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Tesco – I can call, I can write, so why can’t I email you?

Does anyone else hate it when a company insists you contact them by letter or phone, rather than email? If you do, then my search for an email address to contact Tesco Credit Cards may cause extreme distress.

So I had a small problem with my Tesco credit card, and I needed to get in touch with them to sort it out.

Working for Which?, I know it’s usually easier to get things in writing in case you need to refer to your discussions at a later date. So, I went to the contact page of their website to find an email address.

I was surprised to find there wasn’t one – not even a contact form – just a postal address and a phone number. This struck me as odd – I applied for the card online and I manage my account online, so why can’t I contact Tesco online? A bit of digging found their Twitter account, so I tweeted asking for an email address.

Their answer? They couldn’t give me an email address for ‘data protection reasons’.

Am I getting too personal?

I was completely nonplussed. For a start, I see no reason why sending them an email would be a breach of data protection. Is their email address extremely personal to them? Should it not be in the public domain?

Furthermore, I was horrified that even though I could apply for a credit card, pay the balance and change my direct debit details online, I couldn’t drop them a quick email to ask them to fix a simple problem.

I got in touch with Tesco, and here’s what their spokesperson had to say:

‘At present, credit card customers can’t contact us by email. We ask customers to contact us by phone or in writing as this allows us to confirm their identity by asking them to provide their unique security credentials or signature.’

I’m afraid that, to me, that’s just not good enough. I spoke to someone at the Office of Fair Trading who pointed me to the European e-commerce regulations which state that a company selling goods and services online must provide an email address. This, apparently, includes companies who sell financial products, such as credit cards.

No, I don’t want your phone number

I also spoke to our in-house lawyer, Chris Warner, and here’s what he had to say:

‘If a website provides or enables you to purchase a service, the e-commerce regulations mean an email address must be provided. As you can apply for a Tesco Credit Card online, and you’ll be told straight away if your application has been successful, I think Tesco needs to include a contact email on its site.’

We’ve been in touch with Tesco on this matter, and I’m hoping that very soon we’ll see a handy email address displayed prominently on their contact page. Customers should be able to get in touch with them quickly and efficiently – without having to rack up a phone bill or faff around at the post office.

But, in the meantime, I’d like to know whether you’ve also struggled to track down a company’s email address.

When I raged about this in the office, Which? Convo editor Hannah Jolliffe pointed out that she’d spent a long time trying to find an email address for McAfee – they did have one, but it was buried deep in their website in a way that suggests they’d rather not receive any emails. Have you had similar frustrations?


Well done Nikki and all. How can something so basic slip tesco by?
I am violent agreement with Al that’s been said

I’ve just had to call Tesco and wanted to confirm what they had told me in writing. (I transferred a considerable amount of money to the wrong account number- only one digit out. I accept the initial mistake was my fault but was gratified that Tesco on the phone said the account was inactive and hte money would be returned when they reopened – 3rd Jan). I’ve been surprised that I couldn’t find an email address and then found this year old thread… so nothing has moved on. It is a shame as Tesco were far more helpful with my problem than Santander.

So, (just to annoy the idiots on here who think their grammar obsession is relevant in any way) what do we do to take this up with Tesco? I’m not asking them to transfer money just to be able to confirm that they will be dealing with this matter and that I don’t have to do anything more about getting my money back. Which? Have you any plans to pursue this?

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The email you posted
is for Tesco (Groceries) Ltd, not Tesco Bank which is a separate legal entity.

There is still no published email address for customers to complain (that is the last thing they want) BUT if you look at the list of directors at
you can see who they are, and then look at the contacts page for Media Enquiries http://corporate.tescobank.com/9/contacts/
where email addresses are given. You can either chose one of the contacts there
(Adam Treslove: Head of External Communications Tel: 0131 479 1345
Email: adam.treslove@tescobank.com would appear to be a good start)
or you can, I suspect, construct the email address for any of the directors without too much difficulty.


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Retailers’ ‘own’ banks are commonly hosted by a bank in Scotland that undertakes all the administration and account management. It’s an important part of the Scottish economy.

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Due to a hearing disability I am unable to use the telephone. Tesco refuse to speak to my husband about my application using the Data Protection Act as an excuse. Tesco will not accept a written or postal application so I have no way of proceeding. Do you think this is a case of discrimination ?

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juliet hogg says:
26 December 2016

Barbara Jordan I have the same problem. I am very deaf and can’t use the phone. It’s difficult finding email addresses for companies. I’ve just tried looking for Tesco customer services and again no email address. It’s rubbish isn’t it, not being able to use the phone.

Juliet – Have you tried sending a letter to Tesco explaining your circumstances? I cannot believe they would not provide an e-mail address for your personal use. The same would apply to Barbara. If that doesn’t work I feel this problem needs exposure on national TV with a company rep in the hot seat.

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Andy says:
1 October 2015

absolutely agree – outrageous that Tesco Bank can’t be bothered to include email communications, only telephone, telegraph, morse code, post, carrier pigeon and semaphore….

Many thanks.
I live in South Africa and when i try and log on to my card it tells me every time my pin is locked and i have to phone them to unlock it.
I now refuse to do this due to the cost of calling from SA so if there is a problem
they will live to live with it as i refuse to call them any more

I thought I was going mad trying to find an email too for tesco! I object to paying for a call – not included in my phone tariff , and yes i like a paper trail of my conversations. Well done “Which” – and another nail in the coffin for Tesco. I’m still non the wiser. How do the big boys get away with this?

I suggest you try: customer.services@tesco.co.uk

Here is a list of contact email addresses: http://www.tesco.com/contact.htm
I think this is an obsolete page because the 084 numbers would not be allowed for customer services these days.

susan.moy says:
23 December 2016

customer.services is not for the bank only Tesco stores

This comment from Tesco today:
Hi Anthony, Tesco Bank are regulated by financial services so we are exempt from this. Is there something we can help you with? – Eileen

Go to ceoemail.com. Here you will find lots of email addresses including Tesco directors. Such as Tesco Bank CEO, Tesco Direct, Tesco Home Shopping, Tesco International, Tesco Petrol Stations. I assume they are up to date.
I do suspect why they are not generally published – they’d probably receive a lot of nuisance emails (just like we receive nuisance phone calls). Organisations should all list a general email address though; so much more convenient than writing or phoning and, as Anthony says, you have a paper record.

pgblack says:
4 November 2015

I’ve been searching for an email address for Tesco Bank to make a minor change to my car insurance. I didn’t want to phone because I knew they would keep me waiting for an hour and then not be able to tell me what I wanted to know. It was only when I reached this website that I realised my search was in vain. Why do these big companies refuse to listen to you?

Well, I too find it infuriating when a company don’t offer email by way of communication. We are all forced to sit in automated queues, then end up speaking to individuals who most of the time have to refer to their “manager” anyway, particularly when complaining.

Yesterday I had cause to complain to Tesco Bank. I had already wasted nearly an hour on the telephone and therefore requested an email address. I was told they didn’t offer email, I could write or telephone.

I asked them why they appeared to be ignoring E-Commerce regulations. This was the response:-

We are aware of the Ecommerce Regulations and the requirements under this, however, as a Bank, we have a legal obligation to our customers to ensure that their confidential information is kept securely and is not disclosed to third parties. We take the security of our customers’ information very seriously and do not provide an email address because email is not a secure way of communicating confidential banking information. We are not required to provide an email address on our website because this is something which is recognised and acknowledged under the Ecommerce Regulations and in the Financial Services rules which apply to Banks.

We are not breaching any regulations because we provide other forms of communication to allow customers to contact us, these are by telephone and letter. We have sought legal advice on this in the past as we have had other customers query this. We do recognise that e-mail communication is something our customers would like us to offer. Therefore, as a business we are currently reviewing the communication channels we offer.

Make of that what you will.

Kevin says:
15 November 2015

Hi all, Just like to add Tesco still has no email contact for banking, credit cards etc, TWO months after this great point by Nikki, As I only want to cancel my card I agree that we should not be racking up phone or postal cost’s for some thing which should take a very short time but even when I do phone am informed there are a VERY HIGH volume of calls, Why should it cost us. Terrible Customer Service

Maureen Reeves says:
18 November 2015

I have just seen that this was written in 2011. I am trying to get an email for them in November 2015!!!! I take it by law they don’t have to provide one then?

Go to ceoemail.com. Here you will find lots of email addresses including Tesco directors. Such as Tesco Bank CEO, Tesco Direct, Tesco Home Shopping, Tesco International, Tesco Petrol Stations. I assume they are up to date.

I want to contact them so I can discuss my no claims discount they’ve sent me (to which I believe they have given me the wrong details for) but rather than having to ring them and speak to one of their advisors who was about as helpful as a wet blanket and lost a loyal customer of 15 years because she couldn’t give me a better quote (up £120 from last year) I don’t particularly want to ring them again.

Heather MacIver says:
30 December 2015

I live in the USA and I received a email telling me that someone has tried to log into my account too many times and I have to verify my account to gain access. I don’t have an account with this bank and have never heard of them until today. This has me concerned that someone is trying to open an account in my name. I’m not going to call the UK to have this resolved. I forwarded the email to “Phishing Scams” but I would really like to be able to contact them through email to alleviate my concerns.

Hi Heather,

You are right about the email being a phishing scam. I get them for US banks sometimes and I have never had a US bank account.

A genuine email from a bank would have your name on it but this probably didn’t. So don’t worry about it and just delete it.

colin mackie says:
10 January 2016

How are Teso bank getting away with this. They sent me an e-mail telling me my Car insurance was ready for renewal and that i could view my new documents online. There was no quotation price or further details.

I e-mailed them back telling them to hold there horses until i could see their quote. To my absuluye disgust, frustration and extreme annoyance, the e-mail returned saying it was a NON reply e-mail. I spent the next 40 minutes trying to send the very same e-mail response. Only thing is, you can’t email them back.

These guys are at it……. Who the heck wants to spend all morning on the phone trying to get your point accross to – well i don’t want to be called a racist so i’ll leave that there.

Email response is the most convenient way of responding. If someone sends you an e-mail, you should be able to respond to that e-mail.

Don’t get me started on Amazon………………….

this is email address for tesco bank which includes insurances credit cards banking car insurances etc anything financial you have with tesco . The Ceo is BennyHiggins

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Phil Scarlett says:
25 February 2016

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I have moved into an area CT4 with no mobile network coverage (Tesco mobile). I am trying to log on to my bank account and i am being informed that a security code will be sent to me to access my account via text message. Now what, no email address to contact Tesco Bank. Also i am now unable to withdraw cash from Post Offices on my Tesco Debit card i am starting to feel i should move my account.

same here I applied for a loan online over weekend , I received no email confirmation from them so I went with another provider, I want to withdraw the application but no email number only a phone number and that might be premium

This post was originally dated December 2011 – it is now March 2015 and there is still no way to contact Tesco Bank by email. I was trying to open an account and pay in thousands but after the hassle of trying to find an email address I’ve decided to give up!

I owed Tesco’s 13P on my monthly statement but they were asking for a minimum payment of £10.00 I tried contacting them regarding this but after making several phone calls and getting nowhere I tried to find a way of emailing them but that’s not possible, when I did finally get someone on the phone he couldn’t answer the question so he placed me hold, so I was again waiting to speak to someone after waiting for several minutes and running up a phone bill that would have paid my credit card for a year I hung up. I paid £1.00 to cover the 13p I owed but because they are asking for a minimum of £10.00 I didn’t want a £12.00 fine for incorrect payment. I have now arranged for a new credit card with a different company but I also checked that the company was contactable .

Jo says:
8 April 2016

It’s April 2016 and they still have not done anything to make this easier. My father died last week and I want to cancel his accounts, but they give no details for contact. I can’t do the phone or letter route, I have multiple disabilities, so email or secure message server would be best. If you were thinking of going with Tesco Bank for anything and you’re disabled or busy – look somewhere else.

Jo says:
8 April 2016

I contacted the financial ombudsmen, Tesco Bank on social media and the Disability Discrimination government office. I expect absolutely naff all to happen, but it’s worth a try. If this affects you, please do the same.