurring credit card payments?

AA customers have been up in arms about continuing credit card payments, despite efforts to cancel memberships. And it’s all down to the old-fashioned way recurring credit card payments work. Not even cutting up your card, as William suggests, will stop you being charged.

Ever been surprised by antivirus renewal costs?

One of the biggest gripes we hear about is the cost of renewing antivirus software. Chris says it’s the ‘old game of get them in with a cheap starter and make money on the renewals’. Have you been caught off-guard by antivirus renewals?

M&S didn’t lose your personal data, so who did?

What can we do when the brands who breach our trust are ones we’ve never heard of? We’re talking about Epsilon. It’s lost a number of brands’ customer details, including M&S. Lombear and Simon protect themselves by creating a unique email address for every company. Will you take their advice?

All-inclusive holidays – love them or loathe them?

Next summer, First Choice holidays will become all-inclusive. Our research proves they’re popular, but do you fancy them? So far our poll says most can’t stand the idea, but Neil Spence likes ‘the all-inclusive style of cruising or adventure cruising’.

MOTs every two years would be a safety disaster

Dave Evans is disappointed that a plan to change MOTs to every two years has reared its ugly head again. But Ted disagrees, ‘the only persons to benefit from the annual MOT are unscrupulous garage owners who fail perfectly good cars in order to generate revenue’.

Do all unis offer value for money on £9k tuition fees?

With most unis planning to charge the top £9,000 rate of tuition fees, can they all represent value for money? Both Waylander and Dr_Aust think that many unis are charging this much just to look like one of the best. Do you agree?

Can the public really reduce government red tape?

The government has launched the ‘red tape challenge’ – an opportunity for us to have a say on the rules that impact our lives. But will they really listen? Mark thinks it’s simply a PR exercise, but Elizabeth Norris is distressed by hallmarking being put on the chopping board, ‘Hallmarking has been protecting the jewellery trade for 700 years. Do not change it’.